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The One Secret To Close More Sales On The Phone

The One Secret To Close More Sales On The Phone

– So what is the one
secret to close more sales on the telephone? Sure I’ll give you a secret. This is speaking from experience. You have to understand I’ve
been closing on a telephone for over a decade now. Closing tens of millions of
dollars on the telephone. And I probably trained more
closers, like in the world, than most people. Right now we have students
from over a hundred countries. So let me give you a very simple secret. If you’re closing on
the telephone right now, if you’re getting any
social media inquiries, or people contact you, or
they email you, they want to find out more information,
here’s what you want them to do. It’s very simple. You want to get them
to call you instead of you calling them. When you call them, you
are the salesperson. But when they call you,
you are the expert. Now it’s a very simple
secret, but very powerful. Let me break it down for you. When you call somebody,
how do you know they are ready for the call? Chances are they are not. What are you doing? You are interrupting their day, right? You are… It’s like you’re walking
down the mall, and someone… you have those booth, “Hey! You want to try this?” You’re trying to get some
milk and someone tries to stop you, tries to sell you
some facial cream or some shit. You’re interrupting their day. They may be in a meeting,
they may be on a call, they may be doing their business. Right there, you are starting out with the wrong foot. Not the right timing. But, when they schedule a time
with you, when they call you, chances are, if they show up for the call, you have their full attention. Right there, you’ve won half
the battle, 50% of the game. And here’s the thing, when
you call them, your tonality, imagine what most people, salespeople do. They suck. They call, “Hey, Mr.
Prospect, how are you today?” You’ve lost a sale. You have lost a sale in
the first two seconds. Why? Let me ask you this. Let’s say you get a call right now. On your phone. You pick up the phone
and someone tells you, “Hey, John, hey, Dan,
how are you doing today?” What’s your reaction? What triggers your emotion? It’s like, fuck. “No, I’m busy, I don’t have time.” “What is this, who is this?” Right there, you’ve put
yourself in a position where it’s much more difficult to
earn back the respect and trust. It’s bad positioning. Versus, think about the other way. Someone calls you, and you say, “Oh hi, this is Dan Lok.” “What can I do for you?” Now, it’s not me selling you something, it’s you want something from me. You’ve got a problem. You need my product or service to solve the problem for you. To provide you with a solution. It’s a very simple psychological… You’re turning the table, but it’s a psychological tactic that you could use. So, how can you implement this? Very simple. Every time you get an
email inquiry, instead of, “Hey, I’m interested in
more about your service.” Okay. Back and forth,
back and forth with email. Bullshit! Or, same with proposal. Okay, you spend fucking
three days doing a proposal. And you send it to them, and never hear back from them again. Isn’t it true? Right, comment below. No. Anything that you get, social media. “Hey, Dan, I wanna do this.” I get hundreds, hundreds of social media, like inquiries, private
messages, DM, emails, every damn day! What does my team do? Scheduling. I don’t care what
schedule software you use. May be it’s Calender,
may be it’s ScheduleOnce, doesn’t really matter. You just, “Hey, you know
what, book a time with me.” That’s it. “Give me a call, book a time.” I like that. “Give me a call.” Give them a number. That’s it. Have them call you. That’s all you need to do. If you give them a scheduling,
and they don’t book the call, what does that tell you? They’re not serious. Tire kickers, looky-loos. Good! You don’t have to waste
time going back and forth! Very simple. Done! If they do schedule the
time, and they do call you, guess what, chances are,
they’re in buyer intent. They’re much more serious,
they’re much more committed. Now, you have the power on the phone, and you can do the kind
of teaching that I do, the kind of closing that I do. High ticket closing. “So Mr. Prospect, what were you hoping
to get from me today?” Try that out. It’s very, very, powerful. Comment below, and let me
know how that works for you. Of course, I know it works
fucking like wonderful, but I wanna know, how
well it works for you. So go ahead, give it a try.

100 thoughts on “The One Secret To Close More Sales On The Phone”

  1. Could I tell them the range of time I will call them?
    Something like "I will call you tomorrow between 10:00 to 12:00 a.m.?"
    Do you think is this a good idea?
    Thank you in advance for you time!

  2. Changing my appoint scheduling software to tell them to call me at OUR appointment time.

  3. It's kinda hard if u are in outbound sales like me to get a scheduled calkback. 90% of the time u will never get a hold of them again if u let it go at first contact.

  4. Fine, but I'm doing cold calls. Having them call me is our of the question. Unless I maybe leave them a vague voicemail "Hey it's Aaron give me a call back"

  5. So as per what you are saying now how do you think we have to deal with lead generation usually when are receiving the leads and we are the one who’s calling t the clients

  6. Your knowledge, command and confidence of the subject/s is quite impressive…I also like your kindness in sharing your experience and more importantly to me, is deliver the message as yourself and injecting some humor here and there makes quite entertaining. I like the way you teach…I don't believe in bad students only in bad teachers so…good job in keeping it real Dan! I am brand new, with little experience online, but I will learn and master to become a subject matter expert and I will make it happen for me too!

  7. Hi Dan,
    great video and great advice.
    How do you let them give you a call after they scheduled a time with you, is there a phone number on the confirmation page/mail or in the appointment they have to call?
    Do you setup a "general" phone number which does a call forwarding to your "real" number?
    How do you do this for international calls (I'm from Europe)?
    Do you use a conference call number?

  8. I use this strategy on Twitter a lot. People send DMs or ask a ton of questions. I don't get frustrated with them I just immediately send the Calendly link. If they don't pay for my high ticket program, they become a member of my membership community.

  9. I have bought your book from amazon today 🙂 "FU MONEY" THUMB UP! I'm sure i will be fascinated by it and it will change the entire game. Thank you Sifu Dan! Edit: I also added a "Book Phone Call" on my website, so what should i do, i wait them to call me after i accept their booking,right? 🙂

  10. Hey Dan you are a fantastic person !!!!! I am glad I found your video pop ups… I am into immigration n visa sales… Needed some suggestions for it. Am sure you will guide me through it 😊

  11. Sonic! It's a whole new mind shift! Brilliant! Simple but POWERFUL! Thanks Dan. Just signed up for your HTC Master Training!

  12. Definitely. I have annoyed plenty of people with cold calls. I much prefer warm calling or meeting people in person.

  13. I totally had a very big misunderstanding towards sales job! After joining your Youtube channel, I had a totally 360 degree changed perspective towards sales position. I was pretty reluctant to accept a sales job offer back then, however right now I am extremely excited to embrace it and understood the potential of mastering this skill.

    Do make more videos and publish more books !

  14. How to ask a client to call me without sounding rude? Probably the client schedules a time himself but he would be expecting you to call him.

  15. This is really true because it is a form of lead qualification built into the process. You weed out the 80% of junk right away.

  16. Wow so simply explained but it clarifies so many things for me I actually didn't see this nuance as clearly but now I do thanks Dan!

  17. This is the answer for my landscape business sales. Have the prospect send me a few pictures of their property with an explaination of what they would like to do. Schedule a call, and I will be prepared to discuss ideas and costs with them in advance of scheduling a site visit. Will save a lot of time and driving. What software is good to schedule calls? Thanks.

  18. Wow. That is like the best way I've heard on how to take control back over the phone – I'm gonna write that down and know it will come in handy someday soon!

  19. Thank you so much Dan, oh btw how da fuq are you doing??? XD

    I appreciate the advise and what u said and it totally nailed everything that happened to me!

    But in times of desperation, if the prospect does not call or make an appt with me, should i call back and 'follow up' in hoping that they will give me a chance due to my patient and attitude?

  20. Clearly the ultimate idea of this video is to get potential client calling you instead of you calling him BUT there is one big issue here and I would love if anyone experienced could answer me. I see cold calling as good alternative to internet marketing. However, if you want to avoid internet marketing, how else would you get someone to call you? Social media still counts as internet marketing. How else can someone call you and show his need for you instead of you showing your need for him? Without internet marketing, you will barely ever get anyone to call you. But if you call him, you don't need all tens of thousands of hours spent on internet marketing work or spend houndreds of thousands of euros (dollars) to hire internet marketing experts. Obviously you still need some basic but quality website so you can get ready when you are asked on the phone question like "How can i get to know you more?" As much as i like the idea in this video but the said truth is that in order to avoid consuming all those efforts on internet marketing, you need to be the one who calls otherwise you cannot get in contact with anyone.

  21. Love this video, thanks so much! it's like your my rich internet uncle haha 😁🙏#RichInternetUncle.

  22. Dan Lok is a fucking BADASS!!! Everything out of his mouth is gold!! If you're smart, you're dumbass will listen closely and implement his teachings. This guy helped me out tremendously. I used this sales tactic on the phone and of course it worked. Sale. Sale. Sale. I just wish I would have started listening to his podcast years ago. Oh well, gettin that loot now!! LOL

  23. But if i need to call to the people from lids page that the boss giving me, what i will do?

  24. Hello Mr. Lok I am 13 years old and I have been following you and your videos for a long time and I think that you should also make a video on young enteprenuers. Thank you 🙂

  25. Hello Dan sir , I'm a hotel management student of 3rd year and this time campuses would shoot up, if you could help that way too because you are one hell of a guy . thank you 🙂

  26. And if your phone doesn’t ring? Perhaps a video on HOW to get prospects to call you, all very easy when they do, getting them to call, not so easy!! I wait with interest

  27. Hey Dan, I looove your stuff (just finished the book and going through vids). Like you said, Dan, THE MAN! I'd like to ask you though, from the psychological perspective, what do you think about meeting software like Zoom, is it OK (since they still need to show up and reserve time for it), or the actual process of them calling you and you picking up the phone is better (as opposed to you waiting for them in a Zoom meeting)?
    So grateful I stumbled upon you few weeks ago. Stay awesome!

  28. Mr. Dan .. just wanna thank you…
    My Dream N5CF – N Five Consultancy Firm… I'm following way everyday.. want you as my Mentor…

  29. It's very true I made a lot of proposals because most of my clients asked me to send them a proposal but then I never heard anything about them.

  30. Your videos are making much more sense to me now. I am 19-year old and starting as a copywriter and now I need clients to get on the phone to talk. Really man… loved it…

  31. Hi Dan, or to anyone that could help me. With that spiel, is it appropriate to position that in the first ring? Im a call center agent and we should first fix their reason for calling and then after fixing it, transition to sales. I dont know how's the positioning for this to be placed. Somebody help. Thanks in Advance!

  32. Positioning = when you call them, you are the sales person. When they call you, you are the expert to solve their problem!

    Get them to call you! Give me a call, and schedule an appointment.

  33. Dan awesone video but how to reach the clients in first place… one should have to call him/ her to tell abt the product. OR in other words how to get new clients .. i m a very tiny business man but i got trouble finding clients which bring breaks in my business..pls help pls advice

  34. I've been in high tech sales for 7 years and never thought about this approach. Amazing advice, can't wait to add this to my arsenal!!

  35. Hi Dan sorry I'm coming let to day was busy I'm ask a bout money I don't have to much money bt I'm look to side sometimes get sometime not I. Mean that's coming for my head

  36. If a bout my really to better if you serious I'm taking really after giving I'm say what's he's giving me thank you

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