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The Phone Drop – Not your everyday call…

The Phone Drop – Not your everyday call…

We dropped a phone on a quiet suburban London
street And threw in a little randomness [phone rings – Xperia Z3 tone]>>Public 1: Hello>>Phone: Good Morning>>Public 2: Hi>>Phone: Who am I speaking to?>>Public 1: Matthew [laughs] you don’t know me.>>Public 2: Err, Neil.>>Phone: Hi Neil. Do you like a challenge?>>Matt: Yeah>>Phone: How do you like to win a thousand
pounds worth of tech?>>Matt: [laughs] OK. That’s pretty good
actually.>>Phone: In that case, we’re going to set
you a series of challenges. Keep this phone with you at all times. It’ll act as your guide.>>Matt: Ok>>Phone: Are you ready for your first challenge?>>Neil: Yeah.>>Phone: Get in the car.>>Neil: [nervous laughter]>>Phone: When you get to the next location,
follow the arrows to the task. And await instructions [text alert] [Challenge #1 – Fruit Baseball] [ping!]>>Matt: Ok Google, Star Pub near me.>>Google Now: Here are the listings for the
Star within six miles. [meow]>>Neil: [laughter] !%#* Lets get it on! [text alert] [Challenge #2 – Herding Cats]>>Neil: Oh my God, OK>>Matt: Come on cats. Hey.>>Neil: Haha, yes! [cat teasing]>>Matt: Oi, kittykat>>Neil: Aww that’s it. Hey, he loves it!>>Matt: !%#*’er>>Neil: Argh God, no!>>Matt: Aww, you !%#@ Get back in there.>>Neil: Where’d you come from? [laughs]>>Matt: This is power! [cat charming]>>Neil: Got you!>>Matt: Got ya! [photo snap] [photo snap] [phone rings]>>Neil: Hello?>>Phone: You managed 5 out of 6. That’s good enough for me.>>Neil: Thank you.>>Phone: For your final task I’ m going to send you a geo-location of
the white rabbit.>>Neil: White Rabbit.>>Phone: Find him and chase him.>>Neil: Ok cool What do I do with the cats? [No response. Phone hangs up on Neil] [Challenge #3 – Chase the Rabbit] [guitar shredding] [echoed steps] [applause and screams]

32 thoughts on “The Phone Drop – Not your everyday call…”

  1. I'm not the biggest fan of advertising and I always stop to skip through an advert that loads prior to my youtube video. But I watched all of this and loved it!  Brilliant ad! 

  2. Never knew it would be so easy to get a person into a car of their own free will then into an empty warehouse with no witnesses with only the promise of just £1000 of tech…

  3. How many girls do you think would have willingly gotten into that car for £1000 worth of tech without having any idea of where their destination was? 

    Great video though, the cat part was cute xD

  4. "I'm a moron I am only worth doing lame tasks like hitting fruit. Gimme £1000 worth of electronic stuff." Yet another advertiser infantilising people, spoon feeding them stuff they don't need and pedalling it as entertainment or "content". What was it that George Orwell called advertising – the stick rattling in the swill to tell the pigs their food was coming.

  5. I know it's silly but If you picked up and phone and it said get in a black car why would you get in? Something might happen? You wouldn't of known?

  6. I think thats not a coincedence that all the people who played along (out of two) were guys. Cool video though 🙂

  7. PSA: If you find a phone and somebody you don't know promises you a load of free stuff if you get inside the black car that just pulled up, don't get in the damn car. You run to the nearest police station.

  8. WRONG! The voice function activated then he said "Ok Google" that is proof this is staged, the Google Bleep comes after "Ok Google" not before you say it.

  9. What if a disabled person picked up the phone? Doesn't matter because it's staged but maybe the actors were actually paid £1000 in tech, who knows?

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