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The Phone I Carried In 2008: What A Difference A Decade Makes

The Phone I Carried In 2008: What A Difference A Decade Makes

– The world of 10 years
ago can sometimes feel impossibly recent, even idealic compared to what you’ve got today. But like an old TV show
that’s mostly held up well, the illusion crumbles when technology comes into the picture. I’m Michael Fisher and 10 years ago the phone housed in my
holster was the HTC Mogul. This is the Mr. Mobile Retro Review brought to you by Adblock Browser. (uptempo music) So this big ‘ol meatball
was more than just old, it was in fact one of the
last phones of its kind. Behind the aspirational
names, the carriers, and marketers gave it, Mogul, Titan, this was the PPC 6800. An iteration on an idea
that had been around awhile. In an era when four out of five Americans were still buying dumb
phones, this was a pocket PC, and it lived up to its
personal computer namesake. For better or worse. Donning my rose tinted
glasses for a moment, I still remember the
smug satisfaction I got from loading full websites on this thing at a time when commercials
had convinced many that the only phone capable of such things had an Apple logo. And the contrarian in me,
appreciated how the Mogul bucked the minimalist trend
that was just then taking hold. In 2018, you’re lucky to get a dedicated camera key on your phones. In 2008, this thing had 19
hardware buttons on its casing. Not counting the pop-out keyboard. (snickering) You turned
on wifi with a switch. There was a jog dial
for Blackberry converts, a D-pad for dumb phone
ex-pats, a touchscreen for everyone else, and a stylus to hit the tiny targets on it. That display was resistive,
super scratch prone, and less than three
inches across, but I guess with double status LED’s,
who needs a screen, right? Just like a PC of the time,
there was plenty of IO, mini-USB, trans-flash,
and an IR port that today is almost as rare as
the removable battery. I got to know that battery pretty well because I frequently had
to swap it for a fresh one. Endurance was not great
and since there was no fast charging to speak of,
carrying a spare was wise. Considering the retail price
of this thing at the time, that was a big disappointment. And for all the capability
of Windows Mobile, it was effectively eight years
old when this phone launched, with parts of its code base
dating all the way back to Windows CE in 1996. Yeah, it was powerful but it’s instability and a very sluggish interface made it hard for me to avoid the siren
song of the iPhone 3G, launched in July of 2008. That phone is the one I left the Mogul for and I was hardly alone. By the end of 2009, Microsoft
had lost almost a third of its smart phone market share. While Apple’s grew by 32%. I ended up leaving the
iPhone pretty quickly, but not so I could
return to Windows Mobile. By then, Palms Web OS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s own
Window’s Phone 7 Series were so much more usable
than the old Windows Mobile that returning just wasn’t in the cards. (uptempo music) I do have fond memories of the Mogul. Its GPS navigated me
from Virginia to Boston to start my first career out of college, its big keyboard kept me in touch with the friends I left behind, and its two megapixel camera
documented the transition well, as best it could. But remember, nostalgia
is an unreliable narrator. I was active on Howard Forums at the time and here’s what I had
to say about the Mogul shortly after leaving it in 2008. “It could do everything but
it could do nothing well. Crashed all the time and
I had to soft reset it at least once a day to keep
the damn thing working. GPS wouldn’t get a fix, OS was ugly, lagging, prone to memory leaks. What a disaster of a phone.” Man, nothin’ like a firsthand account from past you to slap you outta
that sentimental haze, huh? So, I don’t mourn the
Mogul as I do devices like the Palm Pre that
died before their time. And I’m really not sorry
that the iPhone’s debut hastened the demise of Window’s Mobile because it made room for
so many better things. I don’t much like ending on a cliche, but this video seems to need it. Somethings should indeed stay in the past. Things that also belong in the past, terrible Internet ads on
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in the description. Next to that link, is the
subscribe button folks. Please press it if you enjoyed this video and share your memories from your favorite or even your least favorite
phone in the comments below. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile my friends.

100 thoughts on “The Phone I Carried In 2008: What A Difference A Decade Makes”

  1. With such artistic phrases such as
    “ nostalgia is an unreliable narrator”
    You, Sir, have gained my following.

    Shows your true passion is Tech.

  2. Lol I remember that beast. A guy I work with had like a 512mb SD card and downloaded the trailer to one of the star wars movies on it. We thought it was the coolest things ever!

  3. Whatever you say. I loved those phones. Didn't have the first TyTn, but second version only, and other than it was really heavy there was no problem with it really. Well of course it was slow but so what, that was 2008/09. Still remember those small cab files for Windows mobile OS. Howardforums, LoL. Good old times.

    My least favourite remains the BlackBerry Flip, period. Favourites impossible to mention just one, N95, Xperia X1, P1 and so many others.

  4. My first real smartphone after my 5500 with symbian was an Omnia II with Windows Mobile 6.5 and I loved it but that had an 800MHz CPU opposed to this with a 400MHz one. The Modding community was great and after everyone was crazy about the iPhone I went with android because it was similarly moddable like winmo 🙂

  5. My phone in 2008 was the Sony Ericsson k800i. That thing had one of the best camera at the time and taking photos in the dark was not a problem with it's xenon flash. Not to mention that the Sony Ericcson UI was very easy to use. Dumbphone maybe but I had so many memories with my k800i. I would love if someone made a phone running android with a xenon flash (and not make it a complete brick).

  6. Anyone remembers Nextel with the walkie talkie feature on the rugged flip phone? I really liked those. Thanks to AT&T gobbling up Nextel and eventually ruining it. It was a Motorola phone, and that lead me to my favorite, longest lasting battery ever , the Motorola V195 flip phone. I charged it like once a week. As of now, I'm still rocking a Motorola (Z Play), and still the best battery life compared to Samsung or Apple.

  7. Wow, ten years ago I  had the HTC HD2 also running Windows Mobile 6. I remember being told the 4" screen was way too big. Look at us now. Amazing!

  8. You need to do more of these because not everyone have money or even care for a brand new phone so instead they carry around their old Phones.

  9. Before my first Android phone which was the HTC Mytouch 3G. I owned the Samsung Sleek that was on Sprint. lol. I just loved having facebook, twitter and emailing on it and also having that sd card slot for my photos and music. I love the slide out keyboard. I still have in a box at my dad's house. I might drop a retro video for it too. Good video. The slide out keyboard phones will be missed.

  10. I had the Samsung Omnia i900 so I know the pain of Windows Mobile, switching to Android was a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by dumb phones and the iPhone. Not long after that I switched back to Windows Phone 7 and that's persisted until now as I have both a Lumia 950XL, simply for its camera, and a Nexus 5X which is my daily driver.

  11. Xperia Play, 2011. Great phone, outdated hardware.
    I hope Sony would release the sequel, even though it's highly unlikely.

  12. I had many Windows mobile devices but in the end I couldn't stand the burning mess of their OS and the blatant lack of support. I ran back to my trusty und reliable Palm Tree 650, on paper much weaker than the WM powerhouses and with less features… But it did something that the WM devices could not, it WORKED. We all know those moments where you need to have a reliable device those personal emergency's… And when my HTC Universal f*** Up big time I was lucky that my treo was still in my glovebox (had intended to sell it) and I could boot the device and make the necessary calls before the universal had finished it's reboot (of course with total data loss). Still have the Treo…

  13. You, Sir are a really cool man!
    I had iMate PDA (manufactured by HTC) in 2007. You revived my good memories of that time and age. Michael you are all time best tech reviewer. I am surprised why you have'nt reached 100 Million subscribers! 🙂

  14. I noticed the keyboard is in a non-staggered format. That's similar to the physical keyboard moto mod coming this year. I'll be looking forward to your fantastic, objective review on both the battery-less and the battery-full version of that moto mod. I'm especially looking forward to it since that horrible first impression from Phone Scoop, of all places. Without realizing it's a prototype and the fact that physical keyboards have a more practical use, it's as though I'm seeing the lamestream media do a first impression! Oy givalt! >_<

  15. I've been an iPhone user since 2008.
    Ten years later I'm ready to switch to Android.
    Not sure which phone yet. Perhaps the next LG phone?

  16. I had this phone and loved it and was pist when my sons mom bought us each a iPhone 3G as a gift when our son was born sept 08 but I got used to it and I had iPhone Ever since

  17. Ugh, resistive screens… I had a Sony P800 back in the day. After a week with that stylus it sounded like a chicken on sandpaper!

  18. I didn’t have a smartphone until 2009 so between 2006-2009 I used a Sony Ericsson dumbphone for texting and calling and a PSP Slim for browsing the web and playing games. The PSP didn’t have flash or HTML5 and could only fully load like 30% of the websites, but I hadn’t had anything like it before, so it was revolutionary for me. It also had a switch for wi-fi too!

  19. I never liked Windows and Apple's operating systems on phones, they never had the versatility I was used to by the Symbian devices. At that time, the Nokia N95 was fabulous (given an additional Bluetooth GPS mouse compensating the terrible GPS receiver).

  20. Nice video, very funny too look back. Had the HTC Touch Dual at that time, your vid brought back some scary memories 🙂

  21. Ah yes. I remember my Motorola Q. For the time, I thought I was on top of the world of technology. Then the Palm trio with its touch screen. Able to watch YouTube and download videos was unimaginable for the time, and then along comes the Motorola Droid. Crazy that years later I would join the iPhone side of things with the 5s in 2014. Now at an iPhone 6s+ and it's been pretty good.

  22. wow feeling so nostalgic, i remember when my co-worker rocking a dopod 900 i instantly fell in love with pda. and later purchase an i-mate 9502, it was a pretty fun and versatile device but winmo was dying at the end of the decade. so i switch to htc hd2, wich is still a winmo device but had a dual / triple boot ability. the hd2 to really smoothens my transition from winmo to android, and the touch flo 3d is one of the kind, and its one of the feature that i really miss in winmo.

  23. Hello Michael Sir ( ) 🙂 thank you for your videos.
    I have a Personal Request for MWC ,please do cover those phones with more attention which have good audio speakers.
    I am yet to find a phone with fuller bassy speakers like those in Nokia 5700 Express Music

  24. My 1st phone was Nokia 6710 Navigator
    It was very smart, and it had a smart assistant in 2009 that you may ask: "What time is it? , Call Dad, Play Hans Zimmer….."
    Plus it got a magnificent at its time Carl Ziess Camera.
    Nowadays I am using Nokia too but a Lumia 930 on Windows 10 Redstone 2.

  25. The worst phone I’ve had is the LG Optimus L7. Came on a few trips but that doesn’t make me like it more. It was very unreliable as just a phone because it took several minutes to realize I received a message. It now lives in a drawer with a bunch of flip phones.

  26. You should have reviewed the original iPhone, because it is better in many many ways, and it is released in 2007, the same year as this HTC Mogul.

  27. Those were even able to play doodle jump! I got it over xda developers back then. Only game I had on mine – besides that original bubble plopper game.

  28. Thanks for the video. I’d got an htc tytn that time. Not very different from the mogul. I was very interested in windows but I must admit it wasn’t an ergonomic os.

  29. The only two phones I had that I sorta missed, were the LG KP500 I had in secondary school, and my Nokia C3-00 I had for my last 2 years of secondary. Both good phones, really reliable. But my KP500 got broken and my C3 nicked.

  30. These were the phone that got me into smartphones. Phone like the HTC TyTn ii. I still want that phone for collectible reasons.

  31. The palm pre is still my favorite phone I had. The hype was pretty big considering the Apple roots and iTunes it could run for a short short time. I tried in vain to hold on to it as my daily driver as long as I could until support was really bad. Even had a touchpad to go with it that received my messages from my pre before it was an ios thing. Man I still am bitter that webOS didn't make it in the mobile space.

  32. I had a HTC MDA 1 at that time.. Aways loved phisical keyboard and Win Mobile was a very exclusive thing back then, specialy here in Brazil.

  33. I Had This In 2008 and liked it because it had a hardware keyboard And Wasn't An Iphone. The Shortcomings Didnt Deter Me, Lol. Loved This Review. Keep It Up Sir!

  34. I'm still using Windows Mobile. It hasn't died in this home. If anything I wish Microsoft would rejuvenate the OS. Lol with Windows Mobile, I didn't need the Ad Block Browser!!!! Twitter: RYAN_N2TEK www dot n2tek dot me.

  35. I remember having the At&t version of this phone (the tilt) This thing never left the charger for more than 2 hours, myspace was the only website I used on it, and I had to factory reset the thing 2 or more times daily. Good times.

  36. It seems that the iPhone needed to exist to move the mobile platform further, you could see that others simply didn't have the vision to pull off a better mobile experience. Even that Windows Mobile platform's UI was taken from Windows itself, it didn't really fit the mobile devices that well and without a push from Apple I don't think we would be at the point we are now. Heck even Android changed after the Apple iPhone was launched.

    This sounds like a plug for Apple but its not, I don't own any Apple device but I simply respect the work they did to make a better product and I loved Android for giving it to the masses.

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