100 thoughts on “The Phone of the Year Is Now $500”

  1. The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus from Samsung didn't sell well at launch but it has come down so much in price that it's probably the best value phone on the market right now. Thanks for watching!

  2. The aperture is not a gimmick. You don't "use" your aperture. You can open and close it in pro Foto mode but normally, the auto camera sets the aperture according to the surrounding darkness. So if you have ever taken a picture, you will have used your aperture.
    Peace out

  3. It didn't sell well because nobody wants to drop a grand or even more (if they're on a contract) for a phone. I've got the One Plus 6T and I really like it. I'm not really a camera person, so not having the best camera doesn't bother me, it still takes really good photos. The 1080p display is really sharp and I can't tell the difference between that and a 2k display. Normally it's pretty obvious, but they're using an AMOLED display.

  4. I've got s9+ for almost a year and I got it for a really low price. It's perfect device and I really recommend it. It has only 1 con, the Bixby button but you can turn it off.

  5. From a really cheap $100, I upgraded to the s9 early December, and I love it! I just wish my carrier had the grey color…

  6. The S9 still is not worth it. The S8 is 300 dollars and has all the same features besides super slow motion and variable aperture. The S8 still feels good to use as well.

  7. You know what they do to a guy like you in russia? They put lipstick on a guy like you 😂🤣😂😂😂

  8. No foreign brands. They don't pay American taxes like Apple. Need to beef up the military so we can keep bullying other countries.

  9. 0:45 actually, it’s not a gimmick. And actually, you probably use it all the time. It activates automatically depending of the light the phone detects. Unless you only use the camera in pro mode all the time and you always make sure to set the aperture, but even then you’d be using it, because you’d be choosing which one of the two apertures you prefer.

  10. But it also has the worst battery life of all 2018 flagships (Except maybe the normal Pixel 3 and the Sony XZ3), this is why it's an absolute no go for me!

  11. One of the biggest reasons I LOVE your channel and videos is you often highlight value and worthiness of the products given their price–something reviewers like MKBHD hardly mentions! Keep up the good work, Dave!

  12. Bro just get the s8 its not that much diffrent, like who tf cares abt camera and slightly bigger ram, and sd 835 can still run most of the top end games at max settings properly

  13. Boooooo! Galaxy S9 sucks! Camera can’t even shoot 4K 60fps for an extended amount of time! The snapdragon 845 is incredibly slow compared to Apples A11

  14. I have S9 plus for 2 months now For 640 euro I got it new and it's so awesome so worth it Its same as the note 9 just note 9 got a bit bigger battery nothing else different rather than S pen this is one of the best phones yet it never Lags very good battery same as price

  15. 0:46 u never used it? What do you mean? It automatically switches to it in low light. You act like it's a camera mode

  16. Yeah, while everybody is copying apple. Samsung did something different, they copied their previous version.
    Just like how i copied homework from my one year course older cousin.

  17. I’m spending a little extra and getting the Note 9.

    I’m finally ditching apple from an iPhone 6, and you better believe I’m getting the phone with the mist gimmicky and unnecessary features out of spite!!!

  18. Ik I'm a little late to this video, but the LG V40 for $350 brand new on Ebay is the best rn in imo 🤷🏽

  19. I have an S9 since release and they are a really good deal used at $350. Also One UI made the phone much better. I am tradeing it for the S10 though

  20. That's not fair giving S9 the award because there are people who bought this phone at the launch price and for them, its not a $500 phone. Whatever you say, S9 is an expensive phone. If the price drop is to be considered, then a year or two years old phone would be much much better value for money. Considering price drops, S8 would be a better bet

  21. +Dave Lee, @Dave Lee: but the problem with buying samsung phone after almost a year is the slowdown, I strongly have this feeling that the push updates that intentionally slowdown the phone, iPhone was brave enough to announce that and blame the battery life to do so, but never gonna admit to that point and doing it from the backdoor. they are amazing phone when they are released. the drop amount can be justified by the age of its smoothness and getting updates which by time decreases as if choosing between C-Ronaldo or Kylian Mbappé if it make sense

  22. Just payed 330 Bucks on a s8+ on ali express. Yes slower than a pocophone for the same price, but so much more features.

  23. I think mate 20 its a lot better phone than the s9 plus. Cheaper and better in all ways except video recording.

  24. is it me or the price of the s9 got up on samsung website i swear it was 499 for a 68 gb and i was about to buy it today for $550 for a 128gb

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