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The Playstation Phone – The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play | MVG

The Playstation Phone – The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play  | MVG

[Music] how many of you game or play emulators on your mobile phone whether it’s casual puzzle games or 3d games like life is strange that run on Unreal Engine 4 these days most phones are powerful gaming devices you can compare any modern phone to an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 and not give it another thought phones that play video games will have dedicated gaming hardware have not always had a good run however in the mid-2000s Nokia was the world’s leading phone manufacturer and their first foray into a dedicated gaming phone known as the engage did not go well only selling three million units it was plagued with many design flaws and many games were borderline unplayable thanks to poor frame rates and questionable controls Nokia did not give up on the n-gage there was a market for portable gaming on a mobile phone and they quickly worked on a follow-up which was released one year later and then other companies such as Samsung came along and introduced similar products Sony took notice of the n-gage as well and the mistakes that Nokia had made with their phone they had plans to develop their own in 2006 three years after the ngage launched Sony filed a patent for a PlayStation phone and then the following year Sony Ericsson executive announced that they were developing a phone for gaming that had the cross media bar which was already available in the Sony PSP ps3 and the Japanese PSX region Hardware in the years between 2006 and 2011 it seemed like the PlayStation phone idea was just rumors and talked with Sony pushing forward with the popular PlayStation Portable and in 2009 when the compact PSP Co was released the PlayStation phone concept was all but forgotten but Sony has always been an innovative company releasing many different products some very successful others not so and they’ve never been one to sit on an idea without at least testing the market on April the 1st 2011 Sony finally released their PlayStation phone five years after the original patents were filed this wasn’t an April Fool’s joke the rumours turned out to be true the playstation phone was rebranded as the xperia play as part of the Xperia line of smartphones and Android Gingerbread 2.3 so let’s first address the elephant in the room the Sony Xperia Play smartphone looks very similar in terms of design and button layouts to the Sony PSP go that was released in 2009 but is the Xperia Play just another device based on PSP hardware or is it something else well let’s go ahead and take a closer look at the hardware of the Xperia Play and see what this device is and what it isn’t released in 2011 the Sony Xperia Play is a dedicated Android device that runs on the snapdragon s2 chipset it features a 1 gigahertz CPU and Adreno 205 GPU that has four dedicated pipelines and runs at 245 megahertz clock speed the Xperia Play has a 4 inch 854 by 480 TFT LCD screen in comparison the PSP Go has a 3.8 480 by 272 screen internally it has a quite large 512 megabytes of internal RAM which is good for multitasking apps but on the flipside has very small internal storage only 400 megabytes fortunately a microSD card slot is available for up to 32 gigabytes of additional storage I’ve also heard with the custom ROM that this can be even larger the display is a capacitive touch screen that has a 16 by 9 aspect ratio in the close position the Xperia Play has a typical smartphone look from 2011 with Android style buttons but what makes this device interesting is that it’s designed to be a gaming phone with the gentle push of the horizontal slide mechanism reveals the slide-out controls and buttons look familiar when compared to the PSP go the layout is very similar you get the left and right shoulder buttons the d-pad which has a better feel than the PSP goes select and start buttons the for PlayStation buttons and the 2 controls in the middle are for analog controls one common misconception is about the compatibility of this device although it may look and feel like a PSP go it does not support PSP games at all and it was never designed to do so what it does support natively however is PlayStation 1 games a unique feature of the phone is the application known as PlayStation pocket this application allows the user to purchase and download PlayStation game and play them on the device Crash Bandicoot is a built-in free game that comes with the Xperia Play but it’s not actually installed on the phone you must first download it by tapping the icon but guess what the download still works for an obsolete phone from 2011 this is actually pretty good that you can still download and play it considering network services eight years ago and not guaranteed to be up in 2019 watching the game shows the familiar PlayStation startup screen and the emulation is excellent the controls feel great and I prefer the d-pad over the PSP go you also have the option to adjust the screen size controls and volume you can even multitask out and come back to the game later when you quit the game you also have the option of saving your state this is awesome if you wanted to multitask take phone calls on the device and be able to jump back in later other than Crash Bandicoot that came pre-installed with the PlayStation Pocket app on the Sony Xperia Play it is no longer possible to buy games and install them under the PlayStation Pocket app in 2019 but this wouldn’t be an MV G video if I didn’t tell you that there is a way via some hacking methods to get additional games on the PlayStation Pocket up so let’s go ahead and take a look and see how that’s done the application known as PS Xperia tool that has been developed by Yi fan Liu allows you to convert any PlayStation game to work on the Xperia Play with the PlayStation Pocket app the application will take your game image and package it up with the crash bandicoot container files that are already on your phone in order to do this connect up your Xperia Play to your PC via USB then you will need two files from your phone this APK file and this z pack file the application clearly tells you where to locate both of them these are the files from crash bandicoot now load them into the tool and click extract once this step is complete click on the convert tab then provide the playstation image file that you want to convert I’m going to use Spyro the Dragon you can optionally give it a name title and other information you can also assign it an icon the icon however must be a PNG and no larger than 170 by 170 pixels once you have everything in place click on the convert button this will build the image or apk files for the new game it will also take a few minutes but once complete you will have a folder called output inside the output folder drag the contents of both of these files into the Xperia Play Drive under the Android folder once it’s copied over now on the Xperia Play phone open up the icon called application installer you will notice the Spyro the Dragon game installer now select and install it you can launch it from here or you can go into the PlayStation Pocket app and it will appear in the list of games and a tap of the icon will launch the game this method works with all PlayStation 1 games and most of them play perfectly there is however some compatibility issues with some games Tony Hawk 2 for example has graphical glitches remember although it’s an official app from Sony it’s still emulation on the Android of course I do want to mention the analog controls they do take some getting used to I tried them out with a few games and it felt a little weird to me it’s probably something that I won’t ever use the PSP goes small analog stick is a much better design or maybe it’s just me let me know if you use the analog on the Xperia Play before I’d like to hear your thoughts but of course this is an Android device and that means established emulators although this device is from 2011 it’s quite capable of running most 16 and 32-bit emulators with excellent performance Nintendo 64 emulation runs far better than the PSP equivalent and the Nintendo DSi emulator drastic plays very well [Music] and of course at Genesis Super Nintendo and pc-engine are all excellent making full use of the onboard controller in my opinion the Xperia Play is superior to the PSP go except in one area PSP games the Xperia Play does not support them there is an emulator you can try but it’s slow and not worth the effort but everything else just feels better the screen is far superior and with excellent battery life on the Xperia Play and the ability to replace them easily makes it an interesting handheld and want to consider speaking of I bought mine from Aliexpress and it was pretty cheap I’ll leave a link in the description below if you were interested in picking one up although the Xperia lines of phones are still present to this day Sony did not release any follow-up to the Xperia Play gaming device from 2011 it’s a shame as there was a lot of potential here but still I’ve had a ton of fun with the Xperia Play phone it makes me wish that I owned one back in the day when they first came out but even in 2019 there’s still a lot of fun to be had here and it’s something that I’m happy to own as part of my collection so in conclusion I really like the Sony Xperia Play smartphone and I think it’s a really interesting piece of hardware I really do wish that Sony had released updates to the Xperia Play line of smartphones maybe incorporating PSP or PS Vita support in future enhancements or future upgrades of the smart phone and I think that would’ve been really awesome to see but as we know Sony hasn’t always had a good track record when it comes to portable gaming and unfortunately with the PlayStation Vita ending its lifecycle here in a few short months I do think that Sony really has no interest in reviving something like this for the modern era now before I go guys I do want to say that I’m so excited to be back in front of the camera in front of you guys I had last week off I was on vacation but I’m back and we’ve got some really awesome content coming up and some things that I can’t talk about quite yet that are going to be awesome so stick around on the channel it’s gonna be some really cool stuff coming up in 2019 well guys I’m going to leave it here for this video thank you so much for watching and supporting me don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I’ll catch you guys in the next video bye for now [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “The Playstation Phone – The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play | MVG”

  1. I've been screaming for a new version of this for years. I just want a modern phone with a slide out d-pad. Why does nobody make one?

  2. The upgraded version of this should natively support playstation 2 games and that would be AWESOME NOSTALGIA

  3. I wanted one of these phones…until I saw the specs. Technically more powerful than the psp but not as supported. So gimped in that way. The android os allows for some emulation that runs better than the same-ish emu on psp. The os is what hampers the phone, if it had a gig of ram….

  4. We need more portable gaming consoles. Nintendo finally did something right for a change with the switch, and I wish to see these other gaming companies learn a little from them.

  5. Why not jus release the remote play app to all platforms. Instead of restricting it to sony only devices… hell.. sony could even charge for the app!.. dumb move by sony

  6. I still got mine, I’ve been trying to figure out how to increase its internal memory without using an sd card, I can’t download an updated emulator because the memory is too low

  7. I had that phone and I loved it. My first android but it would always crash on snapchat and that bothered me so I went back to iPhone 😂

  8. Release a phone like this that supports ps1 to 3 and psp games now thats a dream but the price will obviously be a nightmare.

  9. Man, it feels like mobile gaming has actually gotten worse, if this came out today they would only offer micro transactions laden garbage games. I don't know if a phone with physical controllers would sell well today but I would buy it. Hell, I would settle for a phone case that functioned as a foldable wireless controller. There are just some games that need physical controls and I don't really want to carry around a controller in my pocket or a dedicated handheld system. If they could nail the form factor and the wireless functionality, I do think there would be a market for that.

  10. If the new version had 24Mp Selfie Camera, 4GB Ram and 256gb Rom and Snapdragon processor and L1 L2 and R1 R2 button wireless buttons that would Rule …Just like a PS2 …

  11. Sony is one of the most innovative company and also the most stupid.they always sabotage their own devices like PS Vita and this love to slap the CEO or whoever calls the shots and whoever is in charge with marketing.

  12. Man, this brought me back. I still have this phone(not my current phone). It was a great little piece of hardware. For emulation it was amazing. Also the analog track pads do take some getting used to but I did play GTA 3 on the phone without much trouble.

  13. Does anyone know if it’s worth buying and using one in 2019? Will any modern simple social media apps work? Also is it worth 78$ on eBay unlocked?

  14. I hate these videos where you make it look so easy to install these apps, when they give me error after error. It pisses me off.

  15. This was my first smartphone. Sony's support really disappointed me and since then the only products from Sony that I buy are the PlayStation and their games.

  16. Had one from release day till the launch of the 4g network, loved it! I only used mine for snes and nes emulators. The only real issue with it was that it was ahead of its hardware much like many sony handhelds, this one in terms of battery. Give me a brick with a 10000mah battery and we would be talking or a newer version. I'd drop money on it in a heartbeat

  17. damn i flashed cyanogen android mod (was developing android stuff at the time) and it lost all psx capabilities 🙁

  18. Sony should develop a Xperia Play 2 instead of another PSP.

    Take on the Nvidia shield and the Nintendo 3DS where it hurts!

    Give it stronger vibration to emphasise a 'dual-shock' like experience, and actual analogue sticks similar to the PSP Go. Use a hardened custom version of Android with custom kernel that protects against rooting and other piracy methods.

  19. I own a android phone and am able to download emulators for my current phone for snes and mame off the playstore and play games I know this is an older phone I’m considering buying this and want to do the same does this have a google play store where I can download my emulators?

  20. I bought this phone on launch day. It was Awesome BUT it was grossly underpowered.
    I did play a lot of MadFinger games on it, though.

  21. I had this phone and thought I could emulate the legend of Zelda OOT which is a 64 bit game and this phone uses a 16 bit processor

    It lasted around 5 mins before the screen when all multicoloured and died

  22. can you make a ps2 emulator for android port of pcsx2 or play! emulator is a open source can you build with it

  23. Cool smartphone-gaming I am looking to buy, it's a pity that in today's times I will not create a new version without thinking about buying it, I'm irritated by playing on the touch control on the phone and this solution is perfect for me and probably not only + you can call 😉

  24. A cousin of mine had this. It was pretty good when it worked. Too bad it's such a delicate princess when it comes to durability/build quality.

  25. seeing this made me unbury my galaxy s3 and its awesome thumb keyboard case, remove all the grime from the case (it was yellowed and ULTRA sticky, now it's back to good as new) and put it back together. damn, now i remember why i never used this case. it makes the phone at least 4 times as thick. i'll leave it this way though. i have newer, more powerful and thinner thin phones.

  26. wish they release a new version of this cuz the controller is basically a cheat in today's mobile games like PUBG mobile

  27. This is pretty cool, thanks for the tips.
    I still own one from back in the day, it was my first android device lol

  28. i remember my Xperia Play and i downloaded this app called OnLive, which was a console game streaming service that allowed me to play Ps3 titles on my phone WITH the gamepad controls. that was pretty great having DiRT2 in my pocket

  29. Now that's how you use Flagship Hardware !!! Not like today's phone which advertise 960FPS, Camera AI, Bla Bla Bla

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