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The Problem with a 5G Phone

The Problem with a 5G Phone

hey,how’s it going Dave2D here. so with 2019 rolling in,we’re gonna start to see a lot of advertisements for ‘5G’ enabled smartphones and the benefits of the 5G network. and the reality is , a properly rolled out 5G network is great! .You get super fast internet speeds, You get lower latency,you get the ability to connect a lot more devices to that super fast internet. But to get to that stage to get to that point, where it’s like the Internet Of Things(IOT). And everything is connected and talking to each other on the super fast network You need to overcome a very large obstacle and this large obstacle kind of casts some shade on this whole 5G smartphone thing it’s the difference in 5G wavelength.A 5G signal act very differently from the traditional lower frequency 4G wavelength,5G signals have significantly shorter range and weaker penetration than 4G signals. so,things like walls those obviously affect the way that 5G signals get through. But even it’s something like a tree or an object or another human being between you and a 5G cell tower will affect the signal strength,even the way you hold your phone.If this was a 5G enabled phone, if your hand is covering the antenna it will attenuate the signal.even stuff like weather, effects like rain,fog ,snow that can reduce the signal strength of 5G frequencies, so the solution to this, the work around to this problem is kind of primitive,they’re basically flooding cities that are gonna be 5G enabled with a ton of cell towers. so basically ,this is not an exaggeration where an ideal situation where you want cell towers in basically every little street lamp that’s a ton of ’em and in an office building they’re gonna be everywhere because you need to have as clear of a line of sight between your phone and a signal and a signal tower to be able to use the 5G network, the problem with that is well, in terms of the network side is it’s very difficult and very slow to build up an infrastructure like that. Like all the permits,all the requirements to get stuff like that done, plus there’s push back from communities not everyone want’s to be like surrounded by these cell towers and there’s the issues of like health risks like there’s not a lot of long-term studies of EMF radiations from these new for early adopter’s ,it’ll be a long time before 5G enabled phones can actually take advantage of real 5G-connectivity that’s just the nature of this roll-out,it’s not an easy roll-out and that’s just the network side of things . when it comes to phone hardware,there are whole slew of other obstacles. 5G enabled phones are gonna be crazy expensive at launch!.so,Pete Lau (CEO of One Plus) . he was saying that their 5G enabled phones are gonna cost $200 – $300 more than their regular 4G phones. And this is like a $550-$600 phone,you throw on that 5G tax this is now a $800 or $900 phone. this used to be a very reasonable, kind of not “budget phone”, but it’s like a fairly priced phone. And now, it’s like in that crazy price point because of 5G capabilities . That new Snapdragon 855 needs a separate 5G modem and multiple antenna modules to make this work on the 5G network and the reason why you need so many antenna modules is because of the problem i was mentioning before , if you’re hands cover any of the antennas it doesn’t work you need to have multiple antennas ,that it intelligently switches between to allow this thing to connect seamlessly with the network. It’s difficult to do,it’s expensive to do and it’s gonna cost the consumer a lot.there’s also the issue of shorter battery life so because you’re transmitting and receiving 5G signals ,it’s gonna invariably use more power than the regular 4G version , it’s I mean you’re gonna get betters speeds,of course it’s the new network. But, again the whole premise of 5G promises something like 10 times or 20 times the speed of 4G which in theory sounds great and maybe, in the future will get there.But, in the beginning when it first rolls out we’re gonna get like that snapdragon 855 on there, forget the name of it .but the modem, that 5G modem can only hit, i think? two and a half times what the 4G network can hit .So again it’s faster but it’s not gonna be 10x or 20x it’s gonna be quite a few years before we hit those speeds and it’s not like i’m taking a dump on 5G, I feel like the technology’s awesome and whenever,we get there. This video is more for the people that are interested in being early adopters for 5G smartphones . The technology sounds awesome! and they’re gonna advertise those phones quite well. And you’re gonna be tempted.My point is in this current world of what we live in 5G enabled networks are gonna be rolled out very slowly.So, if you’re gonna spend your money,like unless you’re just jonesing for that 5G experience .it”S gonna be a huge premium for something that won’t be an amazing experience , because it can’t be this early on . it’s gonna get there .this is the groundwork for it . But, right now I would just hold off on 5G enabled smartphones .Because that’s just the reality. it’s not gonna be that good at launch .Okay,hope you guys enjoyed the video .thumbs if you like it,subs if you loved it. see you guys next time CAPTIONS BY: poolkoodhi

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  1. Give your key to freedom away and give it to the government. 5 G just increases the control the government has on you. Won’t be long and they will own you.

  2. I just got a Samsung S10 4G 125 GB .my phone company want to update me to 5G Samsung S10 250 GB Free do t know if l should as I'm happy with what l have at moment

  3. 90% of the websites we visits don't sent data at 5G speed, I think like 50% don't even hit 4G speed. 5G is pointless.

  4. Any wireless signal is bad for your health – fact. But because WiFi, bluetooth and 3g/4g transmit on a low frequency (5GHz and lower) meaning between the signal wave peaks there are usually a couple feet it usually misses our brains and when it does go through them it is only very quickly and therefore not much is absorbed and hardly any damage is done. 5g however operates on a FAR higher frequency (24GHz-86Ghz). This means we are talking about a wave every half inch which means the signal will always be going through your brain. The reason 5g doesn't travel well through objects is because these objects absorb so much of the signal and humans do too. The brain works by firing electrical signals around and the 5g waves interfere with them and also with other elements such as DNA causing cancer.

  5. ok we will wait for apple let you say that 5g is good when they release 5g iphone. and we will see how much that will cost

  6. In the US 5G is a complete waste of time. My carrier limits video to 1.5mbps, so 5G means I can load websites in….the speed of my cpu not 5G. How about let's gets better 4G LTE so when I step two feet out of town, or in my office speeds don't drop to 500kbps. You honestly don't need more than 10mbps on a phone, LTE rated to 300+mbps?? Even house internet more than 100mbps is wasted on daily usuage….

  7. Dude,please do some research.the tech is not is a military weapon;millimeter pulsed waves that is going to impact all of biological life negatively,as in sickness and death.

  8. please do research on 5g, it is super harmful for all life forms! it's ridiculous that people love 5g while the same frequencies are used in the army to kill …. please people 5g is not about roses, think and do your own research do not take my words for granted but find it out for yourself!

  9. Plant trees instead of 5G towers and breathe clean air for you and your friends, family. Do some favour for coming generation. We can live with 4G

  10. Dave Lee is probably the only tech reviewer on YouTube who comments on future tech too. Nice insightful video. Keep it up D2D.

  11. This is going to be like 4K TV. In Toronto we have two 4K channels available. To get them you need a new cable box and pay an extra $50 a month or to switch to Rogers new Gigabit Ignite IP TV service that costs 250 dollars a month on top of your regular cable charges.. Rogers estimates it could be a decade or more before we see widespread adoption of 4K TV channels on ignite. The content providers are also still amortizing their equipment for 1080p that is on a 25 year basis. 5G will be a similar issue. I would not expect 5G in Canada for 10 to 25 years at the consumer level. At the corporate level 10 years. Also the federal government has to decide wether they are banning Huwei, which will decide purchasing choices for major equipment providers for the next several decades.

  12. Im keeping my Motorola brick phone, when the 5G system breaks down, when its completed, the piece of string between the old phones still works.
    Seriously, why do we need our fridges, ovens, toasters and anything else they can throw a micro chip in, connected to the web? Just makes the so called human race even more lazy. A certain South Korean company is making these appliances already.
    We will end up destroying ourselves with all these radio frequency transmissions. No one actually knows what damage it is going to do, or is doing to us.
    If, we keep going at this pace of technology, we are finished, in the not to distant future.
    Im 64, and have seen an awful lot of so called progress, Transistors. microchips, space flight etc, mostly for the good, but now, its overtaking us as people.
    What next?

  13. I get over 60Mbps and 16ms latency consistently, and with only 2 bars on my 4G iPhone Xs Max. That is better latency than my home 150 Mbps cable internet. I couldn't be happier with 4G speeds and latency. I certainly would not spend an extra $200 dollars for 5G. I guess I'm waiting for the costs to go down for an upgrade.

  14. honestly fk 5g, companies focus so much on profit that care for this planet is becoming smaller and smaller

  15. Early adaptor = Always sucks. The tech is just working half of full capacity, and you'll be paying double to get it.

  16. Who needs 5G on a phone? I get 50MBps and under 50ms of latency on the 4G in my city, and who needs more than that on a phone? Like yeah it’s cool and all but it’s like having a terabyte of memory on a phone, at this point it might be cool but is it useful? Like actually useful

  17. I think the problem a lot of people are forgetting is that no matter how fast your download speed is the device still needs to process whatever is being downloaded. Even if it's just files, those files need to be saved as they are being downloaded. In the case of a phone, it's far more likely that the bottleneck is going to be the processor's ability to, y'know, process things. You'd have to be one hell of a power user to actually get any kind of noticeable benefit out of a 5G phone.

    I saw some other comments about 5G routers and the like too, but since 5G signals are apparently super weak I doubt they'll be installing enough 5G towers to get the signal to more rural areas, and anyone living in a city would more likely just get wired internet since it's already available and would be much faster relative to what you spend on it.

    I guess it could be a thing for, like, laptops (or really powerful tablets) that can take a sim card, but again you'd really have to be a power user to actually get a practical benefit out of 5G speeds.

    New technology is great and all, and I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who will buy it just because, but it's really not going to make a difference for most people, 4G is fast enough. Buying a 5G phone is like daily driving a Lamborghini, even if you have a top speed of 250mph you'll never be able to actually go that fast on public roads.

  18. To have a phone that has 5G doesn't exactly mean that you will be using it most of the times because if you're not near a 5G cell tower its just gonna go back to 4G, so just having that 5G in your phone it just means that you will be able to use it at certain places, But in the future when they it get more popular and they build more towers you'll be using it more and more.

  19. I agree! It's like buying a 12K UHD tv of today when literally NOTHING operate on that scale yet. I'd say the same with 8K but like Dave saying, It's slow getting there to an 8K, by end of next year, there will be 8K contents rolling out especially 4K contents are now prominent.

  20. When will we have fast enough internet? 5g tech is going to use 90 ghz radiation frequency. That's the same as what they use in military ray guns. Seriously dangerous… this stuff terrifies me. We don't need more emf pollution and cancer causing radiation. We can live with 4g.

  21. It's funny because the 9/11 first responders thought they would be fine but years passed by and they started getting sick and dying. This is going to happen but people will blame other causes.

  22. 5G isn't for phones, but uneducated folks will buy anyway. It's for robots, driverless cars, VR, the Internet of Things, and surveillance. And to decrease the population. Do some research. I dare you.

  23. I know there is no evidence that emf radiation is harmful. But gotta admit, its the one conspiracy theory I’m somewhat buying in to. I got this weird fear that emf radiation causes infertility.

  24. They tell you about the benefits of 5G but don't like talking about the potentially dangerous side effects.

  25. Thats very true like in tv like 8k or 4k in the philippines we cannot use it our regular channels because the output tthat our tv stations only uses standard definition we can only use High Definition if we use monthly subs in cable services, but not yet 4k here in our country. Same goes in the internet connection you have a very premium fast phone but youre service provider only gives you 5mbps Sad,😭

  26. 5G is internet for military zones. Its extremly dangerous. I dont know why they put in Cities, but this will have extremly harmful result on people's health.

    Thank me later.

  27. Th reality is 5G is already killing the bees and insects and animals and will kill us – the more slowly, the more painfully.

  28. Samsung Drops The New S10 5G
    Youtube : Just recommend a video from Dave Lee about the problems of 5G Phones.

  29. 0:50 I believe that the higher the frequency is, the more penetrable the signal will be. At least this is what we have been taught in physics at school. So regarding this logic, unlike the explanation in this video, 5G would be way easier to reach our phones.
    If I'm making a mistake, I will be happy if anyone tells me.

  30. 5G propagates CANCER.! Search this phrase before you subject yourself and your Family to this Problem…

  31. Go ahead and dump on 5g. I will not buy a 5g phone 📲 I am getting ready to retire so……. I may be looking at a 2g phone ☎️ if I can find one.

  32. And people wonder why Apple isn’t rolling out 5g phones like Samsung🤷🏼‍♂️ The technology isn’t there yet and they are smart enough to wait and develop the best device when its time.

  33. If something is installed and i can prove its harming me. I believe i have every right to get rid of the threat. And if im wrong? Then tyranny has reared its ugly head again. Best not to wake the sleeping giant, but i guess they will have to find out the hard way. I would take caution where and what you sign your name on mr politician / corporation.

  34. 5G is the future!!!! Data speed so fast, you'll be able to stream 4k HD videos at 10x the normal playback speed. Data speed so fast, it will consume you entire week or month of data allowance in just seconds.

  35. I was thinking that I should be buying a 5G phone until I saw this. He made me realize that I will just stick to Mi9T Pro or 1+ pro instead. Thanks for the knowledge and honesty. New sub here

  36. some people just keep wanting more and more even the price to pay is their own life. what's the point of having these technology if it meant more destruction around us. either they build cell towers to maintain signal strength or speculatively, they use our phones as signal repeaters. we will carry the actual "cell sites" in our pockets and induce our bodies with frequencies we know nothing of.

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