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The Problem With Our Phones

The Problem With Our Phones

The dark truth is that it’s
become very hard to find anyone and certainly anything more interesting than a smartphone. we love our phones and would never want us
to give them up, but it is also gently aware that these delightful gadgets bear a hidden
cost. To say we are addicted to our phones is not
merely to point out that we use them alot. It signals a darker notion: that we use them
to keep our own selves at bay. Because of our phones, we may find ourselves incapable
of sitting alone in a room with our own thoughts floating freely in our own heads, daring to
wander into the past and the future, allowing ourselves to feel pain, desire, regret and
excitement. We are addicted to our phones not because we rely on them, but to the extent
that we recruit them to a harmful project of self-avoidance. They do not mean to hurt
us. But we may – and probably do – use them to injure ourselves. Addiction sounds
horrible. But it is a hard name for a normal inclination: a habit of running away from
the joys and terrors of self-knowledge. We can look up so much on our phones: we can (if we are inclined) check up the population
of Lima (8.473 million); who won the Ladies Final at Wimbledon in 1997 (Martina Hingis);
the definition of ‘tautology’ (saying the same thing twice, though in different
ways) or perhaps the author of that fascinating quote ‘What you survive makes you stronger’
(Nietzsche). Yet this constant resource has an unwitting, unfortunate side-effect. We
consult our phones, rather than ourselves. It’s not that we actually know so many obscure
facts. But we already possess – in scattered, unpolished forms – the raw material from
which a huge number of the very best insights and ideas could be formed: if only we gave
them enough time and attention. Almost since the beginning
of time, we have prized the opportunity to get away from reminders of humanity and to
immerse ourselves in nature. We have wanted to gaze on the grey indifference of the ocean
or the bright, incalculable, immensity of the starry sky. But our phones are the enemies of such experiences. They keep intruding our small selves into the picture. We may be on the edge of the
Grand Canyon; they are beeping in our back pockets. We may be gazing at the southern
slopes of the Matterhorn; they are receiving updates for a food delivery app back home.
They ask us never to forget our ego – and the endless things that ail us. Without meaning
to, they strip away the help the grandeur of nature can offer us. We constantly use our phones to keep track
of our appointments. But we are – if we think about it – quite constrained around
the things to which we choose to be alerted. There’s the automated reminder of the session
with the dentist; the alert to jog our memories that it’s our parent’s anniversary or
the text message to let us know we’re due to play a tennis match on Sunday afternoon.
But there are other – very different – appointments we need to keep in mind. We need reminders
to keep appointments with ourselves: we need to spend time with our own worries, to understand
them rather than just suffer the anxiety they create. The grandest (and much the worst)
is our final appointment: with death. We don’t know how many days we have left to count down.
But what we need reminding of is not the day and the hour but the fact. Ideally we’d
get a message every morning: Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris.
Remember you are made of dust and and will be dust again. Our phones seem amazingly sophisticated: small miracles of compressed, practical science,
working hand in hand with advanced Capitalism. We think so highly of them because we compare
them to the past, rather than to the of the future. They are so much more advanced
than any device we could possess twenty or forty years ago. Yet they are almost unbearably
primitive, in comparison with what – ideally – the long future will bring. We are still
so far from inventing the technology we really require for us to flourish; capitalism has
delivered only on the simplest of our needs. We can summon up the street map of Lyons but
not a diagram of what our partner is really thinking and feeling; the phone will help
us follow fifteen news outlets but not help us know when we’ve spent more than enough
time doing so; it emphatically refuses to distinguish between the most profound needs
of our soul and a passing fancy. In the Utopia, our phones will be wiser than we are. They
will be kind and not merely subservient. They will know how to edge us away from a stupid
decision and how to summon up our better natures. We deserve pity for having been born in such
primitive times. . . . . We publish new thought provoking films every week. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and take a look at more of what we have to offer at the link on your screen now.

100 thoughts on “The Problem With Our Phones”

  1. Such bullshit – I use my phone because I have WAY too much time on my hands. Yeah right all I'll do is self-reflect 24/7 😂

  2. Words like "hidden cost" and "addiction" are the understatement of the century. We now live a world of "Zoned Out Zombies" – they are not " flesh consuming" but they are completely unaware and unconcerned – they live in a perpetual state of indifference and non-consideration towards other beings and the stunning nature of their external reality – they may as well be eating the other beings around them.

  3. I would rather explore the world. But I have to do it through my phone since I'm a brick in the wall and Don't have much freedom.

  4. Smartphones are a tracking leash that distorts the mysteries of life through false representation of image and habitual narcissistic virtue signaling. They destroy the joy of being alone, of loneliness, being out of touch, and the wonder and awe of real experience – all of which are fundamental to being an authentic person. I will never own another one.

  5. man I almost wanted to stop the video at the grand canyon part when I heard all the notification buzzing, that shit makes me anxious haha

  6. The problem with out phones is that we still need to hold them in our hands. Let me plug into the Matrix already!

  7. I think the biggest problem is watching "The School of Life" on my Phone on Youtube .
    All 3 have that "always right" perspective .
    Watching thought provoking videos is a great time waist .

  8. there isn't any nature around us anymore to look at…… thats more depressing than the phone. if i lived in a nice green and sunny environment with lots of trees i would definitely not use my phone as much

  9. We worry about robots and taking our jobs but we have a much more bigger problem. Getting taken over by addiction which is the most simple part of human nature. This is the technology taking over us which we were talking about so long ago. Taken over by phones and addiction not control or politics we imagined it would be.

  10. I would use my phone to waste time. That about it. I never understood whats so intresting about looking at fatass thots on instagram and daily updated picture of someone on snapchat.

  11. Anyone wondering why they spend so much time on their phones, go travel someplace and see what other kids in third world countries do. They just go outside and do something. the only thing stopping you is the reinforced idea that you need to go through alot of work and preperation to do something.

  12. I still prefer distracting myself with my phone rather than be alone inside my own mind.
    Trust me, it's much more than average worries inside there.

  13. not to mention the wasted time. i spend roughly 2 hours a day on my phone, doing whatever. Taking breaks here and there, but mostly zoning out and wasting time. have done for years. 2 hours a a day for a whole year, that's 730 hours. divided by days that's 30 days. 30 days a year doing absolutely nothing. THANKS PHONE!

  14. I rely on my phone to ease my anxiety. Noticing how much of a negative impact it's had on my life I've uninstalled all of the social media apps I never got anything from. I would find myself endlessly scrolling and refreshing knowing nothing new would come up. Deleting the apps was really hard at first because I thought I would lose connection in a sort, but email and texts do just fine. Now all my phone has is educational apps, brain games, and apps to help make my schedule more efficient. I spend less time on my phone now since I dont really have anything on it to distract me mindlessly. However, I have kept snapchat lol baby steps.

  15. I remember when i was young, and could play even with papers that had drawings on it, now i cant imaginate sitting down with myself and do anything that has nothing to do with modern technology.

  16. i would honestly get rid of my phone if i didn’t have to check the markets everyday, well i don’t have to but i’m not going to be a wagecuck my entire life

  17. I'm coming to the conclusion that Google is supplanting my ability to remember stuff – as long as there's Google the need to remember is reduced and our brains are altered accordingly. Learn lots of new stuff too, but mostly on a superficial level and powers of concentration seem reduced. Anybody else?

  18. I never got one—a cellphone, esp. a smart(ouch)phone—because I did not want to carry around a little corporate spy widget that constantly tried to make me still have to answer the fkn phone even though I'd left the house. I mean who would want one of those?? Whelp… The backlash will definitely start soon (Endlisters, HAS rallies [Humans Are Smarter], Look Around Not Down), less than a generation from now I hope, but not before brutally epic spikes in microwave-caused cancers and teen suicide rates. Humans, being human, need to get their asses kicked before doing anything beneficial for themselves. Thanks so much, SOL folks, for this wonderfully thought-provoking and so-well-done video, as are all your others. Incredible what people need to be reminded of, and your videos ARE changing people's lives: making them realize again how they love to think! For themselves! Which, hello, don't (*sigh*) be scared, people, it doesn't mean you're alone. Thanks again SOL. (Which actually used to mean something else—shite out of luck—but now associates with wonderful you!)

  19. I saw this from the beginning which is why I'm 38 and still don't own a cell. My phone has a cord that plugs into a phone jack.

  20. The trick is to find a healthy balance of using it to your advantage and being able to put it down so you're not a crazy addict.

  21. The only telephone have is an antique land line. I toy with the idea of disonnecting the land line. I probably get two calls a year. They are always from work. I probably call out one time a year. I know nobody to call. I have no friends. Why should I get a smartphone if I barely use the land-line?

  22. The same happened with tv. Before that it was probably alcohol and drugs. We'll always find a way to scape reality, annoying people, boredom, now is's the phones time. We can't judge phones but the way we use or time. The fact that we are not thinking because we have phones in our hands all the time may be a too simple analisys. But still good food for thought.

  23. Well, we have always been trying to run away from pain and suffering (thats the cost of our self-conciousness and superior intellect). Before, it was heavily via social interaction (that's why it was even more important back then to "fit in"). Now, we can balance social interaction with the use of phones. It is simply painful to be human – not knowing where we came from, why we're here, and where we're headed. I support the use of phones as another means to escape suffering (social interaction is not for everyone, so you gotta have options).

  24. Cell phones (the Internet) is a TOOL, it works wonders on our psychology and daily needs, therefore it's so "beloved." If I should blame something, I'd point a finger at the workers, not the tool. Oh, and it was invented and long waited by a species that was sick and tired of remaining primitive and too bored with everything it has already achieved, so technology is nothing but a logical step.

  25. A phone is just a tool, a helpful one that has helped us, and keep us in touch with ones we love… this video is stupid.

  26. I am not addicted to those fucking devices and I hate seeing nearly every other person in public whipping that shit out and staring at it for what reason really? Waiting in line in the grocery store, at the barber shop, restaurants, bars, doctors office, clothing store, crossing the street (WTF), and of course while DRIVING. This is absolute madness. Recently I sat in a city council meeting and a young woman sitting in front of me impulsively whipped that crack screen out about every single minute looking at bullshit celebrity gossip BS, I could see it all clearly. I can't stand this crap anymore and start shaming people while they are walking and especially while driving, I honk at them and they always look up and I signal to keep your fucking eyes on the road. Idiots.

  27. Life is a game made for Everyone…
    Make it your best outside until God knows what comes into this world we live on.
    The only time I play on my phone is late in the afternoon. I am outside, enjoying Gods beautiful creations, not cooped up in my house doing God knows what and taking pictures of your selves for some reason.
    I am outside side, running, jumping, playing in the creek, swimming in the ponds, climbing a tree, hanging out with family and friends, doing stuff like that, now THAT s fun.
    Edit 1: The time I wrote this comment is April 3rd, 2019, and the time is 12:53, according to my clock in my room.
    So when flying cars, flying cities, and other things are on this world, come back and read this comment, and think back to when u could be outside doing all of them fun things.
    Edit 2: I am terrified of the world ahead of me.
    Edit 3: I swear to GOD, if I see a floating car, I am moving to the Jungle!

  28. I would like you to make a video on why we shouldn't spy on our partner's phone nor should we let them spy on ours. Also how to fight the urge to do so.

  29. I had a track phone sophomore year and junior year of high school. At first I was pretty upset my parents decided to get me a track phone especially when I use to have top of the line smartphones. I had to buy minutes (meaning limited texting) and no instagram, no twitter, no music and no youtube (tetris costed minutes). It was somewhat hard for me because I was bored out if my mind. I tried to converse with people but that is when I realized that everybody else were on their phone and didn’t want to talk. That’s is when I took upon myself to find tangible hobbies like painting, running, learning guitar and bettering myself emotionally. I was in touch with reality and my present self like never before. Now I have a smartphone again and I am finishing up my senior year of high school. I now have limits to how much time I spend on my phone and do not have many social media accounts except for youtube and netflix. It changed my life and I totally recommend that anyone who thinks they have a phone addiction to try out either a track phone or a really outdated phone without all the fancy features. It helps!

  30. Need a professional hacker for phone cloning; tracking of cell phone location; spying on bf/gf, husband/wife or friends without him/her knowing. He helped my sister when her husband was cheating and delivered good service. Contact him on Instagram @smithhackingconsult and WhatsApp @ +17472275940 He's reliable and legit.

  31. Wow. . .I find it only as an outlet when I forget my reading materials. . .Only when being around ppl spewing babble. I use more times than others post it notes for everything – won't have too many glitches with those😜

  32. im more addicted to my computer, like i go to work and never use my cell phone cause phones are kind boring except i like to take pics of cool shit with it, but when i get home, imma be on my computer for the rest of the day

  33. Smart phones are THE best thing that's been invented..
    You can
    *pay your bills
    *pay your rent
    *make bank transfers
    *read the news
    *watch movies
    *keep in touch with ppl
    *apply for jobs
    *apply for properties
    *buy a car
    *online shopping
    *check the weather
    *use google maps
    *read you're favourite book
    *educate yourself
    *take photos for memories
    *call an ambulance/police/fire depart from anywhere
    *send money to loved ones from anywhere.

    All from a single hand device mobile..

    Phones aren't ruining this generation.. it's making everyday shit more easier.

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  35. are u unjustLy jeaLous of ur tiny master ? u signed the T&Cs ! now… back to work asshoLe ! (sAtan)..
    " the truth is out there"

  36. i think that searching has aLways had a cost.. what were they ? i know now the costs are a monthLy access fee.. state monitoring and a frozen neck and shouLders.. yes the burden has shifted position.. however the search goes on.. the orgasm of knowLedge must b repeated.. jus Like the reaL thing.. "even better than the reaL thing !"

  37. I only use my phone because my grandpa gave it to me, he died two years ago and I was never close to my grandma. She cooks me like 2% of what we have..

    She calls me uglybug because my grandpa used to call me that and now she’s devastated, we had to sell our farm and move to Europe, Norway.

  38. They are great inventions because how would we call our parents if we in trouble and plus, most of us are watching on phones. This was probs made using a phone as a USB

  39. We have too many tasks, stuffing my life into a task but no time for understanding the anxiety they create. Phone entertain, give me new message but no making my life better. Feeling emotionally not supported, afraid of losing jobs. Phone is working hand in hand with capitalism if only we needed it. Capitalism has delivered only on the simplest of our needs.

  40. Homo Sapiens are the worst thing that happened to our planet. I am taking my "Smart," phone back to best buy and down grading to a flip phone. Let the sheep follow themselves blindly as they walk right by the one hundred dollar bill I stuck to a corridor wall with a pushpin and discovered they just entered the wrong gender rest room.

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