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The Rose Gold iPhone Is Not Gay

The Rose Gold iPhone Is Not Gay

With the new iPhone 6S, Apple has added sleek new feautures and an array of colors. Including rose gold. The reaction of our users has been louder than ever. We’ve listened, and are pleased to announce: The rose gold iPhone is not gay. The iPhone 6S is the most powerful and least gay smartphone on earth. It comes in a wide variety of other colors Including Blow Torch. Raw Meat. And Scraped Knee. Do those sounds like gay colors? Because they’re not. Why does it matter if a PHONE seems gay or not? I mean, I’m gay and I can still do my job. We shouldn’t even be having a conversa— Our new processor makes Apple Maps faster than ever. Allowing you to easily find everything. From strip clubs. To a… Hummer dealership. To Adam Carolla’s house. The 6S introduces 3D touch Use it to zoom in on photos of Mila Kunis Or edit pictures of that girl from the Blurred Lines video with ease. [Tim Cook] “I thought the Rose Gold iPhone would be dope to have but now I think it would be to gay for a man to have tbh” “Debating whether I should get the Rose Gold iPhone 6S or would that be gay?” I-I… w-we’re not engaging these people, are– Our updated hands-free Siri allows you to activate her by voice. Hey Siri, where’s the nearest… I-I don’t know, bow and arrow… store. [Siri] I’m sorry. I’m unable to find that right now. Wow. She sounds hot. You know what? It’s a pink phone! IT’S A PINK. PHONE! And if your sexuality can’t handle that, get a fuckin’ Andriod! I don’t want your money. Have fun with your LG mother fuckers. COOK. OUT! The Rose Gold iPhone 6S. Do you guys watch Top Gear? It’s like, my favorite show. (Why don’t you have the Rose Gold iPhone?) Oh. I’m a top. Hello! I’m Siobhan from CollegeHumor. To subcribe to the channel, click right here. And to watch more videos, click here. And click here if you think the Queen of England should still be the Queen of America.

100 thoughts on “The Rose Gold iPhone Is Not Gay”

  1. I wouldn't get Apple anything… But if I did like Apple then I guess I couldn't buy a rose gold one if it's so un-gay lol

  2. So fucking stupid that there are actually guys thinking that having a rose gold phone looks gay and they feel ashamed

  3. I watched this a while back and was like? I’m not gay, I’m just going to buy it because it looks cool.

    I’m watching this again and I have come out to my parents as gay and I still own this phone.

  4. Lol just watched vid on iPhone XR and when he says hey Siri it full opened Siri on my phone lol

  5. This iPhone 6s is so beautiful , sexy and slim. And I'm not gay, like millions of straight guys who still own this phone. And I'm not offended, I get this sketch. I only wish to emphasise my admiration for this model in particular.
    I think this iPhone is the most beautifully designed phone so far.
    Also this phone was released in 2015 and is still my favorite.

  6. “If your sexuality cannot handle it get an android .“

    Well I’m still debating what phone should I get

  7. Well if rose gold isn't gay then darn guess I need a different color. Do you at least have a more "emo" colors than pink? I have to let my taste preceed me so I don't have to do all the speaking to strangers for myself SOMEHOW. XD

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