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The secret inside your cellphone (CBC Marketplace)

The secret inside your cellphone (CBC Marketplace)

100 thoughts on “The secret inside your cellphone (CBC Marketplace)”

  1. I never carry my phone on my body, I always talk on a speaker phone, so, far away from my head and when I go out it's in my big purse and I even put it in the side of the purse furthest away from my body.

  2. I use to have a cell phone.. I stopped using it for various reasons but the reason I like the most for stopping was the fact that my head would get hot after using it for more than a few minute phone call. My ear, side of my head.. HOT. My corded phone that plugs into the wall and gives off no radiation…. NEVER causes the "hot head".

  3. Its a superbug! Can track u, watch u and wer ur going and listen to u 24/7. The best part is it will cook ur brain while the muthr fukkers get rich! Yeah landline rules Scotty!

  4. @Ashton McIvor.Yep I am watching it on my phone.I keep my phone in one of the corners of my circular room.

  5. Oh come on!!! No radiation is safe for Human consumption!!! Also!!! I smell a settlement coming!!! ooh money money money!!!!
    This is almost like cigarettes!!! People are just as addicted!!! Sometimes even more so!!!!
    When I was taking a pharmacy coarse, I told a youngster that we never had a phone and we were just fine, so I told her that she really truly does not need a cell phone! and She came unglued!!! Like I just called her a N*gg*r!!!! Man oh man people are sick!!!!

  6. Damn She Aged AWESOME She is VERY Good Looking She's WAY Beautiful Now than She was 10 – 20 Years ago Her Husband is a Lucky Man I Sure Would Like to Her Man although She needs to let Her Hair grow a little in the back She's WAY to Pretty to have The Old Lady's Style of Haircut.

  7. OMG 5G is microwave, it literals will fry us, but wait too many phone zombies around to notice whats going down

  8. they are going to turn us all into telephones. with a head full of nano alluminum we will be unable to shut them out/off. jacked into the frequency of whatever AM talk radio show 24/7.

  9. Are these Europeans fighting against cellular phone because it was invented by a so-called black man.

  10. I hold mine on a self stick. Not my hand or ear. Also helps your posture to look up. Not down.on Amazon. Mine turns every which way I want

  11. It's way past time for God to come. To much sin.
    Millions of unborn baby's killed every day. That my dear friends is number 1 SIN. NUMBER 2 MEN SLEEPING WITH MEN. AND WOMEN ON WOMEN. GOD IN THE BIBLE SAID NO TO THAT.!. HE MADE A MAN AND A WOMAN. NOT TWO MEN. OR TWO WOMEN.

  12. Maybe parents won't be so quick to give there kids mobile phones now ,they are putting them at risk of brain tumor

  13. The reason why we should keep the phone away from our body as possible is because transmit electromagnetic waves of energy that long run effects your body like you can move your finger or your arm and anything else close by

    Im holding my I pad every night and after few minutes I fell my hand getting pain extremely strong
    That’s is electric field goes to your arm
    Imagine that we get radiation every minute of our life
    we are so ignorant we are killing our children and ourselves

  14. Corporations will do anything to keep their business, I see it everywhere. They chose greed vs. morality and money has power…

  15. 12 to 15 years ago i use to put my ph in my shirt pocket while working, and gradually after a year or there abouts started feeling my heart beat palpitation and knew and heard at that time about the radiation, from then on never put the ph near my ears and body

  16. Big money has ALWAYS been at the heart of all controversies involving money, technology, and health. It doesn't help either that old standards and safety don't mesh with each other.

  17. 15mm is approximately 0.6 inches. If you constantly carry your cellphone in your same, back pocket, you will end up with a dark mark on your bottom.

  18. well, i just removed my nerdy cell phone holster from my belt and put my cell phone in my bottom drawer (3feet away) in my work desk. I guess tonight and for now on, i'll keep my phone in the kitchen.

    Thanks Obama!

  19. I have tested my cell phone. If you simply wrap it in foil then “BANG” no EMF!! And “BANG” your cell phone doesn’t work. Go figure…………….

  20. The “electrical engineer” found out, after massive amounts of research and physics equations, that we should………………………………… careful??🤔🤔🤔

  21. Keeping your cell phone at the recommended distance from you definitely works. Someone will steal it.😬😬😬

  22. I know when I am talking on my Samsung Galaxy G that the side of my face gets warm and my ear. So much so I am setting and need to get off the phone… There is a danger… I turn my phone on airplane mode at night for added protection.
    But I still get concerned, for we all carry our phone with us. In purse or pocked, or arms length we are still effected… And ignore it till we discover a problen in our body. Then we have to battle for our life just for using our cell phones.. Crazy….

  23. Why is it the Safety for Radiation exposure levels keeps rising??? I believe it is because our radiation levels are becoming much higher. I only think that from research I have done. I have seen it rise 3x (three times) and that is just what I know of. I know it will go up again. Would you mind doing a report on the say last 50 yrs of radiation levels and where they were to which Presidents have increased them to and why is it this much higher rate of radiation is now safe? Why is it money is no object anymore when it comes to the Health of Human lives?

  24. The bias' against 'doing the right thing' is the crime. The sensor data from each phone can reliably trace a users usage – 100%! There is no excuse for not conducting proper tests. Our government is just as involved in the coverup as the manufacturers and will continue to hurt people if not held accountable. WE CAN hold them accountable.


  26. So obviously I don't know how all the radiation and being exposed science stuff works but obviously it freaks me out, my main concern is, not only do we have smart phones now but we have smart computer's, TVs, smart appliances, watches, cars.Bluetooth, Alexa, etc… && The majority of all these things can be connected to your phone.. so doesn't that expose you to even more radiation?? Really I have no clue about all that science stuff but I would think it wouldn't make it any better?!? I don't know..maybe I'm just paranoid.. I guess my main concern is that they keep stressing cellphone's but what about all the other things that we use daily that connects to our cell phones? Is it me or am I the only one wondering about it?

  27. Cell phones cause a litany of ill's. Brain tumors are just one of them. Most of the disease is not of the physical kind but of a sociological nature. In Japan they are wrapping the light poles and other obstructions you might find on a leisurely stroll down the sidewalk with foam padding because people are injuring themselves texting while walking.

    I say put spikes not pads. It would be just like in "Fear the Walking Dead".

  28. I noticed for years now that when i have my phone on my hand the left for example after 20 min my whole arm will start to really hurt and like if i was being shocked by a low voltage the top part of my hand would swell & my veins will pop out and will hurt more and as soon as put the phone down and turn it off it will start to feel better but this is not good

  29. We don't even need all this crap or using Emails all it is its a Government Parasitical Elite World Program if we all go just use something basic like Jitter bug i think we be a lot safer and the Companies will not over Power & control us so much in that way too bad its a great Vehicle for business Although Health & life is more important something has to be done here i think I'm gonna give Jitter bug .com a try

  30. Omg this is such old news even blue tooth head speakers where bad to keep those headsets attached to your ear all day, I knew this over 10 years ago, but this is good to tell the masses decades later 🤔😒🤯

  31. The news and social media may show a small amount of information to caution those who actually pay attention but they still won't tell us the whole truth.

  32. When I make our recieve a phone call I either put it on loud speaker or I use my headphones with the tiny mic on.

  33. Ask the tel companies to provide call logs on individuals with tumors or any other abnormality, that should show a pattern, instead of people trying to remember how may times have they used their phones. I'm pretty sure the tel companies would not mind putting a head proximity counter/alarm system on their phones, the will gladly put it in their phones for you. That would provide the data w/o the tax payers bill of 20 million dollars, specially when the results are "inconclusive" or in other words a waste of tax payers money!

  34. Imagine all the hours of conversation you've had it planted right onto your skull, imagine phone calls where you had bad connection, the ammount of radiation is insane.

  35. i wonder, was it also this bad with the earliest cell phones? with 2g and before that? I wonder because that's the times i've had the cellphone planted onto my ear the most.

  36. Neuro surgeons are correlating the side where Tumors are found, on people, with the side that they use their phones, in the USA.

  37. So 20 years ago this lady knew….
    How many times has she covered it??? Just wondering… Of course this is a topic that will not be well received by all……(get it?)….

  38. … life is a two way street… give a little take a lot… benefits out-weigh danger… there is no perfect situation… the basic principle of life?… choose… it is this that defines existence.

  39. Mine is in my purse–my husband seldom carries his unless he is going some place without me. Then it is in his console of his truck or in his lunchbox. We are the odd one out. We speak to people face to face. I love human contact.

  40. How to make sure to not expose ourselves above the governments limits, because the governments limits are word eh.

  41. now with 20-300ghz wave that is the same used in miltary weapons around 90. and they are wiring them outside everyones windows hidden on telephone poles..

  42. I have a samsung and it's actually not that hard to find information regarding exposure on your phone. You need to look under phone info in Settings. There should be a section called legal. you may have to search a few sections but it should lead you to the health and safety area of the legal information required to be disclosed by the maufacturer.

  43. Move to Canada and sue is what I'm hearing.  They obviously are in denial. But they make taxes off of phones. The rule makes will be gone shortly and we will be suffering with their decisions.

  44. I’ll always say this Politicians they will never protact and serve people all they want it’s money and power they don’t care about humans but as long as humans put them in power so that through them they can have power and rule over Us.

  45. So CBC, Could We Have a Follow Up Show? Has Anything been Done, are there and changes, are the phones or covers any better and what about 5G, is it even more harmful to your bodies Cells? A few Questions you never asked, Who Deems the 'Safety Limit' Safe? Are they trustworthy and Are They Correct?

  46. This is creepy. I rather give up my smartphone for a dumb phone and use the internet on my laptop or desktop. The smartphone is very bad for mental health.

  47. "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" – nothing is by accident, it's by design.
    ~ Bill Cooper

  48. If I get any type of head tumor or backside tumor as I carry my cell phone in my back pocket, I will file a class action lawsuit against the powers that be.

  49. so what I have learnt is I need a handbag to carry my phone and take it out only when I need it. No wonder I always see Samsonite having an extra pocket just for a cellphone.

  50. At 15 minutes I noticed the woman with red glasses and the blue shirt, her necklace is gorgeous! I adore her style. 🤗💎

  51. Hi Australia here.I heard about this 2 years ago and i have got a MB phone since but keep it in my purse or bag well away from my body ,and use a earpiece instead of putting it to my ear.i take no chances.PS ever think about those computers at home and those microwaves you use all the time even the TV can be dangerous with radiation. but the MB phone that is the worse.

  52. Nobody has the inclination to read small is time consuming and who has good vision anyway, after using computers and cell phones every day? I wonder how many automobile accidents are caused by poor vision? Have you ever tried to read the ingredients on a jar of food, when the background is black and the tiny print is deep red? Spare me. Thank God for magnifying glasses.

  53. This whole thing will become mute once 5G Comes into cities bc 5G will be baking us everywhere 24/7 without a phone.

  54. This is so true …. thank God for this because when I wear my cargo pants and place my cell phone in my pockets in about 5 minutes the cell phone generates so much heat I have to take it outta my pockets…….

  55. GEE! This is hard to figure out… Warfare makes them rich so we should always believe we are spreading democracy and saving the world… God put them in charge of us… How do we know? Their fairytale book told us so!! They talk to God – then they tell us what God said… No one ever lies to put billions of dollars in their pockets!!
    I usually keep mine in a shopping bag or on a table…

  56. We've watched the cell phone industry's behavior at close range—don't trust them. They are trying to get you to believe something that they know is not true.

  57. I knew these claims were true because I had to work on radar equipment and it's very high with RF energy and I knew the warnings of the Mfr's booklets.

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