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The Truth About the iPhone 11: Two Months Later

The Truth About the iPhone 11: Two Months Later

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– What’s up guys? Saf here on SuperSafTV and this is my two month later review of what I believe is going
to be the best selling iPhone of the coming year and potentially even the best selling phone, full
stop, of the coming year. It is of course the iPhone 11. Now I did say the same for
the iPhone XR last year and I was correct. I do think this is going to
be the best selling iPhone this year. So why do I think this? What do I like about the iPhone 11? What don’t I like about the iPhone 11? How does it compare to the
iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max? And should you buy this
or should you save a bit of money and get last years iPhone XR. I’m going to be trying to
answer all of this in this video so it might be a long one. I will try to leave
some timestamps however in the pinned comment below. Right, now initially let’s
look at the overall design and build. Straight away it’s obvious that this is an incremental update. Especially from the
front, if we compare it to the iPhone XR,
it’ll be pretty difficult to tell them apart and that’s because, as far as I’m aware, they have pretty much the same displays. 6.1 inches, still LCD, and
still with the same resolution. Now, Android fans want to
complain about the resolution and how this isn’t even 1080p in 2019. Get that all out of the way. Get those frustrations out the
way in the comments right now so we can get past that
and yes, I would have liked to have seen 1080p and if
we do compare this display to the iPhone 11 Pro or
the iPhone 11 Pro Max then the difference is quite significant. Not only do we have a
superior OLED technology on the iPhone 11 Pros, we
also have a high resolution so things are shaper,
colors are more vibrant, and the displays are also a lot brighter. Now just to put it into
perspective, if we look at contrast ratio the iPhone
11 has a contrast ratio of 1400 to one, the iPhone 11
Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max have a contrast ratio
of two million to one so that just goes to
show that the difference is definitely there, but having said all of that, the display on the iPhone
11 is not bad by any means. It’s actually a very good display. It’s bright enough. It’s actually brighter
than some other devices that I’ve tested such
as the Google Pixel 4 and Apple have calibrated
the screen very well so colors are very
accurate and viewing angles are also pretty decent. So yes I would have liked to have seen some more improvements on the
display side of things here, but nevertheless I think it’s
going to be fine for most people. Especially if you’re
somebody that’s coming from an iPhone 6S, maybe an
iPhone 7, or even an iPhone 8. Right, now that we’ve got
the whole display debate out of the way let’s look
at the rest of the design. So we do have an aluminum
frame with glass panels on the back like we had
last year so you can see that things look very similar. We’ve got a glossy glass
here whereas we’ve got more of a matte finish on the iPhone 11 Pros. The biggest difference
you’ll notice is within this camera module area
which we’ll be talking about a little bit later. One thing to highlight however is that the frame is
made out of recycled aluminum so that’s definitely a nice thing. We’ve got IP 68 water and dust resistance so that’s slightly better
than what we had last year. You’re going to be able to
submerge these into water around two meters instead
of one meter, I believe. I’m not going to go around testing this. This should be absolutely fine
if you’re going to be using it out in the rain or anything like that and we’ve got a little bit
of a different color line up this year. There are six colors to choose from so it’s nice to have that variety. There is the yellow, the
purple, and this green that we have here. I’d say these are a bit more
of those funky vibrant colors if you want something
that’s going to stand out a little bit more and then
we have the black, the white, as well as this product red. These are more of the elegant,
sleek colors shall we say so if you want something’s
that not so flashy and maybe a bit subtle then
you do have these options. What is nice is that you
have plenty of those options so you can definitely find
something that you like. We unfortunately no longer have the blue. Now I’m not sure why this
is, maybe they didn’t sell as many blues. I actually quite liked the blue last year, but unfortunately there
isn’t no blue this year. And in terms of the size
as well, exactly the same as what we had last
year so slightly bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro,
but smaller compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now if you are coming from
maybe an iPhone 7, an iPhone 8 then you might find
this a little bit large. It is a bit on the larger
size so I definitely recommend trying it out, seeing what
you think, before you go ahead and buy this because there is
a little bit of a size jump. Not as much as you get on the 11 Pro Max, but there is a little bit of
a size jump if you are coming from something like an
iPhone 7 Plus or an 8 Plus then this size should be
absolutely fine for you. Right, now let’s talk about these cameras. So we have this square
camera module this year and we have two cameras instead of the one which we had last year so Apple have gone with a primary camera as
well as an ultra wide. Now this is a great, great set up. It’s a set up that I generally prefer and the front facing camera
has also been improved for selfies. You’ve got a wider angle of
view, a higher resolution, you’ll be able to get more
people into your shots, and what’s really interesting
is that these cameras are exactly the same as what we’ve got on the iPhone 11 Pros. The only thing that you’re
missing is the two times optical zoom telephoto camera. So what does that mean? Let’s break it all down. It means that we’ve got
some of the best cameras in the market here. Especially when it comes
to video you’ve got up to 4k 60 frames a second
across all of the cameras and if you’re somebody
who likes to shoot a lot of video I don’t think you’re
going to be disappointed with the iPhone 11’s. I’ve said this before, but
in my opinion the iPhone 11’s have the best video shooting
on any smartphone right now and for images across the
board you’re getting great dynamic range, lots of
detail, nice colors, as well as great low light images. We do now have a dedicated
night mode on the iPhones which is going to allow you
to get much better shots in low light environments. However, the night mode is only available from the primary camera. It’s not available from the ultra wide or the front facing camera
so if you do take shots with those cameras in
low light situations, they’re not going to come out that great. This is something that I
would like to see improved hopefully via software
or in the next version. Now what does not having
that telephoto camera mean for the iPhone 11? Well firstly, zoom is
not going to be as good. I believe that’s not as
important to a lot of people however the area where I tend
to use the telephoto camera most if for portraits. Now on the iPhone 11 Pro
and iPhone 11 Pro Max you can get portraits from
both the telephoto camera as well as the primary camera. So you do have the option of
switching between the two. So these are the blurry
background and nice looking shots. You can still get these on the iPhone 11, but only from the primary camera. Now as somebody who used
to do a lot of photography before and if you speak
to lots of photographers they’ll tell you that
portraits generally look best around 50 mmm or above and the telephoto camera
on the iPhone 11 Pros is roughly the equivalent of 50 mm on a professional camera and in my opinion that gives you better
more flattering portraits and that’s something that I do enjoy using on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s something that I do miss
when I’m using the iPhone 11. However, I know this is
something that comes down to personal preference. You may actually prefer
the portraits that come from the wide angle of view. You’re going to be able to get
more of your shot in there. It’s just nice to have those two options on the iPhone 11 Pros,
but overall I have to say that the iPhone 11’s have
some of the best cameras out there. They’re very, very good and
I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed. I’ve actually compared the
iPhone 11 to the OnePlus 7T and although that has a
much, much better display, when it came to images
and video hands down, in my opinion, the
iPhone 11 was just miles and miles better. Now let’s move onto the internals. What’s powering these? Well you’ll be pleased to
know that we have pretty much the same internals on
the iPhone 11’s as we do on the Pro models. So we do have the A 13 bionic
chip which is very, very fast. It’s one of the fastest
chips that’s out there and I don’t think you’re
going to have any issues in terms of speed and performance. It’s very, very good and for softwares as well you’ve got IOS 13. Things are pretty much identical. You’re not really missing
out on any features in particular by going
for an iPhone 11 compared to an 11 Pro. So we’ve got the dark mode,
we do have the ability to change resolution and frame rates within the video app
itself which is something that we don’t have on other older iPhones, and generally speaking things
will be very, very familiar on the iPhone 11 if you’re somebody that has been using IOS 13. The one thing that I did
mention in my iPhone 11 Pro Max review around software, which
a lot of people did criticize me for, was around one handed usage. So I did say that I think
that IOS can still be improved for better one handed usage and everybody was saying
that you can simply use reachability. Now I’m fully aware of reachability, if you’re not it’s simply a
way to bring everything down. Which is quite nice. It’s actually quite nice to have that. You can just swipe down here in the middle and it’s going to bring everything down, but my point was really that
I would like a little bit more flexibility in terms
of arranging the icons. So I wouldn’t have to keep
doing that every time I wanted to reach to the corners. I could just place my
icons a little bit lower on the screen so then that
way they would be much more reachable instead
of them always snapping to this fixed grid which,
you know, stacks everything at the top. If I’m on a page that
doesn’t have as many icons so they’re all towards
the top, I have to keep using reach ability to get to those. If I could just put
those towards the bottom, stack them towards the
bottom, instead of the top then that would just make
my life so much easier. So that’s kind of what my
point was in that review and that same point
remains on the iPhone 11. It’s a decent size phone
especially if you’re coming from a smaller size phone
and I would like to see an improvement in IOS for
better overall one handed usage and not just relying on reach ability for every little thing. Now let’s talk about some
more of the features. So we do have face ID and it
works really, really well. It’s actually been improved
compared to last year and it works with more angles,
it’s a little bit faster, I really do like it, and we
also do have stereo speakers so one is in the earpiece
and one is bottom firing and they sound absolutely
fine to me as well. There might be other devices
which sound a little bit better, but generally
speaking I don’t think you’re going to have a problem in terms
of the audio on the iPhone 11. Now let’s talk about the battery. So you may remember that the iPhone XR had the best battery life
on any iPhone at that time. This is no longer the case. The iPhone 11 Pro Max now
has the best overall battery and that has great battery life. The iPhone 11 is suppose to
be slightly improved compared to the iPhone XR. In my usage it’s been
roughly about the same, maybe slightly better. However, it’s been absolutely fine. It’s been very good and
lasts me through the day and I think it’s going to last
most people through the day as well and we do have wireless charging. I absolutely love wireless charging. You can just drop this
on a wireless charger and it’s going to charge overnight which is generally my sort of usage. I’ll use it through the day,
this lasts me through the day, I can put it on my wireless charger, I can wake up to a full charge, and the iPhone 11 also
supports fast charging. However, unfortunately, the
fast charger is not included out of the box. This is something that
I’ve been ranting about for many, many years. In my opinion, the iPhones should come with a fast charger out of the box. It’s 2019 there’s lots
of devices that are much, much cheaper than this and
do come with a fast charger out of the box. The iPhone 11 Pros do come
with a fast charger in the box. The iPhone 11 does not. Now this might not be a big
deal for a lot of people because as mentioned the iPhone
11 does have great battery life and it should last
you through the day, but just for those occasionally
emergency situations it would have been nice if
they included a fast charger out of the box. Now let’s talk about pricing. This is actually coming
in cheaper compared to the iPhone XR last year. So it’s starting at $700
or around 730 pounds for the 64 GB option. Why is it more expensive in the UK? I don’t know, you’re going
to have to ask Apple that. If you ask me I assume it’s because of the whole Brexit situation. The pound is currently
unstable here in the UK so it might fluctuate and Apple
does not change the prices of their devices. They set them at the start of the year and they remain the
same throughout the year and this may be the
reason why they’ve gone for something slightly higher. I don’t know, but nevertheless
this is the reason why I think the iPhone 11 is
going to be the best selling iPhone of the coming year and that’s because it’s a lot more
accessible to a lot of people. You are not going to have
to put out a thousand pounds like you’re going to have
to do on the iPhone 11 Pros, but you’re still getting
a lot of the features that you get on the Pro models
here on the iPhone 11’s. Now my advice would be
is if you’re thinking of going for this then go
for the 128 GB option unless you have a good cloud
storage option available and that’s because the storage
you get you’re going to have to stick with and it’s around 50 pounds or $50 more to go for
the 128 GB option and long term I think it’s
just going to be better and a little bit more safe
to go for that larger option. Especially if you’re going
to be shooting lots of video on here. 4K 60 frames a second is going
to eat through storage very, very quickly. So who is the iPhone for? Let’s answer some of those questions. Well, in my opinion, if
you’re somebody that’s maybe on an iPhone 6S, maybe
an iPhone 7, iPhone 8, I think this is going to
be a great upgrade for you. I think you’re going to really
appreciate the improvements in terms of speed and performance. The cameras as well as
the display which now has a much better screen to body ration or maybe you’re somebody
who’s wanted to get a brand new iPhone, but
traditionally they’ve been out of reach because of the price point then this may be a good
option for you considering the lower price point
that it’s starting at and to answer the question
whether you should buy this or the iPhone XR
because the XR is still on sale on the Apple website is coming in around 100 pounds or $100 cheaper
compared to the iPhone 11. Take my advice, spend the extra 100 pounds and buy the iPhone 11. Think about it this way,
the iPhone should last you a year longer compared
to the iPhone XR which is last years model and the improvements on
the camera side of things and speed and performance
are definitely worth it in my opinion. If you can pick up the
iPhone XR maybe second hand and get it quite cheap then
by all means you can check that out, but if you are going
to be buying it brand new I definitely recommend
getting the iPhone 11 over the iPhone XR. And finally to answer the question, should you go for the
iPhone 11 or should you go for the iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max? Now the biggest difference
is of course the price. What are you getting for that price? Let me summarize it for you. You’re getting, I’d say
pretty much four things. Firstly, you’re getting
much better displays, you’re getting far superior displays. Brighter, sharper, better colors. You’re then also getting
a telephoto camera which is going to give you better zoom and it’s also going to give you the option of telephoto portraits. You’re generally getting a better build with stainless steel
instead of aluminum as well as a higher IP rating
and a matte finish back. And finally, you are
getting the fast chargers out of the box on the iPhone 11 Pros whereas you are not
going to be getting these on the iPhone 11’s and
generally speaking I’d say those are the four main things. How important are those four things to you and are they worth that extra price point? I think it’s around $300
or around 320 pounds more here in the UK. If they are important
to you, then of course the iPhone 11 Pros are better devices and I’d recommend maybe going for those, but if they aren’t then you
are getting a pretty good deal here in my opinion with the iPhone 11’s and I think a lot of people
are going to opt for these. That’s what I think anyway. What do you guys think? Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this pretty long video. (upbeat music)
I tried to cover as much detail as possible. If you did then a thumbs
up would be appreciated and if you want to see
more content and coverage like this then be sure
to subscribe and hit that bell icon so you
don’t miss any of that. (bell dings)
Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSafTV and I’ll see you next time.

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