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The TRUTH behind the iPhone Headphone Jack Removal!

The TRUTH behind the iPhone Headphone Jack Removal!

The iPhone 7 headphone jack – why is it
really gone? Let’s find out. [Intro] There are several reasons why Apple removed
the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, and surprisingly #courage is not one of them. One of the main reasons why the headphone
jack is gone is that the lightning port is propriety to Apple. Apple owns that jack. So any company making third party accessories
for that lightning port have to pay Apple in order to use it. It’s a direct revenue stream for Apple. So let’s say as a third party manufacturer
I want to design a new car charger, or a docking station, or a charging cable for the iPhone
7 using that lightning port. I get to pay Apple royalties for each cable
that I make, even though Apple is not producing or manufacturing that cable just because it’s
using their port. So how much does Apple make for each third
party accessory sold? It’s hard to say for sure. Wikipedia estimates at about 10%, but since
Apple has NDA forms all over the place, once you’re in the program and have signed all
their forms, you’re not allowed to talk about it or you’ll get sued. Some websites speculate that Apple has recently
switched to a 4 dollar flat fee per cable because it’s easier to keep track of. Lucky for you guys, I am not in Apple’s
MFi certification program and I have not signed any of their forms, but I have talked to several
companies in China that manufacture MFi certified cables and they say that in order to get certified
it’s 550 dollars per product. So let’s say I have three different colors
of lightning cables and each of those cables come in three different lengths. Now we have nine cables total and I’m paying
Apple almost 5,000 dollars to certify my cables for the public use. Remember that these numbers are not from Apple
directly, they’re just from the manufacturer in China, so take that how you will. Now remember, I am not opposed to these fees,
business is business. Apple designed their own port, Apple should
get paid for anyone who decides to use their port. That’s how business works and I’m okay
with that. But, just for reference HDMI ports are also
proprietary, and their royalty fee per cable can be as low as 5 cents. You can really tell what manufacturer wants
you to use their product and which manufacturer doesn’t. So Apple did not design the 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack, so any accessory used with the iPhone -using that jack- Apple didn’t
make any money on. Now that they have effectively eliminated
that headphone jack in the iPhone 7, each and every accessory that gets plugged into
the iPhone 7, Apple gets paid for. Even if Apple doesn’t design, manufacture
or produce that accessory. It’s an incredibly intelligent business
decision. Apple does legally enforce their patents,
as they should. I know someone who is selling non-MFi certified
cables and they got sued by Apple and ended up paying over 5 figures as restitution. So, Apple’s money is rolling in from all
directions. Now remember, I don’t care that Apple’s
protecting their design and their products and their investment and their information
– that’s totally within their legal right and I approve. It’s important to business to protect your
assets. But it’s unfortunate that they had to remove
a feature as useful as the headphone jack just because they weren’t making money on
it. Apple saw a piece of the financial pie and
they took it. The second reason Apple got rid of the headphone
jack is because of waterproofing. Sealing off a 3.5 millimeter hole in the bottom
of your phone is extremely expensive – especially when you’re manufacturing millions of them. Sealing that headphone jack internally would
cost Apple a lot of money. Any why would they spend extra money on something
they aren’t making any money with in the first place. Apple’s claim that they are dedicated to
the wireless future is not valid. If they were truly dedicated to the wireless
future they would have put wireless charging in their cellphones. Wireless charging has been built into cell
phones for years now. The thing is, Apple wouldn’t make money
from that wireless charging…yet. That’s why they haven’t integrated it
into their phones. They would be paying someone else royalties
for that technology, and they’re not about that life. The argument that the headphone jack doesn’t
fit inside of the phone isn’t valid either. The nice thing about designing your own phone,
Apple, is that you get to decide what fits and what doesn’t. So now that we know why the headphone jack
is gone, let’s talk about how it affects us as customers. Let’s say you’re on a road trip with your
friends, anyone who owns an iPhone 7 won’t be able to contribute to the aux cable music
selection in the car unless you are carrying around your little dongle extender. If you’ve ever been to a state fair or know
any entrepreneur, they won’t be able to use the credit card reader like Square or
PayPal for credit card transactions. If you’ve ever left your headphones at home
while you’re at the gym or traveling, there’s no more buying a cheap pair of headphones
with a headphone jack…you’ll need to buy a way more expensive proprietary, royalty
fee included, pair of lightning headphones that Apple gets paid for, even if they weren’t
made by Apple. But that’s just what I think. I’m curious as to what you think. Would you buy a phone without a headphone
jack? Let me know down in the comments. And if you like seeing tech reviewed from
the inside, hit that subscribe button. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you around.

100 thoughts on “The TRUTH behind the iPhone Headphone Jack Removal!”

  1. His voice is between disgusted and dissapointed about Apple's politics.
    On another note, I might plug and unplug the corded headphones from my device at least 5 times a day. This would be total abuse to do it in the USB Type C port or Lighting Port if you don't have a headphone jack. You will totally wore it before time and end up with a unworkable charging port. Headphone Jack Forever!!!

  2. I prefer an headphone jack as it's easier to use and don't need to worry about batteries for the headphones. So I will try to avoid a phone without one. Which is getting hard to do.

  3. I do not mind wireless technology.
    Headphones with wires is a nuicance anyway.
    But I will not buy apple.
    Way overpriced, without notible advantages.

  4. I was just as shocked when the iPhone 7 released without a headphone jack, but within the last year of owning my iPhone 6s Plus, I don’t recall ever using the headphone jack and don’t mind it being missing from my iPhone XS Max.

  5. No, wireless tech means more power, more power means more charging, not all the time u have avail charging outlet, wired tech saves u from it shall u run out of power for headphones

  6. that's one good reason not to buy Apple and you can't get a memory slot in an apple either you can't add external extra memory like you can on Android

  7. No dongle extender in the box, no any kind of case included , no headphone jack , charging port is fixed to motherboard means repairing is costly , solws down performance of the phone to keep battery life and make them buy latest iphone .
    And people r going for this compny over a simpe android that can melt this device in terms of value for money .
    No wonder apple has more maoney than americas government .

  8. There aren't any wireless earphones solution till date that can eliminate audio latency in games (specifically pubg) so 3.5mm audio jack is must

  9. Thank you for the insight, on the headphone con game by apple….I hope that other company will not adapt this concept…..Samsung are you listening…we love our headphone jack…..we like charge while playing music, game and media…….thanks zack..

  10. In the other hand, let look at the bright side, what if they did that so we wouldn't spent too much time on our phone. For example, let said you are a gamer that play Pubgm which mean you need to charge when you are low, which mean you can't used headphone unless you want to play without headphone which is fine, the will lead you to stop playing for a while and now before you know it you are spending last time on your phone.

  11. Other than the horrible phone breaking customer service at my local apple store the reason i switched to samsung was to have the headphone jack since i go through headphones left and right so its nice to be able to buy a cheap 5 dollar headphone when im in desperate need.

  12. It's gone since iPhone 7?? I thought that X was the first one… hmm, I've been using my 6 for way too long then…

    Edit: Wireless charging is available iPhone 8 onwards…

  13. i think i wouldnt be as mad at apple for removing the headphone jack if they went "yeah it would be expensive to waterproof" instead of going ~theres no room~

  14. Still upset. When I got a 8 for my birthday I was so excited and I wanted to watch YouTube and music and…. it’s awkward if a vid curses and I wanna listen to music and stuff and I can’t watch YouTube while charging my phone and I was kinda upset no very upset because road trips and stuff

  15. If Samsung can fit a pen into their phone, why can’t the Trillion dollar company put in a headphone jack that’s a 10th of the size??!!!

  16. This is an example how CEO's can just make people put up with bullshit that's only good for them!! They did this with subscription software and they'll just keep taking control away from customers until we're all left with nothing. I blame these asshole CEOs.

  17. I mean I like apple and I don’t need any special features for me apple is just High grade Premium smartphones I mean
    since when is Gucci bought for usability…

  18. They are now trying to prove that they are in the wireless future by putting wireless charging in there airpods

  19. They removed the headphone jack and are ending updates for the last iPhone with one? Apple Made a mistake and probably lost most of people who by their products

  20. Like if they can't afford not getting money from it. They are selling hardware that is as strong as a 200$ phone and they sell it for 1000$, then get 30% off the money you spend on app store, and install apple bloatware to your phone so that you spend 10$ a month to listen to music, and the repair costs 500$,and sometimes they lie about what is wrong with your device to get you pay 1200$ for bending a connector back, and they still get good publicity.

  21. I’d love to see an updated version of this video now that the lightning port may be on the way out in place of the universal standard USB-C, there goes all that money I guess🤷🏼‍♂️

  22. the headphone jack isnt the only thing pissing me off on iphones, the second thing is the battery… omg the iphone x doesnt even have a 3000 mAh battery while most androids have 3000-4000 mAh batterys

  23. the only reason apple removed the head phone jack is so i have to buy another cord o i can break the cord by using it for three weeks then buy another one.

  24. But if they make no money from the headphone javk how will they make money from the phone when not many people will buy it?

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