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The Yolandi Visser Phone Call | Die Antwoord Series Part 3

The Yolandi Visser Phone Call | Die Antwoord Series Part 3

Ben showed off external hard drives and said he would be working in a documentary about who
Die Antwoord really is. In the caption, dedicated to Ninja, Ben wrote: “Man up and turn on
your comments. Or better yet, give me a call.” This being because they had disabled their
comments after people started finding out about the controversy and commenting about it on their posts. The group didn’t turn the comments back on, however, Yolandi did end up giving Ben a call. One of the things that Ben wanted to achieve from
the phone call was for the group to apologize for the things that they had been posting
to the millions of followers about Zheani. But Yolandi was not about it. Okay, let’s do a little fact check because Yolandi said that Zheani called Sixteen gross. By the way, Sixteen is Yolandi’s daughter. But what actually happened? ♪ You said you f*cking picked cause
I looked like your daughter, Sixteen. You’re disgusting, p*dophile c*nt.♪ I’m not sure if Yolandi is genuinely misunderstanding the song or if shes purposely cutting off
the context surrounding the song. Because I guess if you do play the part just “♪Sixteen, you’re disgusting♪” and that’s all you listen to then yeah, sure, I guess it does sound
like a diss on Sixteen but that’s just kinda not sensical because the entire song is about Ninja.
You know how she goes, “♪You’re disgusting, tatatatatum♪” We know who that’s about! Oh! The homie really went there! Now, for reference, this is a side by side of both Sixteen and Zheani in 2013. [fx scream] After Zheani, Ninja dated a model called Bianca Brombin who played White Cat for their music video Pitbull Terrier And some people have pointed out that Bianca also
resembles Sixteen. [fx scream] Now, this is a bit of a sidetrack. But do you guys remember when Sony was hacked? -That major hack attack against Sony, first the studios’ movies were leaked and now private emails are going public. Well, amongst those emails that were leaked, were
some of Ninja’s emails to Sony’s top executives and producers. This particular email to Amy
Pascal and Michael Lynton was short and cute. And just said, “love u, miss u.”
Aww. Another email shows Ninja asking if he could get hooked up with Breaking Bad director Vince Gilligan for the TV show he wanted to produce called “ZEF TV”. ZEF TV was a TV show idea that Ninja wanted to produce with the help of Sony and his pitch is the reason why I brought this
up in the first place. So, let’s check this out. “ZEF will be presented in the guise of
a reality TV show, however, ZEF will also contain highly addictive supernatural drama,
that slowly but surely gets revealed to get people fanatically hooked on ZEF for five
hot seasons! ZEF is also a musical, kinda like the Sound of Music. Just… Not so corny.
More street. Next level as fudge. And also, the biggest TV series in the history of television.
ZEF begins when two strange rock stars from Africa move to Los Angeles, USA. Their names
are Ninja and Yolandi. (image.png) Ninja and Yolandi rap in a group called Die Antwoord
which means The Answer! Die Antwoord are busy blowing the fudge up! (image.jpeg)
Worldwide! Although Ninja and Yolandi’s new rockstar lifestyle seems to be pumping off it’s face from the outside…” (Dundundun…) “Behind the scenes, there is mad fudging juicy drama
popping off 24/7!” Mad juicy drama behind the scenes… Yeah, I can see it. “For instance,
Ninja and Yolandi are brother and sister.” [gasps] Okay then… “But around 10 years ago, Ninja
and Yolandi found out from their strict bible-bashing parents that they were both adopted!” Okay, so we know for a fact that Ninja was not adopted. However, Yolandi was and she had very strict
religious parents. It seems to me that Ninja wants to create some confusion and blur the
line of what’s real and what isn’t in this fantasy dilemma of this reality TV show. “Ninja and Yolandi got super duper mad with their parents. They drank themselves into a stupor,
then Ninja and Yolandi did very naughty things by accident! And Yolandi got pregnant and
had a daughter they named Sixteen!” This kinda reminds me of a clip that I found on YouTube. He said, “We had a kid together but, you know, by accident.” “A little while after this, Ninja and Yolandi adopted a strange kid from an African ghetto called Tokkie who believes he is The Devil.” When Ninja wrote this email, Tokkie was only 13
years old and I understand that this is just a pitch for a TV show with fantastical taboo
themes that never end up happening.
However, the portrayal of Tokkie that “believes he’s
The Devil Boy” didn’t end there.
It continued onward until present day, you know?
Or atleast these themes of showing Tokkie in a violent and negative light. For example, in
this image that Yolandi had posted, he’s seen with a knife saying “Play now…cry later.”
Ninja shared this one with a caption that says, “Hi, my name is Tokkie, I tell lies,”
with 666 on his shirt. Now, if he believes that he’s the “Devil” as you say, it’s because
you’re implanting it in his head. I mean, he didn’t buy that shirt for himself.
“I bought Tokkie this paintball gun for his birthday today and he took it for a walk through the
hood just now and like 10 private security guards just came to my gate to tell me that
Tookie was pointing a gun at people sitting at the restaurants up the road and telling
them he’s going to kill them.” Who buys their 13-year-old kid a giant paintball gun, let’s
him roam around town, and then to top it off, post about it on Facebook? And he ended the
post with, “F kids” because you know, of course, it is the kids’ fault.
Not the parent who raises him and bought him a giant paintball gun. But hey, you know it’s a pattern by now.
Classic Ninja, failing to take accountability. Or, I mean, it could’ve been Yolandi that posted it cause it is on the Die Antwoord Facebook page. And in this image, Ninja says,
“Found this filthy dirty little street kid, took him home, washed him and never gave him
back.” Now contrast those photos to some of the pictures that they share of Sixteen, their
biological daughter. In this one, Ninja’s holding her body and it says “I got you. Heart.”
And in this much older one, he says “Daddy’s’ Girrrl x” There’s this picture, with the three
of them, captioned “#fam” There’s just adrastic difference in the way that they depict Tokkie versus the way that they portray their biological daughter. Overall, it seems that
the only times that they ever show Tokkie is when they wanna depict them as this like
creepy or violent kid, whereas with Sixteen there’s always just photos of him being loving
towards his daughter. With his arm around her, holding her, directing music videos in
which Sixteen plays her own mother. And it’s not the first time that Sixteen has emulated
her mothers looks either. Ah, we’re getting sidetracked off the sidetrack.
Let’s get back into the TV show pitch, huh? “So the ZEF TV series begins when Ninja and Yolandi move into a big house in Los Angeles, USA, with Sixteen and Tokkie to begin their new lives,
living the American Dream! But, as usual, the drama continues. Ninja’s hot new blonde
6 ft 2 supermodel girlfriend Bianca comes to visit. ” Finally, the reason why I wanted
to go through the e-mail in the first place because he literally used his ex-girlfriend’s
real name in the TV show pitch. “When Ninja and Yolandi tour the world with Die
Antwoord, Ninja gets in situations over and over again backstage with psycho fangirls…
Who keep showing Ninja their boobs, bums, and private parts… In the hope that Ninja
will want to get busy with them. But Ninja ends up fagging out every time and WhatsApping
Bianca instead to tell her how much he misses her. Back in LA, Ninja and Yolandi have hooked
with a mysterious rap producer called CHAOS. CHAOS doesn’t like getting credited on songs
with his name. Instead, he always gets credited on the rap tracks he spawned with this mysterious
CHAOS symbol. By the way, CHAOS isn’t just a clever name for a mysterious rap producer. CHAOS is a reference to Chaos Magick, the symbolic and ritualistic magical practice. And that’s “magick” with a K, not like stage performance magic you would see from David
Copperfield or Criss Angel. And, if you’re a fan of the group and you’ve played close
attention to their posts, you may have noticed how they’ve openly spoken about applying magick to their music.
In fact, in the music video for Ugly Boy, you’ll notice that Yolandi sits
on a man’s lap who has a sweater with the Chaos symbol. Another music video directed by Ninja.
And later on in his TV show pitch, he also wrote in that “Little Yolandi develops
a massive crush on CHAOS.” In this post about their Donker Mag album, Ninja says, “Dear
children, Ninja and Yolandi are in HI-TEKS studio erryday working hard on our most powerful
spell yet.” And by the way, Donker Mag means “Dark Force” or “Dark Power” in Afrikaans.
Ninja continues, “We thought we would be finished by this time but we kept making up new songs
by accident. This is so good. Sooo sooo good. I want to get stoned and bump that Donker
Mag worse than anyone. Again, don’t worry. You won’t be sorry for long. Our first single
features one of my dearest friends in the whole universe. One cannot rush such powerful
magick.” Oh, look, he’s got his daughters name tattooed on his face. To my understanding, chaos magick consists of creating sigils, which are the symbols that you often see in
Die Antwoord’s music videos. This is all rabbit-hole type of stuff that we can get into some other
video. But uhm… Or that you can get into on your own when you’re watching because there
is so much, man, I have learned so much just by doing these videos on my own. Ninja also
sent another email with the subject line saying “ZEF – is it real?”
“The ZEF TV show will be presented like a reality TV show. But this ZEF reality TV show is kind of like a wolf
in sheep’s clothing. Cause, right from the beginning, something is not quite “right”
with these two strange rap-rave superstars. Why do their eyes go black when they rap?
Why does Ninja’s cell phone float through the air into his hand when he reaches for it?
Why is Die Antwoord blowing up so hard… Worldwide?!
Did Ninja and Yolandi sell their soul to the Devil to get so good at rap?” Pfft… So good?… “Are Ninja and Yolandi really brother
and sister? So many juicy questions…
What is Die Antwoord?…” There’s this ongoing theme
in Ninja’s writing that makes me wonder why is he so persistent in wanting to blur the
line with reality and art and making Yolandi his sister that he hooks up with?
Because again, this isn’t just depicted in his TV show pitch that he wanted to go on to five seasons.
We also see Yolandi play his little sister in the music video for Baby’s on Fire and generally
play a young girl in many other music videos,
all directed by Ninja. Anyways, after Ninja dates Bianca, he moves onto another one of his thousand girlfriends. This is Gala, an Australian model
who also played “Twerking Rat Girl” in the group’s Tommy Can’t Sleep short film. I don’t know, man. To me, it looks just like his daughter. [fx scream] This is all getting weird.
Let’s just go back to the phonecall… Ben confronts Yolandi about
her behavior and, honestly, if this phonecall was all we knew about the situation, I think
it would be so easy to side with Yolandi , you know? In this conversation, she sounds pretty rational, you know? If someone’s attacking your daughter, of course, you wanna defend
them. Hi, my name is Yolandi Visser and… And… I’m in a cult. Zheani is a satanist
and an online pr*stitute, okay? ♪ Catfished, you got catfished.
Catfished, you got catfished ♪ And I just wanted you guys to know…that I’m okay…
And, and…. [laughs] Ben tries to ask Yolandi if she had seen the messages that Ninja was sending to Zheani and Yolandi
kinda blows it off but I don’t want you guys to forget the things that Ninja was saying
to Zheani so let’s have a quick recap, shall we? He says, “Don’t be shy of me, forward girl.”
“Do you wish I was your real dad?” “Do you like it that I’m actually your dad?”
She says, “It’s cute you like entertaining the thought.” And he said, “Wank.”
“What would you do if you were adopted and you found out that I got a chick pregnant when I was like 17 or something…
And then you find out I’m actually your dad?” “Like you find out you were actually adopted.”
“What would you do?” Five minutes later and he says, “Hello?”
[laughs] She responds by saying, “Uhm…” Ben keeps trying to confront Yolandi about the messages that Ninja had been sending to Zheani and, at first, Yolandi seems to have a bit of a Freudian slip.
She says, “I don’t know what he–” and then, even weirder, she switches the story to
“Yeah, Ninja spoke to her because she said X, Y, and Z” but… It’s weird because Ninja actually
did not speak to Zheani ever since Zheani spoke up about her story online. That didn’t happen at all. And Yolandi keeps pushing this false narrative that Zheani was r*ped, saying,
“She said it numerous times.” But that’s an absolute lie. In fact, when Zheani did her
interview on the channel No Jumper, Adam, the interviewer, straight up asked her if
she was r*ped. And this is what she said. -Right, but I mean it comes in a lot of different
forms. Do you feel like it was different in your situation because you like pursued a
relationship to an extent, or a friendship, and then– that things went out of hand?
Cause I’m pretty sure that still completely qualifies as… But, I mean, I guess I understand how
you– Once again, I’m not sure if Yolandi is genuinely misunderstanding what Zheani has said or if shes voluntarily choosing to omit information from Zheani’s narrative in order
to create her own and continue to make straw man arguments. In my opinion, I think that
the reason why Yolandi and Ninja seem to dramatize and exaggerate Zheani’s claim so much and
keep using the R-word back and forth is because, that way, they can laugh at it, you know?
Make it seem so ridiculous so when they publish it to their platforms, with millions of fans,
they’ll believe them because they also have the bigger microphone, you know? The way they
tell the story, it’s easier to hear like, “Oh, yeah, of course, yeah, I believe you.
Oh my god, that’s funny.” But when you start to listen to the actual details then you start
to realize, “Wait, maybe there’s something up with these guys. Why are there little holes
in their story? Why do they keep lying about little things that don’t need to be lied about,”
right? Panama. A country you think about so little, you don’t
realize that’s not Panama, that’s the outline of a Scottie dog. This is Panama. Personally, I don’t know much about the Panama Papers before this whole series began so it definitely added a layer of interest for me. -The turn out of the banking bombshell causing shockwaves around the world.
The so-called “Panama Papers.” So the Panama Papers are internal documents
from a law firm called Mossack Fonseca which specialized in creating offshore accounts. If you visit the offshore leaks database website, you will find that Ninja and Yolandi created
a shell company called “ZEF Touring WorldWide Limited” under the Mossack Fonseca law firm
in the British Virgin Islands, a place where you don’t have to pay taxes. Now, this is interesting to me because both Ninja and Yolandi often talk about how much they love their home country, you know?
In one of their music videos, they said that the history of South Africa is Nelson
Mandela, District 9 and Die Antwoord. So to see that they both have offshore bank accounts
in a place with no taxation kinda sounds like tax evasion to me. But, I mean, I have a degree
in Psychology, not Economics and the South African revenues services do not mess around
so I’m sure they’re doing everything by the books. [ooh! fx sound] “I’m not in your face, I’m on a phone.”
[laughs] Thank goodness for some comic relief, Yolandi.
Thank you so much, because this conversation was getting way too tense. Basically, Ben wanted Ninja and
Yolandi to participate in the film by answering some questions relative to the footage that
he has and, honestly, in a journalistic point of view, it does make sense, you know?
To have their perspective if a large point of the documentary would be about them, you
know? It would make it less biased because that way we can hear what they have to say
about whatever Ben has. Guys, if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. It’s very important to support this so the YouTube algorithm knows to push it out.
Let everybody know because it’s very scary and a little bit unnerving to know that I’m like
the one headlining this story so uh, let’s just try to get it out there, maybe other
people will pick up on it. The next video is gonna be going over Die Antwoord’s justification over their casual racial remarks and many more things so… Get ready.

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  37. At the end of allllll this, two things. I still don't know who Zheani is. I still have absolute plans on listening to Die Antwoord's music as soon as I'm done typing this. Neither of those points matter or are relavent to the subject. Jus sayin.

  38. You really ruined this band for me 👏👏👏
    But you're right and just like i stopped looking at any chris brown videos or affiliated songs i stopped liking these chodes as well. Pahleez don't ruin crystal castles for me😱😉

  39. I’ve literally only heard 1 die antwoord song in my life but this series is very interesting and I can’t stop watching

  40. Lady Gaga gimmick worked until mainstream movie introduced her to a new audience. Great gimmick they give off its made them successful. Love them or hate them your here talking about them. Any publicity is good publicity. You are their greatest fan no?

  41. is it absolutely necessary to talk in that ridiculous voice when reading ninjas supposed posts, emails, and what not? I dont understand what the problem is here….but freedom of speech and all…😳

  42. It makes me so beyond uncomfortable that me infantilizes yolandi, and has a weird highly obvious interest in incest

  43. Jesus Christ Edwin how many things are u going to accuse these people of that adopted a kid you ridiculed them I think you’re jealous or something get over this hatred you have for them it seems you are always trying to bully someone

  44. Gotta love the logic of using relevance fallacies to defend a point, especially when they mainly consist of ad hominem's.

  45. I shouldn’t defend her but I almost feel like Yolandi is just under Ninja’s thumb. He’s with her when he wants to be, he dumps her when he wants to fuck other girls and she just has to be “cool” with it. He picked her up when she was young, out of nothing, gave her a persona, rules her whole life. I think Zheani’s right that she’s kind of brainwashed by Ninja. He pulls the strings.

  46. 6:39 Wait, do you actually believe these posts are about real events? Come on, how gullible are you? They are obviously all about shock and promoting their "brand"

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