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This guy can repair your shattered phone in 20 minutes

This guy can repair your shattered phone in 20 minutes

My name is Taha. I’m 21 years old and I’m currently a college
student. During my spare time I like to play basketball. But I can also bring your phone back to life. If you break your phone I can fix it within
an hour — at your home, at your office, at a coffee shop — anywhere that’s convenient
for you. I’ve always been a tinkerer. I’ve taken apart gaming systems, laptops,
a TV once. When I was around like 13 years old I took
apart a phone. It was the Motorola Razr so at that time it
was the phone to have. But I didn’t know how to put it back together. When I was in high school I started working
at a repair shop and my first thought looking at somebody fixing a phone was like, “that’s
something I’ll never be able to do.” My first successful repair was the iPhone
4. I took it apart and put it back together. The first time it took me an hour and a half. I eventually got to the point where it took
me 20 minutes. I went from just fixing cracked screens to
replacing cameras, side buttons, pretty much anything wrong with the phone. Professionally I’ve been fixing phones for
about five years. I’ve logged over 2,000 repairs. Here we have the battery, the vibrate motor,
the rear camera. This is the motherboard which is pretty much
the brain of the phone. The loudspeaker, the charging port and one
of our ancient relics — the headphone jack. Everyone has a crazy story of how their screen
cracked. People dropping it down an elevator shaft. I had somebody that was in a gym and dropped
a dumbbell on it. Just when you think you’ve heard it all,
there’s always a new story. Just this morning a had a customer call. She was in the shower and she dropped her
phone, and I was like, “who uses their phone in the shower?” One of my colleagues had a customer one time
who was driving and he was sending a Snapchat. He rear-ended the car in front of him. The phone flies out the window, lands on the
pavement, screen is shattered in a million pieces. My colleague goes to repair the device and
the kid is back up and snapping. The moral of the story is: don’t snap and
drive. I really wouldn’t call this a job , I would
call it a hobby because I enjoy doing it. It takes me to so many cool places. I’ve been to museums, ballparks, I’ve
been on top of skyscrapers, I’ve been on movie sets, photo shoots, and I get to meet
very interesting people. I’ve fixed phones for models, photographers,
actors, athletes, presidential candidates. Just by looking at this small little cable
you have a lot of components attached to it. You have a microphone attached here, that’s
the gold part. You have the proximity sensor and then you
have the front camera. One of my top customers is actually one of
the top 10 heart surgeons in the United States. And he breaks his phone every other month
or sometimes two, three times in a month. A guy like him, you know, he doesn’t have
the time to go to a shop and have it repaired. It’s going to take a few hours. Fixing his phone and knowing that I was able
to get his life back in order makes me feel really happy. At least if I need heart surgery I know where
to go to. Then once the two screws are in we’re going
to power the device on — and voila. The best thing is if the customer has a broken
phone and you put it back together, the look on their face when they have that big smile,
I mean, that in itself is reward. Before and after. Nobody needs this no more. Here you go.

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  1. Well it's easy to change screen nothing hard but thing is when something on mother bord or some time screen on and off blinking is hard to fix it , changing is easy

  2. Well it's easy to change screen nothing hard but thing is when something on mother bord or some time screen on and off blinking is hard to fix it , changing is easy

  3. From experience, I was also a phone repair technician for a company called Puls, mobile repair service (a service like Lyft but for phone repairs). I fixed most androids and all iPhone 4 to 6 plus. The problem is buying parts back then when they were super expensive. This was a tough business. $60/iPhone 6. $140/iPhone 6 plus. I had to waste $300-$400 per week and break even by the end of week and buy more parts with that money. Plus buying batteries, charging ports, cameras and other. Each job was a $30-35 x 3 a day if you’re lucky. Each model has different parts. You never know what people needed repair.

    The problem is dead inventory (maybe a new model comes out or decrease in demand in that model), no business, competition with other technicians to get a customer, the LA congested traffic and traveling costs.

    This is more of a side gig than a full time job and I use to put a lot of effort.

    If this guy was able to do it, props for him! I couldn’t do it. Waste of money and time! Maybe I’ll run a repair shop one day as an investor and make other people run it for me.

  4. I just replaced my glass on the zte phone. Hour an half. Everything has tape besides screws. Battery fuckin taped down. Volume taped .came out good anyway.

  5. Can u teach me how to fix a phone plz I wanna be able to fix the president trump's phone so I can make it to where when he says or type anything racist it explodes either his face or hands goes kaboom all the way to his mistress lap

  6. I’m sorry but it takes less than 20 minutes to do an iPhone 6 I repair at least 15 a day sometimes. And the little black thing he said was the vibrate motor is actually the wifi antenna so. It’s not rare to see someone repair a phone within a short amount of time especially if they have everything laid out in front of them like he does. Acting like a wizard or summin

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  8. Let anyone say anything… excellent initiative and idea.. ppl would love devices repaired at doorstep..bravo

  9. My dad is going to be pissed at me I got mad and smashed my iPad against my head and it SHATERRD Cuently

  10. It’s not that hard to fix an iPhone… I learned when I was 15 and ever since every version is cake

  11. So where does he live?..

    My dad just dropped his phone flat on the ground and there are glass and cracks everywhere and he can't even shut it off..
    Also, the screen is just glitching.

    WhAt A gReAt LiFe

  12. Hi, I'm a heart surgeon and I break my iphone 3 times per month. Let me know if you want me to operate on you.

  13. My huawei y9 2019 screen cracked just a little bit but I feel like am not holding a real smart phone lo 😂😂😂😂 otherwise how much can it cost to get fired

  14. Yo guys I can do it in 10 minutes! I charge 15 bucks for labor and screens range from $20 to $55 for earlier phones. I Phone X's are a little pricier though, they range from $100 to $200.

  15. The vibrate motor isnt correct, the motor is actually the black square below the battery, just thought id point it out

  16. The vibrator??? 😂😂😂 that’s the WiFi antenna dumbass. He doesn’t even know the components on the iPhone (I’ve fixed phones for 5 years” lookin ass 1:07

  17. I am careful with my phone, but my screen is cracked. I didn't crack my phone screen, my bro did.

    Siblings………. 😞

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