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This Link Will Destroy Your iPhone

This Link Will Destroy Your iPhone

– Hey, what’s up guys, Keaton the Hacker here,
and do you guys remember last year when if someone would send you like a text message, or a specific one, and you had an iPhone, it would
just shut your phone down? Let me know in the comments if you do, I found one that is 10 times worse, it will just destroy your phone, so. Muh-hah-hah-hah-hah. I don’t know, I tried
to do the evil laugh, (laughs) let’s check it out. All right guys, so
there’s actually gonna be a part two to this video, that video is much worse than I’m about to show you, so drop a like on this video, let’s try to shoot for like, 35,000 likes, and I’ll put that out on Sunday. Okay, this is intense,
this is the greatest prank you can pull on your friends, and I’m gonna show you how to do it. So you need to have an iPhone, an iPad, any device that has Safari, like, we all know what Safari is,
and you need to send them this link it’s gonna be
right here on screen, or I’ll leave it down below, and you just need to make sure
your friends click that link, and I have so many more like,
prank type stuff with this. Okay, all right, I’m
just gonna get into it. So how this works is, you
just send someone a message, so I’m gonna send UnboxTherapy a message, gonna send ’em the link. All right, got it right here, okay? Gonna hit send, ohh boy. All right, came up on this phone, and this is my iPhone 7 Plus for it, by the way, oh geez, oh geez, ohh, here it goes. So when you click it, it takes it– Warning! Virus detected, but do you just see my phone conking out here? Look at this! Look at this. Yes, you see how bad this is? Greatest prank to pull
on your friends, ever. So I’m just gonna read you what it says, basically it says, “virus detected, “immediately call Apple support.” The number here is fake,
it’s one of those scam sites, do not call this number, okay? I don’t want your credit card information, they do, don’t do it, all right? So your phone’s pretty
much screwed from here, it’s gonna be lagging for like, ever, so if you try to go back
into Safari, you know, still there, okay, I know
what you’re thinkin’, all right, let me, let
me just close out of it, you know, no big deal. It’s not even opening properly, your phone just resets, too. All right? Lets, all right, lets
try to reopen Safari. Still doin’ the same thing. There is nothing you can
do, unless you do this, and I really wasn’t gonna
tell you guys how to fix this, I was gonna do it, and
then in another video, but if you do this to one of your friends, they’re probably gonna hate me, well, no, they’re gonna hate you, they’re not gonna hate me, so let me show you how to fix this, all right? So hit home, so if you have
an iPhone 6S, or above, you can do this, so, three
touch on here, hit new tab, and sometimes this works, I’ve
seen it work on some devices, seen it work on others, try this one more time, all right, you got a
new tab, you’re great. So just hit like, YouTube or something, something, a normal site, okay? And then just swipe, swipe the
Apple alert one away, okay? So now you’re good to go, life’s great. If you don’t have that, if you have like an iPhone 6 or something, go to settings, then go to Safari, scroll down here, clear
history and website data, and that’s gonna fix your phone. If you don’t do that, your
phone is gonna be lagging, you can’t open up Safari. (beeping noises) All right guys, so I asked
you for 35,000 likes, I get that’s a lot, but
if we get 50,000 likes, I’m gonna call the sketchy number that you see here, all right? This, this joke number,
I’m gonna call ’em, we’re gonna mess with
them, and I’ll upload it. This could go really
well, or really badly, I’m gonna try to get
them to click the link, ’cause you know, I’m a troll, who cares? But this is the new prank
to play on your friends. Send them this link, it’s right up here, or down below, and your friends
are legit gonna hate life. So yeah guys, that’s pretty
much it for this video, if you guys made it to the end and are gonna try this on your friends, literally the best iPhone prank ever, drop a like on this video, and
I kinda wanna hit 50K likes, ’cause that, that prank call
video is gonna be insane. Let me know in the comments if you try it and what your friends
say, and get subscribed if you’re new on here, there’s a lot more videos like this coming up, I found a ton, you can just click or tap this
button, or hit it down below. Check out my last video right
over here, and yeah guys, hack.

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  1. another fun thing on pc… you can do a similar thing with scripts (won't harm the pc btw) if you know how to get those scripts send the link and when someone clicks on it the pc will just turn off.. it'll turn on just fine afterwards it just confuses/Gives people a scare.. as it simply prompts the pc to turn off

  2. If you have a samsung galaxy s7 edge can you send the link to a apple phone and it will lag it?

    If you have a samsung galaxy su edge can you send it to an other android phone?

  3. about that safari removal nah not only iphone 6s or above. no no no no. all phones what are compatible with iOS 12.0+

  4. I would send this to my old teacher let him know not to call the number and not tell him how to fix hit because I hate him so so so SO much, he almost ended me!!!!

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