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This phone fits in a WALLET! – Durability Test!

This phone fits in a WALLET! – Durability Test!

Normally I make videos about super expensive,
overpriced flagship cellphones. You know, durability testing…taking them
apart. But every now and then I like to branch out
and take an inside look at some weird phones. Today we have the Micro M5 – the world’s
first ultra thin card phone. This little guy can actually fit inside your
wallet. This strange phone durability test is sponsored
by Dollar Shave Club. Let’s get started. [Intro] This little M5 is about half as thick as an
iPhone. With it’s pretty lightweight body, textured
back, and a startup sound that sounds suspiciously familiar [phone jingle sounds], Nokia’s probably
not too stoked on that one. With a consistent buzz of social media and
the internet these days, sometimes it’s just nice to chill out with a simple phone. It’s got a phone book. It makes phone calls with it’s internal SIM
card, and it also has Bluetooth, so it can act as a camera remote or a Bluetooth speaker
for your main phone. Even though it does have that SIM card tray
and can be a phone all by itself. It does have a calendar, which is honestly
pretty much worthless. And there is a very disturbing lack of pre-installed
games. It honestly looks more like a calculator than
it does a cell phone. But would you look at that…it actually does
fit inside a wallet. With a 4 day stand by life, and costing less
than $20, it’s actually not too shabby for a back up phone. This is only, of course, if it ends up being
durable. You know the drill. We treat all phones equally around here. We start with the Mohs scratch test. Each pick has a different material on the
tip and let’s us know the hardness level of the display material. And as we can see, the pressure is immediately
evident on the display. And we start seeing scratches at a level 3. This means the screen’s surface is made from
plastic. Glass would start scratching at a level 6. Plastic seems to be the theme of this phone,
running down the sides. Down at the bottom we have an old school micro
USB port, along with a mute switch, and a little flap covering up the SIM card tray
– all made from plastic. There is no headphone jack at the top, which
basically makes this guy a premium flagship or something at this point. Removing the headphone jack seems to be the
cool thing to do these days. The whole front side of the phone seems to
be laminated with the same piece of plastic material that’s covering the screen. No button cracks or crevices to collect dust
which is nice. Black plastic covers both sides of this credit
card size cellphone. It’s a rather small canvas on the back, but
I think I can make it work. I guess you could say it’s a canvas for ants. Scientists currently estimate there are around
10 quadrillion ants on planet earth right now. Which means that if the ants all suddenly
got together to wage war on the humans, each of the 7 billion human beings would be left
to fight 1 million ants each…all by yourself. That’ll give ya something to think about tonight. You’ve probably heard the phrase “money
burning a hole in your wallet.” But what would happen if your wallet literally
caught fire with your phone inside? Thumbs up for that smooth transition. If your wallet starts on fire with your cellphone
inside, you better put it out quick because this 1 inch, TFT LCD screen turned white after
about 10 seconds. It’s an older style display like we used to
see in watches or the old GameBoys, but the screen did still end up working after the
flame was removed, and mostly recovered from the heat. Not too shabby. Since this little guy is designed to fit inside
of a wallet, and wallets are usually sat on, it’s time to see how structurally sound the
M5 Mini phone really is. The first bend showed a substantial amount
of flex, and the top of the screen started slipping loose from the back housing. But it’s still alive. Bending from the back it has a little bit
less of a flex, but the ant, and our phone, are still doing just fine. During the second bend from the front, the
back housing started to lift away even more. But even with that back housing coming loose,
the phone is still fully functional. There are no external screws holding the two
halves together, but the fit is still extremely snug and requires quite a bit of force to
separate…mostly catching on that micro USB port down at the bottom. Without the back panel in place, the phone
is now even more thin. We can see that the battery is what’s adding
most of the thickness – all 320 milliamp hours of it. It also looks like there’s a hidden SD card
slot inside of this phone. I can’t think of a real reason to have one
of these. There is no external access and it’s not like
there are any pictures or music to store on here. Inside there’s also a circular coin style
vibrator, the top loud speaker earpiece, and the bottom microphone that’s aimed out of
a tiny hole in the front of the phone. Pretty crazy stuff. Nothing can be taken off or repaired, but
you know, it’s $20. And it’s still alive, so I can’t complain
too much. Want to know what else I can’t complain about? Dollar Shave Club’s $5 starter kit. Huge thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring
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to get started. Thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring
this video. Would you ever want to own one of these credit
card phones? Let me know down in the comments. And let me know if there are any other weird
phones you want to see tested. Hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already. And come hang out with me on Instagram and
Twitter. Thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

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  1. Fun fact, in a years time spiders eat more meat than all of the biomass of all the human beings that are alive at any given time. In other words if you weighed all the humans, the amount would come out to less than the amount of meat that spiders eat annually. So it's spiders that we should be afraid of.

  2. “Removing the headphone jack seems to be the cool thing to do these days” that was super funny dude ! Niceeee!!

  3. Top coat, top hat,
    And I don't worry 'cause my wallet's fat
    Black shades, white gloves,
    Lookin' sharp lookin' for love

  4. It's like how a super car pass is a regular car fail. No head phone jack! Regular phone fail, flagship phone pass

  5. 01:10 there is a mediaplayer and no headphone jack? guess this thing wont stream bt audio 🙂 but maybe there´s the reason for the hidden SD bay

  6. I have always loved your videos and despite not having a good cell phone I find your tests very interesting, greetings from Mexico.

  7. Zach could you please start doing every level picks even 8 and 9 no matter what I thkmm that would look interesting

  8. Honestly I'm glad there are people out there putting our feats of tech miniaturization to the test by trying to make the smallest phone possible that would have never been possible in the past. Just wonder what something with this form factor but a full touch screen would be like.

  9. You should start reviewing the most common headphones on amazon, like phones, its hard to find a decent headset not just on quality and feature set but on durability. I paid $110 for Avantree anc041 and it lasted 2 days before the headband started cracking, and snapped fully after 3 months. It had the most annoying feature, proximity detection for auto play/pause that would commonly malfunction with no way to turn off. If you try to play manually good luck with that, its controls are virtual on a touchpad. It has no indication that you are activating a control you just keep trying until the volume goes up or you skip a track etc.. It's awful. Please help us with this influx of shameful tick-box designed headsets.

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