100 thoughts on “This Rugged Work Phone Is Perfect For Vacation Too”

  1. I have not been able to turn off the key tones which are annoying. The only way Ive been able to silence the key tones us to turn off the system volume. Is there a way to properly disable these tones?

  2. This phone actually run android, although it have no google play and some people apparently failed to sideload apps onto it. Might be you would need to try those Japanese app programmed with no touch screen in mind?

  3. one question. does this feature phone really have android on it with a skin and other things that make it look like some proprietary os or what because i cant see how that phone can run android without showing some sign that it is android anywhere.

  4. y not go in the past and list all the nice feature mobile phone had and not the bad cons
    maybe phone makers will come to you for inspiration

  5. punkt phone is for minimalists, sony phones are for waterproof users, a ziploc bag will protect any phone from water and sand

  6. lol theres an $8 version that is called the xv not xe its at verizon all they did was change the logo and colour lol

  7. NOW THIS IS A PHONE!! WiFi hotspot, water resistant, dust, can take a hit, no stupid obsolete updates? I want it NOW!! This merged with a 5.5" smartphone, acting as just a tablet, is the perfect combo!! I hope this phone can run a nice 20 years of life.

    Just think, you'll be communicated for longer, powering up, tablets, laptops with the WiFi Hotspot!! Tablet gets obsolete in 3 years…no matter, i still have a phone. 🙂

  8. The big problem with waterproof smartphones is that no one would risk taking it into water, that's why a dumb phone is a good idea, you don't care about it..

  9. Smartphones are for those people that feel the need to be "connected" to the outside world 24/7 via facebook, instagram, twitter, social media etc…Smartphones are too invasive into ones personal life.. i have an iphone 4S and i have been locked out of 90 % of my apps because my apps now need iOS 10 and my phone will not support iOS 10 due to its current hardware.. So what is my option to maintain all those apps.. upgrade to a newer smartphone which will cost be well over $500 which i REFUSE to pay for a phone.. especially when i am not glued to my phone 24/7 like 99% of the population now is… their heads BURIED into their smartphone every second of the day.. because they feel the need to be connected to everyone at all time, taking selfies and texting…I used to be one of those until i realized that i was addicted to my smartphone like everyone else… every second i had my head buried into my phone … i didnt think anything about it until i went without my phone for a month and realized that everyone around me had their face buried into their phone doing whatever they were doing…So yes i got away from my smartphone and went back to a basic dumb flip phone because i refused to become like everyone else.. sure i get looked at but i dont care. My phone has one purpose, to make and recieve calls with occaional texts here and there, not to be surfing the web every second and looking thru facebook and twitter to see what everyone is doing.. i realized their is more to life that sitting on the couch looking at my phone all night and plus my vision was getting affected because i would be starring at my phone for hrs, then look up and my vision was blurry and it took almost 5 minutes for my eyes to readjust to far objects.. thats when i woke up and realized this smartphone was affecting my life in more than one way..So i got rid of my smartphone and went back to a basic phone and i have not looked back…

  10. I tried this on T Mobile and even T Mobile could not get the AT&T unlocked phone to work. They did manage to get voice on it but no hotspot. But when I got back to rural country it wouldn't dial out and could not receive a call. I would love one of these made for T Mobile because of the hotspot. I carried the XT version (and it is set up better than the XE) on US Cellular for the last several years. Great phone and has a very loud ringer. I could hear it 100-150 ft away.

  11. MM, sincere thanks for reviewing a feature phone like this. Could count on a reviewer like you to do a review on a broad spectrum.

  12. I don't see carying a dumb phone as miserable in 2016… I think it would save you a considerable amount of time you would normally waste on mindlessly scrolling on facebook

  13. New waterproof smartphones can last in saltwater now, at least the ones with the highest ratings like ip67 and 68

  14. so micheal fisher accidently discovered by throwing a phone into the water what apple claims as innovation. gg

  15. When i use this phone in public or around relatives… they look at me and ask… you still have a flip phone..?? I ask, you still believe in spinning ball earth..??

  16. Mr. Mobile, question, can the camera of the DuraXE be used underwater to take photos or even a quick video underwater?

  17. i want this cellphone – I'm so sick of m smartphone. I want to separate the phone from the rest of the crap that comes with a smart phone. Ipod plus Kyocera xe = iphone 8

  18. I've tried smartphones so many times and I always go back to my flip phone. I'm 28, have been programming since I was in fourth grade, am generally very tech savvy… and I just can't stand smartphones. Social networking? No thanks. Games? Office? My laptop does it so much better. GPS? That's what my Garmin Epix is for. I'm going to be doing a lot of scuba diving in the near future. So this is pretty much built for me. Thanks for selling me on this big pocket-meatball.

  19. I recently lost my GS8 in the Pacific Ocean for about 10 minutes, and swam with it in my pocket for the better part of a day with a lot of filming, I washed the phone off in freshwater and its in perfect condition now with no issues. I'm impressed

  20. Really despise how everyone labels old flip phones as dumb phones. If anything they should be called the real smart phone cause ones breaking away from dumbing-down-zombie smart phone.

  21. I had my galaxy s7 edge in the ocean, direct sun light on the beach, pool, and threw it into a mud puddle and the only problem I had was it killing chargers, went through 4 in a week lol.

  22. I'm actually surprised it doesn't have a better camera. On a construction site you need to take documentation pictures all the time as well as using it as a quick and dirty fax machine. I would expect a minimum of 8mp if not 13 simply because most mid range phones have that.

  23. I used to live in Boston before moving to San Francisco at age 22 (2005) because I graduated with a Ph.D at Harvard, and taught Stanford, even ran a tech company (CEO).

  24. Have the older Duramax version of this clamshell phone ! Ordered it from ebay for less than $20.00 USD…. Still going strong and the charge lasts a few days or can have eight (8) hours of talk time for the chatty types ! tjl

  25. Kyocera DuraXV LTE with camera in Black MODEL: E4610

    Warning: (**very important negative aspects of this phone, Kyocera & Verizon):
    I relied almost completely on reviews about this phone… and I really need to let others know the truth about it and the **lack of-poor customer service with *Kyocera & *Verizon! Readers need to know not to make the same mistake at purchasing an **overpriced defective device that is nothing like it is advertised to be; and that there is **no support or help with this phone & company to fix and or replace it when there are problems, even when it is still brand new! Kyocera customer service was **rude and unwilling to take any responsibility for having a defective phone and were very cold and callous. Verizon was similar except some said they would help but when it came down to the final issues, they had told me wrong and there was no help, even tho I did purchase the phone thru them and complained about it from day 1, numerous times.

    **I was expecting a good camera but yet I constantly have picture problems! There are vertical rainbow colored like lines in my pictures…and I send them to my computer as a text message and then to WORD to edit and make better but the colored ugly lines are awful and I cannot remove them. **Also, when I am on a call, people at the other end of my calls always have troubles hearing me, “Hello, are you there?” “Hello, Hello, Hello????” or “I lost you!” … are very common, every time, call comments I have to deal with. For service I will have only 1 to 2 bars of service showing on phone screen, but yet, same location, my son has full bars of service, different phone but with Verizon as well! FYI: while waiting forever at a Verizon store last night, the Verizon service girl noticed that I did not have many bars for service in their store when I should have, and she did on her phone! I constantly have to move around to find a place where the others can hear me; and then that too changes. Someone said there is possibly internal damage or a defect of some kind to the internal antenna, as well as the camera too; **and there are crack like marks around the camera area or close to the hinged area at the top of the phone that keep growing… that I DID NOT DO! The flip up top is just falling apart! **Supposed to be one of the most durable and rugged phones and that is why I got it! Camera is supposed to be good but is not! I think this is a new phone and just came out on the market Fall of 2017.

    I am a single 55 year old female with no kids or other people around. If the phone is not with me it is laying down on a counter or table; and if it is with me, usually in my pants pocket if not in use. I do nothing rough or rugged but yet small scratch like marks appear and then turn into a small thin crack like looking mark as well as a possible potential future chip off the top of the surface waiting to happen. I have done nothing at all to create such cracks on this brand new rugged phone (I don’t even use my phone very much)! I have NOT dropped it or hit it to cause them and they seem to appear and grow daily! I have made numerous complaints to Verizon about this phone since the beginning when I first got the phone (12/6/2017) up until today even (2/6/2018); and I have not gotten any help and wasted lots of time and money that I do not have. I can’t afford this phone but I got it anyway because I really wanted a better, more rugged phone with a great camera and call reception capability for which I read numerous reviews and descriptions regarding this phone before I decided to purchase it thru Verizon. I was hoping for and expecting a better phone, but it is not! I want to warn others that this phone is not at all worth the expensive price it is sold for; and the companies involved will not take any responsibility for any defects or problems with the phone, even if under **warranty, there is always a “catch” and the buyer is screwed here with this phone and service or lack of it!

  26. dumbphone!, novelty,!…..not all people have hang ups over there choice of cell phones beats putting a sheet of glass to your face that doesn't even qualify as a pocket phone. it dont fit in your pocket. try getting it fixed too. ..Thats always a good one.. Not everyone has a dianty lifestyle and a rugged phone is welcomed. But if your phone is a status symbol or if it's a factor to be embarrassed about there would be room for some emosional growing up too do..

  27. Call me old fashioned, but my 13 year old just made fun of me for buying a Kyocera DuraXV…..yesterday! 😃✌️

  28. I agree, the case thing part that you mentioned is a bad idea as well. I just got the latex shock proof iPad case but after a year the rubber part is just broken.

  29. I love my unlocked Kyocera DuraXE. So damned rugged, and great for when I'm in both North America or Asia. I just switch out SIM cards in whatever country I'm in.

  30. I'm looking to trade out my smart phone for something a little simpler, and this one looks pretty nice. Does anybody know if it is possible to play audio files (music, audiobooks, etc) on this device?

  31. I'm tired of a phone that burns up data on its own. I just want texting n talking in a weather proof shock proof phone that won't drop calls. Or key pad freeze ups. Using iPhone 7+ now. Sucks keypad freezes. Eats data like crazy. Sick of the high cost unlimited plans. I fish a lot. Tired of phones shorting !!!! Will this phone solve my problems?

  32. I've been using the Kyocera DuraXV LTE for 5 months and I will not go back to the smartphone. They flip phones dumb phones, but I'm saving $$$$$..

  33. smartphones make people stupid and anti-social. If people say they cant make it without a smartphone, they already have a problem.

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