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This School Locks Up Students’ Phones

This School Locks Up Students’ Phones

Today, 95 percent of teens have
access to a smartphone and 45 percent self-report that they’re online
almost constantly. Smartphones have penetrated all aspects of daily life,
but of special concern to educators it’s their prevalence in schools. It would be a rally, right? And
the rallies were getting students pumped up for a particular event, and students
would be Snapchatting it the whole time. So really they weren’t experiencing
it and being present, they were behind the screen. The average kid gets their first
smartphone at age 10. That’s fifth grade. Most will open their first social
media account within the next few years. But some schools are beginning to
question the wisdom of allowing kids to enter the classroom with tiny
computers and social networks in their pockets. There’s so many studies that have come
out in the last few years about the social anxiety, stress, low self-esteem,
teen suicide is up. Studies are showing and proving how destructive these
devices can be. Not only the device itself, but the
social media aspect of it. These concerns, along with a
general annoyance at phone-gazing concert goers, led 32 year old Graham Dugoni
to build a device called Yondr, which is essentially a locking smartphone pouch.
Users drop their phone in, the pouch locks, and can only
be reopened with a large magnet. If something feels weird about modern
life to young kids who are dealing with a lot of angst and anxiety
in general, maybe it has something to do with relating to the world primarily
through a screen eight hours a day. Silvestri first heard about Yondr from
an English teacher at San Lorenzo who was fed up with
her student’s lack of focus. She was really frustrated with the
relationships that she had with her students in her classroom. And a lot
of it revolved around cell phone use. She was constantly telling students
to please put their phones away. The teacher, Gina Spiers, piloted Yondr
in her classroom and Silvestri was so impressed with the results
that she implemented at schoolwide, beginning in the 2017/2018 school year.
Now, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. students must lock their phones
inside a Yondr pouch. According to Silvestri, not only has this led
to improved grades and a drop in disciplinary issues, but a distinct change
in how students relate to each other. Uno is back at an all time
high. Our students are playing Dungeons and Dragons. They’re out playing baseball,
they’re out playing volleyball and soccer, basketball. They’re reading, doing
homework. I go to other schools and I don’t see that. The
schools are quieter. Students have their heads down. You’ll see them standing in a
circle all texting each other. Or on social media or playing games. However, some still go to great
lengths to stay connected to their devices. Students will have multiple cell phones
to try and avoid doing Yondr. Like they will have some burner type phone
that will go into the pouch and they’ll still have
another phone on them. Overall, the student response has
been mixed with many expressing initial annoyance while also
acknowledging the upsides. It feel different. Like, it feel like
kind of awkward not having it in your pocket, like not expecting
it to be there. Everybody was like, trying to start
petitions to stop it. We thought that they were taking a right for us
to have our phones, like that shouldn’t be something the school should
have a right to do. In this day and age, technology is
like a part of life, like regular life. So we should be using it in school. It was kind of annoying at first,
but then I saw like the difference between like my old
school and this school. I see more people like interacting
rather than being on their phones, like especially at lunch
time and break time. It helps me concentrate more in
class and not hearing that vibration and not having my mind telling
me to like, see it. Before in class, when I check my phone
I would get in trouble like or I’d be like sneaky about it and like
hide it. But now I don’t do it. In total, Yondr has partnered with
over 1,000 schools across the United States, Canada and Europe and
worked with over 400 performers including Dave Chappelle, Jack White and Chris
Rock. The company does little in the way of advertising, so Dugoni says
many schools have learned about it through these big name comedians
and musicians who require attendees to lock up their phones at their
shows. But it’s not just entertainers and school administrators who
are taking note. We hear from people all over the
place. I mean we’re in courts, we’re in, we do tons of weddings, events,
everything down to dentist’s office. It’s kind of, the whole concept
applies and relates to everything. For larger performances , Yondr typically
charges two dollars per head and the price for implementing Yondr in
schools varies from 15 to 30 dollars per student, depending on school size.
As one of Yondr’s first school partners, San Lorenzo received a
discounted rate and from Silvestri’s perspective it’s been well worth it. We have a lot of human
interaction, a lot of building of relationships. It’s what schools should be like and
it’s what I think the world should be like, what events should be like.
I can’t imagine now going backwards. I can’t imagine a school that would
allow cell phones during the day.

100 thoughts on “This School Locks Up Students’ Phones”

  1. So I personally would not pull out a phone at a rally, but I’m not so self-righteous as to judge others for doing so.

  2. Most freshmen in my school ruin everything, when I graduate I'll show this to my principal and laugh at them if he does this.

  3. Judging by 500 comments here, the YouTube algorithm attracts a lot of kids here. So let me put this briefly.

    You do not need a phone.

    Let’s go over the big reasons to get one and their argument:

    “Both kids and parents are busy these days, and it makes sense for parents to be able to call their kids and let them know they’re running late when picking them up for school or activities. It also makes sense for children to be able to call their parents to tell them extra-curricular activities are running late or they will be late for dinner.”

    The parents are clearly irresponsible if they can’t even force their kids to do any work, nor take them back from extra-curricular activities. If they do come late, it’s up to the coach/leader to tell parents, and they should. Parents should be in the know about what’s happening at these activities, not just “it went well”.

    “Earthquakes, fires, bad weather, traffic accidents – there are many things that can happen during the day after your children leave the house for school. Cell phones are a lifeline between a parent and their children, and cell phones also can be used to call emergency responders.”

    Teachers have phones. I guess in this imaginary world they don’t? If the last two of that happen, the kids don’t need to worry. You should be escaping a fire or earthquake, not trying to call your dad or mom.

    “If your child needs to get in touch with you because they’re running late, or they decide to go to a movie at the mall, there are few pay phones left for them to use to call you.”

    Basically the same thing as the first reason.

    “A cell phone gives your child a way to be more responsible and let you know if they’re going to be late. Cell phones are also important for teenagers, who could find themselves at a party without a sober ride home and need to call you to pick them up.”

    What? Responsible? You show how responsible you are with a piece of plastic?

    “Cell phones aren’t cheap. Giving your child a cell phone tells him that you trust him with something of value. You are also telling your child that you are trusting him to use his allocated minutes wisely.”

    If your kid doesn’t trust you, you have bigger issues.

    “When parents are divorced, a cell phone is a good way for a child to keep in contact with both parents at all times, and it gives the parent who does not live in the same home as the child a good opportunity to stay involved.”

    Buy an iPad. It’s cheaper, and the only difference is cellular (which you can buy with the iPad for a little bit more), if you really need to contact them. Or even better, just use your dad’s/mom’s phone. I know tons of people with divorced parents that survive without a phone.

    “Cell phones are a good incentive for kids to keep in contact with long-distance relatives, like grandparents or aunts and uncles. Cell phones also enable kids to keep in touch with a parent who is overseas in the military, and who may have limited times when they can connect with a phone call.”

    iPads. iPadOS is coming up which is separate from iOS. If kids can troubleshoot their grandparents, they're not going to do it when they have different operating systems.

    “Cell phones come with many fun, inexpensive games that kids can play with to keep them busy while waiting in long lines or for a doctor or dentist appointment.”

    Buy a Switch or 3DS. Buy an iPad. In fact, an iPad has a bigger screen for children.

    “Cell phones come with alarms, note-taking applications and all kinds of apps that will help keep your child organized and remind them of their next test or homework assignment.”

    They should be keeping track of those themselves or use an iPad.

    What I will say is most kids don't know as much technology as they think they do. Trust me. Closest person I know to that rank is my son. When you're constantly getting notifications and kids are having to disrupt class with their phones, :thinking:.

  4. Kids have their phones out because they’re BORED. Ever thought of that, principal??? There are much better things to do instead of stressing over how to separate a student from their phone. They should be teaching students how to live a better life beyond high school years. It’s tough to find a job, and the search becomes even harder once you go in college. Most employers want a full timer who has a flexible schedule, and unless you work for a small business, it’s going to be almost impossible to do that. How is homework ever going to solve that issue?

  5. LMAO at our school here in Asia, all our phones must be given to our class teacher at the start of the day, not one phone can be seen used during school hours, even seldomly by teachers. If you are caught using a phone or keeping your phone hidden, you are sent to the principal at the spot.

    Ofc, here in most Asian countries things are different like how teachers circle around classes instead of students, and also cultural aspects and manners. While I do believe there should be a little more freedom to use phones in school, if you are using your phone in a class when a teacher is lecturing, it's rude and you're acting like you're better off without school. It's really hard for self control when you're under 18 if you're bored in a class and you happen to have a phone on your hand. Around upper high school and college, you're expected to know better and you'll be using your phones for recording, research, etc. So props to my previous school for not allowing phones for students cuz this may be the "digital" age, but it's quite almost the "distracted" age.

  6. Lmao I remember the time when the teacher collected student's phone for a test, but one student brought two phones so that one can be handed to the teacher and the other can be used to cheat.

  7. The irony! Dungeons and Dragons used to be blamed as a bad influence for kids and now it's preferred over cell phones!😄

  8. as if teen suicide would drop just because teens can’t be on social media for 7 hours a day… what happens at 3:01 when social media and everything that comes with it is still there when schools can’t control phone use?

  9. So the only way to open the porch is with a large magnet do they know what magnets do to electrical devices

  10. Is there just student rage in the comments who literally play on their phones in class. What is the benefit of students always being able to have access to their phone in class. School is not even that long and they have plenty of time to check their phones after school. To clarify for some people, students are actually committing to suicide because of their social life usually though social media; and some students say they are stressed about school because they are on their phones during class not focusing in the healthy learning environment that is provided for them plus checking their phones instead of doing their homework or studying for tests. There is also some "controversy" on how everyone will be killed in a school shooting (*face palm*). School shootings are extremely rare and is students being able to find guns in the first place a gun control issue and not the issue of students not being able to call emergency services because they don't have access to a smartphone? A lot of schools, at least that I know of, have a telephone on desks of teachers and administrators, and as someone pointed out that school staff also have phones. You guys know that students are not the only people that are able to save lives by calling emergency services, and the person calling emergency services doesn't even need to be someone on school campus? Would not having to worry about anything besides your education be a good thing? No wonder the non-paid students are not so critical in the video. I know this isn't the only solution to make schools a better place but this is a good start. Comment if there is actually some though out drawbacks for students not having phones in schools, please consider both perspectives, schools and students.

    I would also like to point out that the video isn't only about schools if you watched the full thing.

  11. Funny thing is i go to this school and now next year we wont have this cause the school loses to much money to this😂

  12. okay thats nice theyre playing uno and baseball but the school doesnt have any right to take to manage the students private property

  13. Lmao why spend money on that thing? My teacher at would take our phones at the start of the class and you weren’t allowed in class if you didnt give her your phone

  14. I bet they paid the school and the students to act like they’re on board, everyone is complaining about phones, video games, etc. when those same people have issue like drunk driving, smoking, child abuse. Kids can’t do anything to fight back because adults are the ones that can shut them down if they protest. The girl who said that the students protested heavily was probably what happened

  15. Kids should have them during passing time but they should be put away out of sight in backpacks during class time.

  16. No kids don't need phones during school. They are distraction rectangles. I love the technology and advocate for it's use, not in class (unless DIRECTLY applicable)

  17. How else am I supposed to call the police when my school gets shot up. Solve that problem first please.

  18. 20-30$ a student to simply take away their phone seems wasteful, a basket and a mandate would be an easier solution

  19. If classroom was interesting then there's no need for phones. You think social media is greater more enjoyable than real interaction,No! People use'm cause people aren't interacting properly. Its simple but people are stubborn to accept they know less than their phone, you need to offer something more than knowledge to attract people to listen to you.

  20. My high school, at least when I was there back then (2013-16), allowed only basic phones to be brought, and it must be stored inside a specific basket during classes.

  21. This school is working it so wrong, it's better to teach how to deal with a phone than locking it up.

  22. This doesn’t seem like a solution. Such strong behaviour is not going to teach students to have a healthy relationship with their phones, it will just perpetuate their urges to be on them. Eliminating choice does not teach people to choose a better option. I find it concerning, but this is what American schools do. Schools treat young adults like children and so students rebel when the option presents itself or they finish school and struggle to successfully operate because their lives were previously micromanaged to the point they couldn’t even decide fir themselves when they want to go to the bathroom.

  23. This is a very, VERY bad idea. While yes you claim it helps them focus on being socially active and school work, it can lead to big problems. What if they need to research for school work and there's no computer or ipad or book available? What if they need to call their parents? What if there's an emergency and 911 needs to be called? Think twice about this.

  24. IDK why schools spend $$$ for some crappy pouches when they can make some rules that dont allow phones. I live in Poland where in school phones are banned and i dont see any kid that use phone at school- No weird pouches requided

  25. 0:26
    Me: Quess iam not an average kid? I only have is a 10 year old tablet which runs android kitkat😭

  26. What if you have two phones. The 1st phone is fake but the 2nd phone is real and has games on it then you gave the fake phone instead

  27. I thought this was news, not some advertisement. Also I wonder how much they pay those students to say these fake data.

  28. In other countries, children have wristband phones. They are used solely for communication with the parents and emergencies. So, why they can't implement that technique in the US?

  29. Here's how I can prove that phones are NOT the reason all of us students are so stressed out, anxious, and (some) potentially have suicidal thoughts. I don't own a phone. I don't even have the ability to distract myself on school premises, or even pull out a phone during free time, such as lunch. I am still extremely stressed about everything that has to do with school, even when I'm already home and SHOULD have the liberty to just rest, but I can't even do THAT much when I have piles and piles of work to get through. Each. And. Every. Damn. Night.

  30. Having gone to a high school that didn't permit cell phones I'll admit that it does make people more social which is a benefit.

    That being said you can accomplish the same thing with policy, you don't need a gadget. My school just took your cell phone if you had it out during the school day and you had to have your parent come to get it back. Irritating for the parents but pretty good incentive not to have it out since you'd get your ass handed to you for making them travel all the way to your school just to grab your phone.

  31. This is backwards, schools need to adapt phones to their teaching not throwing them away. This is like telling the stonemen they should not use metal tools and go back to bone tools because the shamans did not approve of it. There is nothing wrong with phones, there is something wrong with the current paradigm of teaching, it's broken. Kids learn more watching YouTube videos than listening to one person.

  32. my school says we can't have our phones at all. not even in lockers. im keeping mine in case of personal emergencies

  33. Bruh if schools don't let kids use phones why don't we just carve our essays on stone tablets if we can't use our advancing technology

  34. "Building relationships, human interaction….that's what school should be like."
    MEANWHILE the kids spend 99% of school time locked in classrooms where they are forbidden to speak.

  35. why this is so dumb they are wasting there money like why don’t they just not take away there phones an just use the movie to repaint the school

  36. Can somebody tell me how to sneak my phone through my schools metal detectors ? My school decided to take our phones this year which is very stupid.

  37. Phones are just part of the problem. Yes, kids should stay off their phones during school, they should only be focused on learning. The other part is the school system, putting way too much pressure on kids, too much homework, too much tests, etc. Schools should be simple, easy to learn, and fun.

  38. Phones need to stay out of school. Parents shouldn't even buy their kids a phone. Everyone uses the "emergency" excuse, but guess what? Nobody had a cell phone back in 99-02 and we all survived.

  39. I had my phone off and a setting on that made it so u would have to put it in to turn on the phone and guess what the school managed to get in my phone and that was a verry tough pass so the school is breaking the law by getting on our devices and basicly well angnoring the law and yet u get in trouble for tripping on someone's stuff and the school is well yes school has a big well fun school get rid of it

  40. Wow! Keeping phone's out of schools, great, how are they going to call 911 if a shooter comes to visit? Hey, wait… schools not allowing phone's, another passive idea:instead use the money to advance gun control and stop domestic terrorist. Doesn't make much sense to me.

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