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This Slime Could Be Good For Your Phone…

This Slime Could Be Good For Your Phone…

special delivery here quite the package in front of me I’m told to hit this button to unveil the brand new D brand grip so here we go oh my here we have the grip installed on an iPhone 10 so the reason for this package is because of the technology inside of the nudibranch grip it’s called d3o and it’s in this container right over here this is a patented material which is like nothing I’ve seen and you’re gonna understand why in a moment here you probably also can see that I’ve got a mallet and you know I’m gonna be inflicting some damage hopefully this material here can stop the damage from happening it looks like some kind of slime or goo but that’s its resting stage and that I mean that’s satisfying on its own I might just go ahead and do that if you I mean the hole up and down and well you know I have a thing for that so this is the magic right here and it is quite strange your standard slime or goo but you’ll notice that as it kind of falls down under its own weight there’s something that’s that’s satisfying right there it’s almost like liquid this allows this stuff to be formed into various shapes and be used in all types of different equipment including hockey equipment when force is applied to which the molecules bunch up look at that they bunch up and they become resistant so it’s soft to my touch I can easily poke it but when force is applied look at that it completely changes its behavior so the scientific term for this type of behavior is called non-newtonian now I know what you’re saying I’ve seen this stuff before it’s called Oobleck it’s cornstarch and water no no no no that’s not what this is that material it liquefies way faster and because of that can’t really be used in commercial applications like a phone case now you’ve seen this mallet sitting over here and you know I’m not gonna tease you like that I’m gonna need a participant I’m gonna need a volunteer and a volunteer we have ladies and gentlemen it’s been a while say hello to your favorite guest here on unbox therapy although Willie do will dispute that his name is oh yeah Moe is going to wrap his hand in the d3o and I’m gonna get the old one-two cuz that’s what you wanted you’re sick you’re twisted [Music] so you want this stuff in your life it’s obviously very cool and you can get it in the d-brane grip it’s in the corners here there it is you’re getting this same tech right here but in grip form you probably also noticed the new black camo and changes depending on the angle that’s kind of a cool look so the grip is on IndieGoGo right now it’s got like two three days left in the whole concept here is you pick a skin you put a skin on your device and then you put the grip around the outside it’s also super grippy as the name implies it’s not gonna slide off of a surface it’s easy to hold on to and so on that’s where it gets its name from you’re not giving up your click there’s no click sacrifice click four days there oh baby all right I’ll just be this be here for a bit starting up my new channel it’s gonna be a slime channel it’s called a pivot alright somebody’s got to be thinking about the future of unbox therapy No yeah alright goodnight you

100 thoughts on “This Slime Could Be Good For Your Phone…”

  1. Bro it is a "oobleck" it is made after mixing cornstarch and water, when we hit it hardly than its particles get attached to each other but when we don't apply force and pop in slowly the particles move from there place and we can pop in easily

  2. For y'all dumb people. As you can notice at 2:48 he picks up the hammer by using his thumb and index finger. So the hammer must be light as fuck. No problem guys.

  3. One of the word company . Ever !!
    I ordered the case plus a sticker . It took over 3 month to send me a email that it can take another 1 month . For this prize for a case you should expect a better customer service. Same happened to 2 of my friends . Questions is if the company is even legit. So for it dosnt look like . Would be a good concept but it failed . !!!!

  4. That’s basically ooblek. Actually. Exactly like ooblek

    Edit: as soon as I made this comment he explains it’s not ooblek 😂😂

  5. Oobleck with less water or more corn starch I’m pretty sure some guy’s kid fucked up making oobleck and dropped his phone in it and the guy decided to sell it for 8,000 dollars.

  6. Unbox therapy guy: Hey guys I found some mold in my fridge.

    pulls mold out of sold gold case from the future

    Unbox therapy guy:this mold is super high tech and has never been made before.

    Edit: I FUCKIN BOUGHT HEAT CHANGING AND CLEAR VERSIONS OF THIS SHIT FOR 10 BUCKS AT A GOD DAMN STORE I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER! No case tho and the heat changing thing but I’m pretty sure this stuff is like 20 bucks and could probably be sold in target if it didn’t act like it was made by aliens instead of some dumbass who fucked up making oobleck.

  7. Don’t buy this.
    Most of the backers are complaining about how they haven’t got there’s yet, it’s worth like 25 dollars at MOST but they sell it for 35, and out of people who have gotten theirs most are complaining about quality being shit and breaking really quickly.

  8. You should Oder alot of this slime and make a suit out of it and put willy threw tests with it on to see what it can take before he actually feels something

  9. Just visited the indiegogo page for this and there seem to be a lot of comments from backers saying the case has been braking apart after about a month of use. Cool product concept that could have probably used more testing and quality control.

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