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This Smart Glove turns your fingers into a cell phone!?

This Smart Glove turns your fingers into a cell phone!?

Have you ever wished your fingers could double
as a cell phone? Or have you ever wanted to call your mom using
just a thumb and a pinky? Well, the future is here. You might think this is an April Fool’s joke…but
it’s not. This glove is the real deal… a cell phone
glove. A hands-free talking glove that uses Bluetooth
to make and receive phone calls. I think we should see how it works from the
inside. {crinkly crinkly} Let’s get started. [Intro] {crinkly crinkly} Inside the box are two gloves, left and right. They feel like a normal average pair of super
common cotton gloves, but these gloves have a little extra tech inside. Pairing the gloves to my phone was easy enough. Never a sentence a thought I would say. And that’s it… my cell phone gloves are
ready to go. It’s a one size fits all kind of thing. I can feel the circular speaker up towards
the tip of the thumb sewn inside the fabric somehow. I’ll figure that out more in a second. There is a charging port built into the control
unit at the wrist, it’s a micro USB port which feels a bit antiquated at this point, but
I’m also reviewing a pair of gloves right now, so let’s not be too picky. Unlocking your smartphone while wearing gloves
is usually impossible, but the white fingertips on these smartphone gloves are conductive. Usually this means it’s woven with some kind
of metallic yarn or thread that would allow the smartphone to recognize conductive touch
the same way bare skin would. From the inside of the glove there are no
wires that are visible. For only costing $17, this is not a bad find…assuming
it all works of course. I can definitely feel the speaker in the thumb,
but I don’t feel any wires or microphones running along the pinky. Let’s check the audio quality. [Muffled voice] “This is what the audio
really sounds like when someone is speaking to you and you’re listening to the audio through
your own thumb while your hand in inside the glove.” It’s rather quiet. Your thumb has got to be pretty deep inside
your ear to make it sound good, but surprisingly, it is working. [Slightly muffled voice] “This is what the
audio quality sounds like when you’re speaking through the glove to another person. The glove is a pretty simple microphone/speaker/Bluetooth
combination, but it seems to sound alright, even if it’s a bit quiet. It might be a gimmick, but at least it’s a
functional gimmick.” Let’s figure out once and for all where the
hardware is located. My razor blade helps put some deeper grooves
into the fabric. With a bit of persuasion, the seam next to
the control panel patch, we can get our first look at the internal circuit board and the
battery. This cute little guy is the brains of the
whole operation, but it’s not protected against water in any way – just bare circuits. So wearing these gloves in the rain or during
a snowball fight would probably be a bad idea. It’s all just literally sewn into the seam
of the glove…interesting. I guess this is what all the high-tech grandmas
are up to these days…knitting techy gloves. The circuit board has a processor, two red
buttons, and if we look closely up here in the corner, we find the microphone. So the sound is actually not coming from the
pinky. The box might lead you to assume otherwise,
but the microphone is actually located on the wrist, meaning that by wearing the glove
on the right hand, where the glove is on the inside of the wrist, is probably a better
idea than having the mic on the outside. The guy on the box is definitely not using
it right. The battery is 110 milliamp hour, which is
about one third the size of an Apple watch, but still supplies about 6 hours of talk time….if
your thumb can last that long. The white wire, which I did accidentally cut
during the circuit board removal, leads up to the tip of my thumb, but the speaker seems
to be sewn into it’s own little compartment. With no visible screws, we’re left with a
razor blade as the best tool for the job, making short work of the conductive threads
and exposing the round speaker ear piece. Once it’s out I can remove the white wire
which makes it’s way down the thumb hole to the motherboard and the microphone on the
wrist. This whole thing is pretty cool, even if the
microphone isn’t actually located in the pinky, the glove is a fun little gimmick that serves
more of a conversation piece instead of a functional daily life improving accessory. I do got to hand it to them though, they did
make an interesting product and I’ll give them a thumbs up for that. I’ll link the gloves down in the video description
if you want to check out the current pricing. And I’ll put a few of my other April 1st videos
down there as well. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you

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  1. It’s great how you call it a “hands free” talking glove. How is it a hands free glove do you put it on your foot or head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. But does it scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7? I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS, JERRY!! OR ZACK!! OR ZACH!! WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS!!

  3. He started cutting the glove while it was on his hand and I was like…..


  4. OK let’s be honest if I ever see a video on April 1 I’m never going to believe it’s real and you should always assess what day it is

  5. I could buy that for my dad’s birthday he has it in 4.1… I wonder if he ever got any working gag gift haha 😂

  6. do not waste your money on this. i have this and if you ever use it in an environment that isn't completely silent, the person you are talking to wont hear anything. they also suck at keeping your hands warm

  7. Whoa!!!

    For a quick second there, I thought Jerry was gonna say:

    “Your thumb has gotta be pretty deep inside your ASS”

  8. Hey Jerry, from all the tech u already opened up and tested, which was your favorite thing to open up?

    Is there also an reason why you have a Galaxy? I'm thinking about getting the s10 really soon

  9. I'm new to this channel and this comment section is just filled with what I guess to be inside jokes which I'm not getting

  10. Using a razor blade to remove the hardware was nerve wracking. But you didn't cut yourself, so everything's okay. Subscribed.

  11. This is probably a sponsored video by the person who Sells these via FBA on amazon, to get his stuff to rank higher on in the search results and Jack gets a 30% cut of each sell with his link, cool

  12. Jerry:This are nyc gloves
    Jerry:Lets see whats inside


  13. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who thought that the gloves had the design sown in by a friend, right? No?….

    K . _.

  14. I can see these being useful during a ski/snowboard trip so you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket.

  15. Nice video. I saw on your Twitter that someone mentioned the screen burn on your galaxy S8 and I had to go back to those video to see. And yep, pretty bad screen burn 😬

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