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This TCL foldable phone is a sneak peek of 2020

This TCL foldable phone is a sneak peek of 2020

– Hey guys, I’m Vlad with
The Verge, here at MWC 2019 and we’re taking a look at a foldable phone prototype from TCL. So TCL is a brand you
probably know from its TVs. It also sells phones under the Alcatel, BlackBerry and Palm brands, but displays are the company’s
bread and butter so to speak. So this is why we’re looking
at this foldable display here. I am not allowed to touch it. I am not allowed to even get too near it. And in its present state, I would really describe
it as a folded device, rather than a foldable device because nobody is going to show us it folding, opening and closing whatever. One of the not obvious challenges with a foldable display
is actually the hinge. There’s a whole bunch of engineering that needs to go into the hinge. And TCL has even branded its own design, its called the Dragonhinge. It has gears on the inside. It does take a lot to make this thing fold and open and close
properly without breaking. Now having said that, we do have five different
devices in front of us and they’re very different. One is the 7.2 inch foldable. One is a phone that seems to
fold inwards like a wallet. Another is rather like
a small Galaxy Fold, which has a display on the outside as well as a foldable
display on the inside. TCL says that is headed to a
2020 retail device, hopefully. I’m not really sure
how that’s gonna fit in under the Alcatel or
BlackBerry or Palm names, but the main point here is that we have yet another contender. Now we already have Samsung
with the Galaxy Fold and TCL is getting into that as well. Now with TCL because of
its brand positioning, the company wants to make
things more affordable. This is why its not
doing anything in 2019. The only devices that you’re
going to get affordable in 2019 are first of all going
to be very compromised such as I myself saw
with the Royal FlexPai. Or super expensive as you have
with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. TCL doesn’t want to get involved in that. It wants to do something more
affordable, more mainstream and this is why its heading towards 2020. So aside from a 7.2 inch
functional prototype that TCL has here, the
company is exploring a whole bunch of other
applications as well. You can have even smartphones which are going to fold around your wrist, essentially become a wearable smartphone. Now these again are pure concepts, we’re not seeing any
working prototypes of them, but that’s the variety that
the company is exploring with its designs. One of my concerns with all
of these foldable devices is what are they going to look like when they’re folded close. How big is the gap in
the hinge going to be? And how is that going to translate into a device that you actually want to carry in your pocket? Hopefully we’ll learn more
about that as MWC 2019 goes on. But this for now, is our first look at TCL’s 7.2 inch working, folded, somewhat, prototype. Hey guys, I’m Vlad with the (mumbles). (laughs) It’s too early in the morning. – [Man] First one, first one, and go. – We’re going to have plenty
more videos coming out here from MWC 2019 in Barcelona. So for more foldable, folded,
5G, no 6G sorry things, stay tuned to
and Youtube.comTheVerge.

100 thoughts on “This TCL foldable phone is a sneak peek of 2020”

  1. why would u want to have a folding phone ? doesnt make any sense to me..when u wanna have a bigger screen…you go for a tablet..or a small laptop…and if u want a phone …u go for a phone wtf

  2. I am not a native English speaker, it was kinda difficult for me to tell the difference between “a foldable phone” and “affordable phone”. After seeing galaxy fold and Mate X, I realize they are antonyms…

  3. lol the 6G comment poking fun at someone's(the name I shall not speak in the fear I might spontaneously burst into flames) comment that they said about this technology recently, pure savage The Verge lol.

  4. Very smart move by TCL. No one is ever going to buy a foldable phone this year, only the .1% of people who are tech reviewers or rich people. By 2020 that new technology is gonna be way cheaper and the foldable phone is going to be more better advanced

  5. Honestly, this bulk of foldable phone releases tells me that these companies have the sole goal of being "one of the first" to release something like this, not because they technology is ready enough to actually be deployed

  6. It's too late for such a technology. I would have been cooler if it came out back in 2000s but nowadays it's just not worth trying. Reason for being so, there are way much better technologies out there such as the google glass and display glass and wind windows.

  7. Why the f* do humans want foldable phones?
    You want a Phone? Buy one!
    If you want a Tablet get one too, and don't buy this overpriced piece of scratchable plastic screen which get's crumpled and will break at some point!

  8. He guys just asking isn't the foldable technology being developed to be folded in any way. I mean atleast 2 sides, like if it can fold in why don't thay try to make it fold out. Folding out gives two seperate screens to interact while folding in (depending on number of the display) you get one screen. Thinkin about the old transparant phone renders, why don't the manufacturers opt to put everything inside a bar at one end which will make it much more compact and easy. 😅 There may be a lot of technical difficulties, after all they have the worlds greatest engineering minds. If this trend continues do you think by 2020 we could seen any new break through things in the mobile world. Like the introduction of smartphone, tablet like that. Atleast a killer feature.

  9. Do know why they're prohibited to touch the device? Cause foldable phone could break easily. Or the folding action is not as smooth as you think.

  10. The bracelet form factor, especially if you add Paul's "double fold" next step from the last vergecast – is starting to look like something cyberpunkish and awesome. Especially if you make it out of those samsung lego-oled panels, and you can use each "scale" of the bracelet as a separate screen. And you unfold it to a 7-10 inch single screen when you need your work/leisure 2d screen/surface. 3/4 years till we are there?

  11. This is a fail compared to Galaxy Fold and Mate X. By the time they launch it in 2020, it would be out dated. Seriously..who would think a gap in the fold is acceptable? Fail fail fail

  12. So starting by this year to start up folbable phones or whatever, and that will change in better everything.Which is nice for us.

  13. I don’t know if you can say “working” prototype in the conventional sense. I think the charging cable coming out of the hole of the table is much more than a charging cable.

  14. These look like very early prototypes of foldable phones, say whatever you want about the Galaxy Fold but it is the most polished one I have seen yet, even with its horrible notch, the mate x is good too but its display has creasing.

  15. In my personal opinion foldable devices will be potentially useful when Android apps for tablets get as optimized as they are for the iPad on iOS

  16. Wtf is this foldable hype I swear it's so dead and most regular people won't even think about getting it , plus if they were doing it for the right reasons maybe but they just doing it so they can charge us 2 phones price and call it foldable .

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