99 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks of Samsung Galaxy J5 2016”

  1. kenapa samsung j5 2016 saya suka muncul bunyi .padahal tidak ada pesan bbm atau yang lainnya .solusinya .from indonesia

  2. by the way when you turn the screen into black it saves 70% of your battery i have j5 2016 and i tried it it works🖒🖒😊

  3. i have the same phone and when i take a screenshot the top of the screan gets blurry nd it stays that way !!!

  4. one thing more i have samsung j5 ….which is best app for j5….swipe pad, omni swipe or u suggest any other….plz help me

  5. Thank you for the easy screenshot I was having problems from screenshoting using and pressing the volume button and off button at the same time but thanks to you I can now easy screenshot! 😉😉😉

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  7. i have this phone but my front light is on the left and the light sensors are on the right with the front camera what I really wanted on this phone was slo motion.. and fingerprint lock

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