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To Break a Phone Addiction, Turn Your Screen Gray

To Break a Phone Addiction, Turn Your Screen Gray

Instagram when everything’s in grayscale is pretty awful. It’s like suddenly your whole world is gray. A lot of people look at my phone and think it’s broken. But I actually have it purposefully in black and white It’s just a little mind hack. There’s a reason every notification on your phone is red. That is a color that stimulates excitement in the brain. Las Vegas has known this forever, there are red lights everywhere trying to get your attention, you’re constantly stimulated, that’s why people just love Vegas, they go crazy, they start gambling and having unprotected sex. I know on the iPhone it’s been there for about a year. You go in to accessibility and click grayscale. And all of a sudden, everything is gray. Say you find yourself checking your phone too much, and you want to break the habit because you used to spend all your time texting with this special, gorgeous, smart person who just happens to be self-obsessed and then she doesn’t want to text with you anymore and then she has a new life. So you put it in grayscale and you don’t have to worry about this sort of thing. You end up checking your phone way less and noticing the beauty in the natural world around you. Just a little life hack. Just a little something for productivity. So people say that it’s joyless, which has been a criticism of a lot of my approaches to well-being, life. I think it’s great. I find myself checking my phone a lot less, doing things more purposefully. I check my phone at most now 200 to 300 times per day Why would I like it? Maybe I’ll write a comment like, “Lols look like you all having fun.”

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  1. UPDATE: For iPhones with iOS 10 – you must tap "Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accomodations > Color Filters" Then switch on "Color Filters" and select the "Grayscale" option. Whew!!

  2. I did this to my work phone (put it on ultra low power mode) primarily to save battery – but it just meant I used it as a phone only, which is what it is, and it was a beautiful experience.

  3. I made a website for this movement! I'm calling it "Go Gray". Website has instructions for both android and ios grayscale mode! check it>

  4. how about instead of turn the screen grey…just shut the god damn thing off. im 30, i like my phone alot, it is handy – but i rarely ever keep it on me (not at work, not outside when im home, etc). people are just so damn hopeless, society in general is hopeless at the rate we are going

  5. Wow, this is cool !!! Great idea 🙂
    To make things simpler, just go to search and type grayscale. The iPhone will take you there.

  6. What the fuck happened to this geek? He needs urgently a crash course on humbleness. His head is massive. .. anatomically and figuratively

  7. Senior Editor… I don't buy that. He can barely speak, I doubt he can accurately write.
    0:37 They start having sex. 0:51 All of a sudden everything is gray… UGH.
    It's black because it's a Scrying Screen. Just like any other portable device or the Tellievision. Research. Think.

  8. What he is saying is pseudoscience BS. But anyways, this grayscale feature is so cool. Cooler than the BS he is talking about.

  9. Waiit what ? Turn ur screen GAY??
    So if it’s straight it’s addictive ?
    Goddamn Apple u made phones with sexuality

  10. I hadn't thought of that… that the reason the notification symbol on your Facebook page is red is because it stimulates a certain part of your brain to notice it. That's probably very true! Yes, maybe changing it to grey would help some people cut back on checking it so often. I didn't realize you could change the color. Neat!

  11. I literally turned on grayscale on my iPad. It is a life saver… been addicted to YouTube from forever…

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