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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Tips & Tricks | Inventory Management | Ubisoft [NA]

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Tips & Tricks | Inventory Management | Ubisoft [NA]

At the core of The Division 2 is the loot. It’s plentiful, important and being able to manage the incoming piles of gear and weapons is key to a tidy collection in your inventory. As you play through the game you’ll find new pieces of gear that you want to equip. To make sure it’s providing the benefits you want, you can compare it against your current equipped gear by pressing the appropriate button. Once you’re happy with your equipment, you’ll probably want to get rid of the old stuff. You can individually deconstruct your unwanted items to get some crafting materials or sell them to a vendor if you’re in need of some credits. To speed up this process though, you can mark an item as junk by pressing the appropriate button and then either deconstructing all of the items from the inventory options menu or selling all of your junk at a vendor. If there’s a piece of equipment you absolutely love you can mark it as a favorite making it stand out in your inventory and it will also act as a safety against accidental deconstruction or selling. Don’t forget that you can also sort your gear based on different properties, for example you might want to have this set to item level while you’re on the journey to level 30. Your inventory will eventually get full so it makes sense to put your unneeded items in your stash for future use. You can move items while interacting with a stash in the Base of Operations in Settlements, at Safe Houses and in the Dark Zone Checkpoints. All you need to do is select the move to stash option. But make sure you apply the same inventory management tips we’ve shown here to your stash as well. It’s really easy to let the stash turn into a bit of a mess. Whether you just like having a tidy inventory or want to make sure that you don’t accidentally deconstruct your favorite gun, knowing all the tools at your disposal when it comes to inventory management will keep your arsenal running nice and smooth.

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  1. So were you that bored Hamish, you had to make a video on how to inventory? Lol I mean all the buttons are clearly displayed at the bottom of the menus, anyone who gets lost or confused is just too lazy to read.

  2. idk if we’ll get the option to buy the eilte agent pack separately. i first bought the standard edition and then the year pass but i have no way to get the packs without buying the game again essentially

  3. If Hamish was a YouTuber, I would totally be subbed. That super sweet accent is too cool. Just the way he says “inventry” 😂😂 Hey, Hamish, can I get you to do the voice over on my Stop Hoarding videos for the Division 2?!

  4. Here is a neat trick idea FIX THE LAG!!!!!!!!!! It's unplayable for hundreds of people with powerful rigs check your forums I'm quitting until this is fixed and I'm sure I won't be alone.

  5. i don't know if you know this, but like you got some better stuff in there then those blues you got on… just letting ya know

  6. WE NEED MORE STASH SPACE. Nobody thinks 150 is enough, unless they only play casually and haven't hit level 30. PLEASE address this

  7. wait, why im only 60 inventory? i mean im at level 23 still xD miss the 120 space with 50 mods using space xD

  8. I remember when these “tips & tricks” were in paper form also called the game manual.
    An extra tip, use the thumb sticks to move your character.
    Also shoot the bad guys because if you shoot them they die, and if they die they can’t shoot you, and that’s what you really want.

  9. Inventory management is probably my favorite part of this game. If i could have an infinite inventory and just sort through it after a long play session i'd play nothing but this game.

  10. How about give us more inventory space, Massive? 150 slots in stash is not nearly enough. It sucks even more that skill mods also counts as a slot in the stash. You make us have to hoard loot to recalibrate our gear, but don't give us enough room to hoard items. This is even worse than Destiny 2's stash problem when it first launched.

  11. Please ADD more stash slots and a way to better organize the stash and inventory, when I search for set on a 100 full inventory gets a bit frustrating and waste of time, ADD A SEARCH !!!!

  12. Would be nice if y’all made the inventory categorized by weapon type instead of having to scroll though all the weapons we just got very messy… rifles, smg, shotgun, and so forth should be individually. Click rifles and all your rifles show .. just like the armor

  13. How to manage stash in this game is a nightmare, just give us a bigger stash plain and simple. Hell D2 has 500 for a stash

  14. Good video however, some settlement projects might need some of those items thus before you follow the info here check your projects!

  15. I really appreciate these videos, even though they aren't for me.

    On that note, please do something about stash space and the recalibration situation. There needs to be a better solution to it; stash space doesn't seem to be the answer. Even though more would be nice in the end it would just be filled with more recalibration fodder.

    I hope you guys can come up with something better, otherwise TD1's solution was vastly superior.

  16. It would be awesome if you allowed the gear you have on you and in the stash be viewable when moving mods around at the work bench or. Have the system setup that you can auto attach a gear set if you have all the pieces between your stash and on your person

  17. Please do a video for Recalibration. I’m so confused how people are increasing their gear score with Recalibration. Thanks!

  18. Yeah, this is a beginner's guide (for those who never played the Division, ever). It doesn't talk about all the intricacies of builds and stats possibilities, and how they play a role in picking what you need to keep and discard. You also don't talk about how painful that process can be, given the RNG nature of items (and how strict the rerolling of certain attributes/talents is). I love both division games, a lot. However, I quit playing the original one because managing inventory became a chore. I was hoping you were either going to give us an incredible amount of storage space or better ways to manage our inventory. I'm going to play TD2 as long as it doesn't become my third job (career, life, TD2??).You could give us the ability to extract talents and attributes from items (like other crafting materials), just to be used in recalibration.  That would save me tons of space because I wouldn't need to store items just to use them to improve items I actually use.

  19. Am i the only one picking up all useless gear and weapons? I ALWAYS have a full inventory and stash. Have to dismantle everytime i want to pick something up.

  20. is there a way to move in bulk trash or favorite to stash? no? than useless video… useless stash…

  21. Protip: Move your mouse to sides (left and right) and press "deconstruct" button at the same time to speed up the process.

  22. Having more issues with running out of space more than anything and forced to get rid of actual good talents and stats…

  23. Ubisoft
    HACKER Attack your love ball game.
    It cheats our game and distribute it to others to use.
    This is its YouTube channel.
    https://www.youtub(Request not specified)
    You quickly manage it.
    Before it destroys our game

  24. I wasted 120 dollars thanks Ubisoft I’ll never buy another game this game is so damn complicated then you patch thing that shouldn’t be patch truly don’t understand people who make games

  25. Why make it so console on PC…horrific. How do you even know what's better than your current one? The comparison "feature" is awful". Just show the DPS of weapons and have it in a stats screen with all modifiers. and yes, add a search.

    Why do devs have the weird desire to make games into spreadsheet games? Just show DPS and tell us what each modifier actually adds to it. Like even Skill Power is very poorly explained.

    I love the game, but it's making it very hard. I'm fine with difficulty, but obscuring just irks me so much. With this amount of loot, I'd like to be able to see right off the bat if an item is an upgrade. Just look at how Path of Exile does it, you can open a stats screen on the left and swap around items to see how your stats change. Even that could be better, but it's way more user friendly.

  26. This is a really great game, but people are disappointed with the decisions to make uniforms instead of clothing parts. Please think about it for future updates, theres no black tactical outfit to wear with a mask, and the black tusk looks awesome but have that ugly cap and you change the possibility to put masks on uniforms. Just saying that Is gonna be better if you give people what they want, and this is one of the easiest things. I though you learnet it from the division 1 but seens like not

  27. Nice video Hamish 👍 iam Sorry but I have to…

    Please guys rework the gear sets, they are underwhelming and miles behind high end gear builds

  28. Ubisoft please let The Hidden Ones dlc be free this year for all assassin's creed origins players. I really want to play it for free please Ubisoft make this happen.

  29. Can u fix the black screen or glitches in assassins creed remastered for PS4 because I bought it from odyssey’s season pass and the game keeps black screening me and won’t let me play and it’s like a waste of money for me right now. So if u can fix it can u please

  30. Getting delta'd at end of mission sort the servers out ffs. So how about fix the bugs and fix skills. Im very disappointed with this game now its like the division just dps builds shame you haven't learnt nothing from first game.

  31. Hard wired project component drops are ridiculous I've now done 14 missions and got only one component the c one got all the tech yet watching the YouTube channels they get them easy I'm almost dead inside grinding these missions over and over with nothing to show for it

  32. It’s a stupid game. It’s only made for pros, you tubers and devs. The PVE melts everything and almost is bulletproof. I wasted $120 plus $15 credits I bought. I also wasted time buying div 1 and getting all the shields, I didn’t get what they advertised would carry over. I thought I would wait to see what WT5 brings but it is still the same. The devs made this for only hardcore players but it seems that even they don’t like it.

  33. Another 8 hours and nothing dropped also clan hat is there when I login but disappears after doing a mission

  34. Played 5 minutes and got a feeling of the first one but just different seen so have not picked it up since. Also Uplay and Ubisoft can KMA


  36. fxck you!ubi!Do you know what is precision? Your game is always very rough, which makes the person who buys very angry, and the players who are looking forward to you are really pitiful.🖕

  37. Whatever happened to knowing what mods were linked to which gear? This needs to be back from Div1. Don't fix what isn't broken. Instead I end up breaking down some mods in the way in my futile attempt to make room in my inv. Please bring back the feature showing what gear my mods are linked to!

  38. the problem with inventory space is that too many loots are similar.. it's really hard to tell which one is better.
    plus… with the dev's habit of changing stuff around (I for one don't like the nerfing mentality). It's really hard to know what's to keep around and what's going straight to trash bin.

  39. Thanks for the video. One feedback: at 57 seconds in the video, you demonstrate sorting but don't state the controller button / mouse click / keyboard shortcut that causes the sort menu to appear.

  40. Y'all just begging for a parody video of dealing with the complete cluster f*** you geniuses created aren't you.

  41. Mod management is a nightmare as none of the filter work (by name, price, etc.).
    it's almost impossible to compare the mods without making a spresssheet outside the game.

  42. Give us an APP that lets us manage our inventory out of game like Warframe. Include firing range. How hard can it be.

  43. I hate to mention this, but when are you going to actually implement the sort function in the mods inventory? It was broken in TD1 and it is still broken in TD2. I hope you don't just sit by and watch it rot for the next 3 years, just like what you did in TD1.

  44. 1. no weapon type tabs;
    2. no spec tags or any way to mark an item why I keep it;
    3. no talent search;
    4. no weapon name search if I want to find all military/custom versions of the gun;
    5. no space if you want more than one build;
    Your UX designers need some more brain. Or they've never played games.

  45. Best way to manage inventory would be for you to provide more inventory and more stash space or change recalibration so we don't have to save gear, i never thought i would be quitting an mmorpg because i cant farm because i have no room to keep what i am farming for…fix this please, hundreds of hours in game play, for what?

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