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Top 15 Haunted Phone Numbers You Should NOT Call

Top 15 Haunted Phone Numbers You Should NOT Call

15. 1-666-666-666
Colorado woman, Jenn Vest, was nursing her baby when she received what would probably
be the strangest call of her life. It was from the phone number 1-666-666-666.
She didn’t answer, but afterwards 48 incoming text messages were delivered to her phone
from various numbers. What was everyone so eager to tell Jenn Vest? Just five letters:
S A T A N. Needless to say, Jenn was frightened out of
her wits. “It really freaked me out, because I was
half asleep feeding my son and it woke me up,” she said. She believed, at first, that
she’d been dreaming. But when she realized it was real, she attempted to return the call,
but was answered by a prerecorded message: “this number is no longer in service.”
It turns out Jenn Vest isn’t the only one who has been contacted via this number. The
number has also sent messages to people, claiming the end of their life is imminent.
A guy by the name of Ian Folk said that he was called by the number and his mother answered.
“(The caller) said ‘Ian Folk has three days to live’.” Ian later said, “Of
course my mom has been freaking out all day about it. I pushed last call on my phone and
it says the number is 666-666-6666. I try to call it but it isn’t a real number.” 14. UK Calling
According to a book of true ghost stories, children of the ‘70s in the UK said there
was a number you could phone for free at a red box payphone that, when answered, led
to a terrifying conversation that consisted of only a woman’s crackling monotone voice
repeating, “Help me, help me, Susie’s drowning.”
The mystery number was supposedly a string of 0s, 1s, and 2s, or simply 20202020, according
to some. The call freaked all the children out…and,
yet, they continued to curiously make the call. Susie never seemed to get the help she
needed. 13. 000-000-0000 According to a post on, one
woman received a call from a phantom telephone number that listed on her phone in all zeroes.
The woman had been to her cousin’s burial the day before she received the call. When
she saw the mystery number appear on her smartphone, she handed the phone off to her cousin, because
she was frightened. Her cousin heard nothing but static on the other end. After repeating
“hello” several times, she hung up the phone.
In researching the number, the woman discovered that phone calls from our dearly departed
are sometimes dialed from this number. Depending on how you feel about getting this
phone call from a loved one, this could be a blessing or a curse. 12. Sadako
Not to be confused with Sudoku, Sadako is the name of a vile witch who will curse your
very soul. If you’ve seen The Ring, you know that once
someone watches the haunted VHS, they receive a phone call from a woman called Sadako. In
a scratchy, eerie voice, she curses the viewer, giving them a specified number of days until
they’ll meet their end. I’m not sure why anyone would want to dial
up Sadako, themselves, but her phone number is 090-4444-4444. The haunted phone number
will dial through with Japanese country code +81. When contacted, Sadako will frighten
the living daylights out of the caller. According to some callers, you won’t receive The Ring’s
infamous, “You have seven days,” schpeel. Rather, you’ll hear a high-pitched sound
that will tingle up and down your spine – a sound so discomforting that you’ll want
to hang up. And you should, as who knows what harm Sadako
can do to you through sound and sound, alone. In fact, some callers claim that despite the
fact that Sadako speaks no words at this haunted number, in dialing it, the caller will still
be haunted. Legend has it that anyone who calls Sadako will be the victim of some unexplainable
incident within a week of the call. 11. 1-000-000-0000
It’s pretty clear this is a fake number. After all, it doesn’t exist. If you try
and call it back, you’ll reach no one. But that doesn’t mean that 1-000-000-0000 can’t
reach you. As it turns out, some people are reporting
the nonexistent phone number has tried to get a hold of people. On the other end of
the line? A man, claiming that you’ll pass away if you don’t call fifteen people or
more about the message. Sounds like a chain letter, right? Well, that’s
exactly what it is. Those haunted chain letters are at it again!
So what happens if you don’t follow the laws of the chain? And what happens if you
do? One victim of the haunted phone call claims
to have actually followed through, instead of just hanging up on the fake number. Leaving
the caller on the line so that he could listen, this person called fifteen of his friends.
Once he’d done that he was allowed to speak to “Operator 4141,” another male voice,
this one scratchy. The Operator began to speak, but before he was able, the victim had enough
of this and decided to break the chain. The Operator hung up quickly without another word. 10. The Red Numbers
According to email and text message forwards, a warning was delivered to mobile users in
Pakistan not to pick up the following “red numbers”:
7888308001 9316048121
9876266211 9888854137
9876715587 The message stated that these numbers delivered
instant brain hemorrhage to the recipient through a particular high-frequency signal
emitted by the caller. The forwarded message claimed that seven people had passed away
already after answering any call from these numbers, and that the DD News, Aaj Tak (NEWS),
and IBN 7 had all reported on incidents. Authorities have debunked the rumors ever
since they were being sent around in 2007…but could that be a cover-up? What’s actually
going on here? The forwards were still circulating in 2010,
suggesting that the matter may not be true, but that it was best to avoid taking calls
from these phone numbers as a “precaution.” However, according to the 2010 version of
the message, 27 people had passed away by that point and, again, they said the incidents
had been reported by the DD News. As with any chain email, the author urges the recipient
to forward the message to family and friends. 9. 666
An urban myth in America goes that if you call the number 666, you’ll find something
sinister on the end of the line. One anonymous source said, “All of my friends
claim to have tried it with varying results…some say nothing happened, some say they heard
eerie music, others say they heard satanic noises.”
Another said that she’d received a call from 666, no area code, just the number. She
answered, but the caller was silent. When she called back, she received the message
that her call couldn’t be completed as dialed. She also claims that her phone dialed her
boyfriend’s number five minutes later. And although the call didn’t register in her
call log, it registered in his. 8. 866-445-6580
This so-called government number is said to flag people. If called, the person on the
other end will claim that you’re under surveillance by the government and that they will detain
your family. Interestingly enough, this phone number was
set up for a promotion at a NIN concert. At the concert, USB’s were distributed in restrooms.
They included a free track, along with the text file for this strange number.
For those who called the number, the frightening message may have haunted them into living
in a state of paranoia for the rest of their godforsaken life. 7. 1-900-909-FRED
If you’ve ever wanted to call Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger, here’s
your chance! This haunted phone number was advertised on
TV at the height of Freddy’s fandom in the late 80’s. “Call Freddy!” ads scrolled
in red letters across the screen. And believe it or not, children actually called
the haunted number. Likely double-dog-daring each other, kids all over America scared themselves
to no end and did, in fact, have nightmares. If you were to dial the number, you’d get
your very own Freddy Krueger horror story to keep you up at night.
Matt, from recalls his late-night dial to the hotline:
“I can’t remember the exact details of Freddy’s message, but I clearly remember
the details of that night,” he says. He snuck in a call one night when his parents
had left his sister to babysit. He couldn’t resist the TV ads, and he plugged in the number,
making what he calls a “huge mistake.” After listening for less than five minutes,
he hung up the phone. In his words: “Suddenly, I was petrified
of everything. Every creak, every shadow. Of course, it didn’t help that there was
a television special about the Elm Street movies on at the time. I would’ve turned
it off, but God knows what sorts of monsters might’ve grabbed me as I walked across the
living room to fetch the remote.” 6. 1-900-909-CREEP
Like many hotline numbers, this number was devised to scare the daylights out of children.
The number was listed on the bottom of commercial clips that were frightening enough, in and
of themselves, considering the horrible puppets appearing as monsters in them. According to
the commercial, you could call the CREEP number to talk to ghosts. And no one could keep children
away from that temptation. Many did call. And, years later, they’re still frightened. 5. 999-999-9999
A woman wrote into a blog claiming that she’d received a call from a mysterious number:
999-999-9999. When she returned the call, she arrived at Nextel directory assistance,
who said they couldn’t call out. She then did a Google search for the number and found
that the number appeared in a Thai film whose plot was along the same line as The Ring.
Whenever someone called the number, they met a terrible end.
The blogger also googled the number and found that many others had received calls from the
mystery phone number. The blogger even tried calling the number, but received a recorded
message that the call could not be completed as dialed. 4. 1-900-660-UGLY
Apparently, calling this oddly named hotline as a kid could send you into pure terror.
Made to invite kids to scare themselves silly, a call to the number resulted in screams,
quickened pulses, and fear from things known and unknown. The promo number, also known
as “Journey into Terror,” cost a whopping $1.50 for the first minute and $.35 every
minute after! No wonder it was so terrifying! 3. 1-207-404-2604
Carrie’s calling. When the famous Stephen King thriller came
out, this 207 number was set up to promote the chilling film. Promos flashed the number
at the bottom of the screen during the film trailer, urging curious kids to “Call Carrie.”
If you want a curse, you’ll get one by calling this number. Although nothing initially happens
on the other end, the caller will receive three return calls with unpleasant messages.
Of course, the calls were programmed, so everyone who rang up Carrie was treated to the same
three horrors: call #1 was earsplitting screaming, call #2 was chilling singing, and call #3
was spine-tingling whispering. Although the curse only lasted for three calls,
phoning Carrie just might give a child nightmares for life. 2. (303) 309-0004
Calling Colorado? You’re not likely to reach who you’re looking for at the phone number
(303)309-0004. Although the area code is from the Rocky Mountain state, 4Chan groups /b/
and /x/ began investigating the number in September 2012, after it was posted on Godlike
Productions. The investigation became known as OTP22. What
it uncovered was something only top secret phone numbers are made of…
OTP22 involved multiple stages: 1) various levels of secret codes, 2) various phone numbers,
3) an agent system that was apparently automated, 4) a live message desk, 5) SSTV images, and
6) “drop” locations around the globe. When 4Chan began to investigate the number,
“Agent Codes” were requested. Once the touch tone was input, a valid code would trigger
an AT&T Natural Voice that spoke a string of 2-digit numbers.
When 4Channers were able to decode the number sequences, they discovered that the numbers
relayed GPS coordinates. The coordinates were classified under various location labels,
like “SHIP,” “AGENT,” “TROOP,” and the like.
A so-called “drop” was discovered in Oregon. The drop led to the Lake Oswego Library CD,
which provided 4Channers new information to decode, this time in the form of letters,
separated into 5-letter groups, provided in the NATO alphabet.
This led to another “drop” in Maine, which led to yet another one in Minnesota. This
Minnesota drop was just a phone number on an index card in a plastic bag. The number?
709 700 0122. Once the 709 number was called, a new type
of code in the form of tones and chirps led to the coordinates to six more drops. This
time, they were international. Rhode Island, California, Finland, Chicago,
Bellwood, and Poland. Those in Finland, Rhode Island, and California
presented 4Channers with sealed bags full of odd metal parts. The ones in Chicago and
Bellwood turned up a strip of paper, reading “97 BA 16041-97 BA 16241,” along with
a broken cd. What were they? Clues? A new problem arose: the coordinates system
was shut down almost exactly when the 709 number had been discovered.
Now, when the 303 number was called, horn-like noises were heard. The horns were discovered
to be yet another code. Once they were decoded, another phone number was unveiled. This number
was Polish. When called, the “Bell Agent Code” was requested which would “reactivate
the system.” This is where the Bellwood number on the strip of paper came into play:
“97BA16041.” Once 4Chan entered in the Bell Agent Code, they were told the system
would soon be reactivated. The phone numbers were then altered to recordings
of odd encrypted conversations, after which the 303 number returned to the initial agent
system. The past codes were not valid, but the code “16041” emitted a binary tone.
Then “Agent Bourges” was welcomed back, but was told that the assignment was cancelled.
Assignment? What assignment? The agent system had been upgraded with a
directory that provided agent codes to access “Upload,” “Agent Instructions,” and
“AiBourges.” 4Chan is watching these closely to see if there are any further developments.
The “Message Desk” is one of these developments. This can be accessed via #16044 or 16244,
and occasionally the system forwards directly to it. The Message Desk is live, and a real
person asks for a number. Once provided a number, the Message Desk mystery man provides
another number, the name of a town, and sometimes other information. Since its discovery, the
Message Desk has been open for several hours each night.
In the course of this investigations, some 4Channers have received packages to their
home addresses, including PINK book, along with component parts. They’ve also received
the “keep alive code,” which enables them to question the Main Desk and get instant
responses through the PM. If you want a maddening run-around, call the
303 number, and you’ll become part of this wretched curse of secret agents and drop locations. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying the video so far. If you’ve ever been curious as to what
I look like in real life, then follow me on Instagram @dylan_is_chillin_yt, with underscores
instead of spaces. I also have Twitter @YT_Chills where I post video updates. I’d really appreciate
it if you followed me and feel free to send me a DM if you have a questions or suggestions.
If you’d like to see more of these videos in the future, then hit that subscribe button
because we upload new countdowns every Tuesday and Saturday. 1.0888-888-888
Mobitel, a Bulgarian mobile phone company, is the origin of a haunted phone number tale
that will make your skin crawl. Mobitel issued (+359)0888-888-888 to the company CEO, Vladimir
Grashnov, in early 2000. The mobile number is strange, sure, but nothing to be afraid
of…that is until you learn that every single Mobitel user that’s ever been issued the
phone number has passed away unexpectedly. Often in non-natural ways.
Grashnov was only 48-years-old when he was issued the phone number. Within less than
a year, he had passed. A highly aggressive cancer took the executive. Prior to, he’d
been in good health. The sudden passing led to gossip that the cancer had sprung from
radioactive materials used to take his life. The alleged culprit? A business rival.
Scoff at this gossip if you will, but attempts of this nature are not all that unusual in
Eastern Europe and Russia. However, Grashnov had no known enemies and, rather, was commended
for being extremely honest in business. The connection was only made once there were additional
abrupt victims of the haunted phone number. Who was the next poor soul to own it? 31-year-old
Konstantin Dimitrov, a Bulgarian mob boss. He traveled with his model girlfriend to the
Netherlands in 2003 to deal with his purported £500 million drug smuggling empire there.
The couple was in the middle of dinner at a high-class Amsterdam restaurant when a man
came in and took Dimitrov’s life. Supposedly, Dimitrov was holding the phone when it happened.
Of course, most point to Dimitrov’s rivals, the Russians, as the real culprits. But others
believe the haunted phone number striked again. All terrible things come in threes, and the
last victim caused by this haunted phone number makes this tale twice as chilling. Real estate
agent, Konstantin Dishliev, was the last recipient of the haunted phone number. Although it’s
surmised that Dimitrov had enemies, it’s difficult not to blame the haunted phone number
on the fact that Dishliev also had his life taken in an Indian restaurant in Sophia, Bulgaria.
Isn’t it just too coincidental that all three men who owned this number are now gone
from this life? The phone company indefinitely suspended the
haunted phone number after Dishliev. If you call the number now, you’ll receive a prerecorded
message that informs you the call is “outside network coverage.” Mobitel will never tell
why, as they released the following statement on the matter: “We have no comment to make.
We won’t discuss individual numbers.” Is this phone number haunted? No comment. Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure
to subscribe because we upload new countdowns every Tuesday and Saturday. Or if you’re still
not convinced, here are some of our other videos that I think you’d like. Enjoy!

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