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Top 5 best phone for kids / children

Top 5 best phone for kids / children

– At a certain point, your
kids are gonna have a phone, but parents don’t rush out and buy the first, most
expensive phone you see. There are a few things
you have to consider before buying one. I’ll give you top five
best phones for kids. (ticking) There are so many phones
on the market today, more than 300, and I have
tested most of them on quality. Mostly when I test phones,
I test them for grownups, how grownups would use a phone, but my testing system is cleverly made, so it can also easily be used to recommend phones for a
certain group, for example, kids. But what is a good phone for kids? You have to consider
five things: sar value, antennae quality, battery
life, display, and price. Sar value is important for
many things on a phone. So far scientifically-based studies have not found any dangers
from mobile radiation, but World Health Organization still recommends to be extra-cautious when dealing with kids on this matter. Why? Because the kids’ skulls and
brains are still evolving, and therefore there could be a minor risk. Better safe than sorry. So, just to be clear, the lower sar value, the less radiation, and the less brain cancer
risk there is for kids. Higher sar value also
have a negative effect on antenna quality on the phones. So, if you want your kid’s phone to be connected through the
mobile network at most times, you have to choose a
phone with low sar value. And have in mind, that iPhone, no matter what model you choose, have a high, high sar value, amongst the highest of any phones, and on top of that, it’s
also sickeningly pricey. The sar value also leads us to another function, the battery. High sar value means that the
phone needs to use more power to stay connected to the mobile network. This means a higher
performance from the phone, which again has a negative
effect on the battery life. And battery life is an important
feature on phones for kids. The kids are gonna game a lot, they’re gonna watch a
lot of YouTube videos, both battery consuming features. So, if you don’t want your kid’s phone to run out of battery, you have to choose a phone
with a long battery life. Yes, we are getting there, the
top five best phones for kids are just around the corner. Display. Whether you want it or not,
your kid is going to watch just as much on their phone as you are, especially for videos and gaming. So be good to your kids, and
give them a decent display. Full HD should do it on a
six inch or bigger display. Finally, the price. Yes, as in everything else in life, the price is also important
when buying a phone. Keep in mind that kids are
much more careless and reckless with their stuff, also their phone. Seeing cracks on a $1000 display is the stuff nightmares are made of, especially when you have to pay for it. Luckily, there are a lot of phones with a high quality for a low price. So finally, top five
best phones for kids are. (soft electronic music) Personally, I would choose the Galaxy A7. It’s cheap and performs fine on the most important
kids-related features. LG V30 could be the more expensive choice if your kids are a bit bigger, and maybe looking for a new phone to replace the one they have now. It’s about two years old, but
it’s still awesome and cheap. So, to sum up, don’t buy
an iPhone for your kids, or any other $1000 phone. There are so many other great and cheap alternatives for kids.

100 thoughts on “Top 5 best phone for kids / children”

  1. -all kids want is can get them cheaper than 90% of the phones on this list. like even if you get them second hand. For a channel that’s all about phones he don’t know a lot. plus no kids I know want anything other than an iPhone

  2. Me: not interested in the phone me
    Mostly interested in the suit
    Him: don't buy an iPhone or a 1000 dollar phone
    Me: you think anyone is going take him serious with that suit and his other clothes me ok

  3. I recommend a Motorola £84 in total and £6.99 a month for 12 months (for everything)! It's much more cheaper and I think it is much better to use for kids.

  4. I’m 12 and I got an iPhone seven and and I pad not trying to brag I’m literally just saying that I have them! I’m sorrrryyyyyy! ;-;

  5. bruh I got the iPhone 7
    I’m probably gonna get the 8 but it’s only because phones get passed down the family if their still new.
    thanks dad for making the mistake of buying the Samsung S9.
    (He hated it lol he’s getting another iPhone)

  6. Regardless of what people say, there's effort in this video.
    There sure is room for improvement but you took your time and did research for this. I suggest going on and trying to improve quality.
    And while many comments may be ironic and sarcastic some feedback may be taken from them. Stay strong!

  7. How bout kids with no phones? Is that ok, mister marketing guru? We’re so mired in tech shit, that we don’t know where the edges were. Take stock, grandad!

  8. I am 13 years old, take the advice from me. We don’t care too much about how good the phone is, so long as it’s an iPhone we feel more secure about using it. I know that thats a shame but unless you want the bullying problem iPhones are the way to go. 👌🏼

  9. What is the point of this. Like seriously. Your choice is iPhone or Samsung. Then the rest is down to what you can afford. Pointless video

  10. These r the phones that will get the kids laughed at because they are cheap and the brands are 'irrelevant'. Kids nowadays will only ever choose Samsung galaxy or iPhone with the majority having phones that are expensive, new and better.

  11. I don’t like this dude I got an I pod touch when I was 7 and I broke that so I got an upgraded version and now I’m typing this from my I phone 7 I got on my 11th b day

  12. I’m 13 and have an iPhone XR. I’m not reckless just like how it works with my Apple Watch and AirPods and my iPad.

    (EDIT: plz don’t rob me)

  13. Lol this video has more disliked than likes, this guy doesn’t understand that most kids want flagships like iPhones or Samsung’s Galaxy S10 not some laggy and crappy $200 phone 😂 this video is telling you how to get your kids laughed at 😂

  14. I use the iphone SE for goodness sake. It doesn’t cost at least over 300 quid (£) it supports latest updates. It is quite quick. It has a headphone jack. It may be small but if u want basically an SE but bigger. Maybe the 6s or 6s plus is for you. The ipad 5th gen also has similar specs. Also the storage i’d recommend is at least 32gb but if u want 16gb thats fine

    Goodness this comment is huge

  15. No one in my class has an android nor over at least 400 quid. I use the SE. 3 more for the 6/6s/6s+ and one with the iphone 7 product red.

  16. My parents got me a iPhone because they thought that it would be the best phones to track. Personally in my life the iPhones were the best choice. But the older iPhones. Like a 5 because they can still track well and they can’t break as easily as the rest of the iPhones. I’m not saying that they can’t break. People will most likely not agree but we all have different opinions. All my phones were hand me downs. And I think that is better than just getting a straight brand new iPhone.

  17. Just because a kid has a new expensive phone doesn’t always mean they’re spoiled, they may have earned it or other things.

  18. Basically most of the phones are cheaper versions of the iPhone X and that’s my lovely people is how u get ur kids to get made fun of

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