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Top 5 Cell Phones to Buy in 2019 | T-Mobile 600 MHz Network

Top 5 Cell Phones to Buy in 2019 | T-Mobile 600 MHz Network

Hey guys Des with T-Mobile Today we’re talking top five phones You’ve got to get in 2019 for T-Mobile’s 600 MHz network Be sure to click subscribe below and click the bell for notifications. Did your fave make the top 5? Let’s get into it. Starting off in the number five spot we drop in on the LG G8 ThinQ Sporting impressive specs to rock T-Mobile’s new and powerful 600 MHz signal The G8 comes well equipped and has a cool air motion feature That lets you use the phone without your hands and look at this beautiful carmine red version. Well done LG. Next up in the number four spot we’ve fallen in love with the Samsung Galaxy S10 family of devices From the Affordable S10e to the amazing S10 plus These devices all have beautiful screens and great cameras Not to mention, wireless power share For those moments when your friends need a little extra juice and you’ve got the power to give Here you go, buddy We’re going pro in the number three position with the OnePlus 7 Pro The 7 Pro is lightning fast, has a huge screen and a pop-up camera to capture your selfies and send them from virtually anywhere on T-Mobile’s more powerful 600 MHz signal And did I mention that camera was super cool? haha! The 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10 5G You may never find another S10 quite like it. It has 600 MHz It has millimeter wave 5G. It has six cameras. It has a giant AMOLED display It has a huge battery. It makes the statements it says I’m here with all the cameras and all the screen and all the G’s and I’m here to take the number 2 spot on your countdown Our number one pick was easy The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 takes T-Mobile’s newest most powerful signal and makes it look good Quite possibly the best screen ever in a smartphone paired with the creativity and productivity of the s-pen The only limits are your imagination and it’s all enabled by T-Mobile’s newest most powerful 600 MHz signal Didn’t see your favorite? Drop a comment below and stay tuned for another great T-Mobile video coming up next

33 thoughts on “Top 5 Cell Phones to Buy in 2019 | T-Mobile 600 MHz Network”

  1. I have the Samsung galaxy note 10 and B iPhone 11 and I still don’t have service at work in the office and I’ve tried the cell spot boost thing at work and still no service

  2. Nice to see LG make the list. I have 2018's V40 and it's been a great phone. I live Northwest of Nashville and T-Mobile reception and performance has greatly improved. Customer service is always great.

  3. Good news for me. My S10 plus made the list. All that's left to do is upgrade from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the Note 10 5G. Thanks @Askdes and T-Mobile

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