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Top 5 Most Dangerous iPhone Cases

Top 5 Most Dangerous iPhone Cases

– Hey, what’s up, guys! Welcome back to Tech Smart for
a special Saturday episode of Tech Top Five. This episode we’re checking
out the most dangerous iPhone cases in the world,
that you might’ve seen, but probably haven’t. (robotic electronic sounds) So if you guys are new
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drop it down below, or hit it up on Instagram, or Twitter. Super easy. In this one, most dangerous iPhone cases. How do we do it? We rate them one through 10, then we put it up against the test. You guys might have seen the
test on Twitter a little early if you’re following, but here we go. (robotic electronic sounds) Up first, and in no particular order, as we do it here on Tech
Top 5, the iPhone gun case. So like we do it, gotta go check out the old video on Tech Smart. If you guys want to
check out the playlist, it’s linked down below, or right up there in the i card if you missed the video. What is that? A Wiz Khalifa? ONIFC shirt? And I think it was
playing Drake’s One dance. Man, 2016 Keaton was way different. So banned iPhone gun case. There was a New York Times article. Oh, yeah! Gun shaped iPhone case is a terrible idea. That article came out in 2015. So here we have it, still,
this is the iPhone gun case. Pairs up perfectly with my iPhone 6S Plus. And it’s really simple. There’s not really a lot to it,
but with the iPhone 6S Plus, having kind of landscape mode, you could basically now watch content. It works! It really does work. (clicking sounds) And of course there is a trigger, but it doesn’t do anything, so I don’t think taking
this out in the pink version would be too intimidating. I think there was a second
article in the video. Then let’s dive into the comments. No way, The Telegraph. Armed police confront man
with gun shaped iPhone case. And there was an app? Pairs it up perfectly. (laughs) Honestly, what do you
think by having this? That’s just going overboard. We’re not showing any app in this video. Then you got this picture. New cell phone cases, this is ridiculous. I think this was like the only
viral picture to leak on it. You guys get the idea. It’s an iPhone gun case. They make it in black. Very dangerous. Very dangerous. So scale of one to ten,
I’m giving this a seven. This is not bad in terms
of how bad and dangerous and illegal these iPhone cases can get. Definitely a good start, but (clicking) doesn’t do any– (clicking) – -thing (multiple clicks) All right. So jumping into the comments. The gun handle should have a power bank. Yeah, that would have been clever. It’s definitely hard– It’s hard to put it anywhere, ’cause even if you try to pocket it, it’s not really meant to pocket. It’s not a real good case
for taking outside the house. (robotic electronic sounds) Next up at number two, we
got the iPhone stun gun case. This works with the iPhone 4. There was a company that
started making them for like the iPhone 6, iPhone 7,
but this is the iconic one. And the video actually
had a special guest, Big Nick, before he did music. Uploaded in 2016. Yeah, this is definitely the
year of the iPhone cases. And as you would think, what
iPhone does this work for, Ev? The old rectangular iPhone 4 and 4S. So just by clicking the switch up here you can see the blue light. And I mean, let me just
watch the video and remember, did I stun myself? Oh we hit 50,000 likes, too. Oh man, I said if I hit
50,000 likes I’d stun myself, and I think I just went
for it in the video. (zapping sound) Oh, my god, no! – Oh, fu– – But really with the iPhone
stun gun case you have these two prongs at the top on the taser case. And with the button– (zapping noise) Makes a blue light. (zapping noise) Here we go. It really smells. Three, two, one. (zapping noise) All right, yup. That made contact on that last time. (beep) so pretty basic stun gun case. If they kept it going, and
obviously if this still existed in 2019 maybe some
company might revive it. You can power it, and you can
charge your iPhone 4 with it. Nice little button down here. Full perk for you. So on a scale one to 10,
how does it come out? Give it an eight. This is good. Ev, we gotta get to 10 status, though. (robotic electronic sounds) Up three is probably one
of the most dangerous iPhone cases on this list. Hard to find nowadays the exact ones, but this is one of ’em. This is an exploding glitter iPhone case. And you’re probably
thinking exploding glitter iPhone case, good one. Well, the liquid inside here, when tested, actually when people
just drop their phones with the case on there, like humans. Well, over time the plastic
starts to crack, and the liquid on here was, well, starting
to seep out when people had it in their pockets. So that actually causes skin irritation. It’s not quite an exploding
phone, but the liquid in a glitter iPhone case could burn you. Basically, 275,000 liquid glitter iPhone cases for the iPhone 6S, 6, and 7, all were recalled. Basically all this model
where you could have the single camera right in there. Basically they were manufactured
in China by a company named Mixbin. All you really need to
know is with this case, and a few others out
there, if you do see one on a new phone, or even on
someone else’s old phone, just be careful. Hey, maybe even tell ’em
they could be carrying around something basically if
it leaks open will burn. And, well, if you watch the
video right there in the i card, try to burn basically a
piece of meat, or myself– Well, you guys find
out out for yourselves. Scale of one to 10 rating time. Ev, I’m giving this a nine. This is the most lethal
on this list, or is it? Wait ’til you guys see number four. (robotic electronic sounds) In at number four and
definitely a strong contender with number three. The iPhone pepper spray case. This is a pepper spray
canister basically attached to an iPhone case just right on the side. The crazy and kinda sad
part is I tested this out. Kate and Gabe came over and– I mean, the video’s all
here, for a second of it. What’s it like, we’re normal. Ugh. Oh, and she was so scared. I was so scared, too. We were both so scared, because pepper spraying someone, it’s– Unless you’ve done it before
you don’t know what to expect. I gotta jump into some of these comments. Oh, Keaten, for all the
things you do for us, this must be the most painful one. Thank you. Someone appreciates it. I started laughing so
hard when he was crying. Yes, I’m evil. Okay, that’s YouTube. I get how the internet works. Imagine if he wasn’t recording, or the girl held the
pepper spray backwards. Whoa. Kate, I’m so happy that
didn’t happen at one take, or even two takes. We got it on the first try. But I think we all can
agree being in that room, it’s so potent, and you’re
gonna feel it to some degree, even if it doesn’t hit you in the face. All right, just to get to it. Rating on the iPhone
pepper spray case, a nine. It’s pretty solid. (robotic electronic sounds) And at number five, the most
dangerous iPhone case on this list, and wait ’til we get to
the rating at the end, is– Ev, any guesses? What’s in the tin? It’s pretty hard to tell. I mean, pretty good way to
keep it safe over the years. This is the brass knuckles iPhone case. If you look at the knuckles– I mean, I’m not gonna
say it’s been in use, but they’re a little dented. If you guys missed the video, it’s right up there in the i card. Before we get this
assembles to the iPhone, let’s just jump into the video,
’cause this is a crazy one. This is kinda what kicked off the madness. May 2016, so I think
that’s kinda when I started to find these crazy cases. Jumping in the comments. When you have to fight an apple and lose. Pretty much my life. I feel like he never
fought in his life before. Have I? That is not a screwdriver,
it’s an allen key. Did I say screwdriver in there? Yeah, it’s an allen key, I
swear that’s an allen key, not a screwdriver. All right, the rest of
the comments probably how I don’t know which hardware’s which. So I think it’s only time to assemble. So to install it, basically
flip the brass knuckles case over, screen first, then you
need to take this kind of guard plate here, and
that just secures it. Do I think I’m gonna be
fighting anyone on the streets with an iPhone case? No. But am I protected at all times? Maybe. So with the brass knuckles
iPhone case, obviously it still turns your phone on, just like that. Basically, you can still use it. The power in a sense it can’t be accessed. It’s actually this button right here. So just by clicking this,
turns on, turns off. You still have access to
all your volume buttons, your mute switch. There’s nothing at the top. Obviously, everything
on the back is exposed, but with this kind of plate
just keeps your iPhone secure. Lightning port at the bottom. Headphone jack, when it was still a thing. And then speaker cut out. So everything is as you’d expect. It’s basically just an aluminum mold. And if you wanna do anything, you gotta just go for it. It’s a really large grip. Like, normally when you make a fist you’d kind of tighten your fingers
together, but with this I feel like you’re just
making more contact with the surface area than anything. So Ev, are you ready for this? Scale of one to 10. I’m giving this a 10 all day,
because when you bring this case around people
automatically know what’s up. It’s not like the pepper
spray case where they’re like what’s in there. Is it pepper spray, or with
the stun gun case where you kinda have to show someone. You whip this out, people know what’s up. I don’t think you wanna whip
it out or bring it anywhere, or even pick one up, because
this is truly one of the most dangerous iPhone cases in the world. And now time for the test. We even got some tea,
’cause I know this one’s gonna get spicy. (robotic electronic sounds) So in the last Tech Top Five
episode, if you guys missed that, definitely make sure
to check it out, we went on to play Apex Legends with the most weirdest keyboards out there. The most weirdest, Ev? The weirdest keyboards in the world. I think that’s the easiest way to say it. In this video, we’re having a
hard time testing out the most dangerous iPhone cases because
outside of self inflicting pepper spray, and tasing myself,
which I’ve all ready done, I could punch myself with
the brass knuckles case, but you guys in the comments
don’t think I can fight. So what’s really fair other
than asking you guys on Twitter. So I tweeted out: You get pulled over and these phone cases are in front of your car seat,
which ones got you scared? Reply to me in a video. All right, so Eric from teslainventory, one definitely, two and five maybe. So he’s saying the gun case for sure. Two and five, the stun gun
case, the pepper spray case, three and four no problem. Okay, so the glitter
case is fooling no one. Brass knuckles case? Eric’s not even scared of it? All right. Sam, three can catch on fire and burn me and cover me in glitter. He gets it. Sam gets it. Benjy, probably the knuckle one. That’s an actual weapon. That’s what I’m saying! You see what I get? You see what I get with this? You take this out in public,
it doesn’t matter if you know how to fight or not, people
are pulling up on you. The pepper spray. I’ve been sprayed on
accident and it hurts. All right, so Miles gets it. Three for sure, the glitter case. All right, so some of
you guys are starting to get this glitter case. All right, glitter case definitely passes. Out of the iPhone gun case. Scared? Not scared? – [Ev] I’m scared of that one. – All right, Id be
scared of this one, too. Definitely passes the test. You guys get it’s kind
of a hard test to do. Let’s see what other comments we got. The sparkly one, pepper spray. I think it’s pretty safe to say, the pepper spray iPhone
case passes the test. This is definitely a
dangerous iPhone case. Really? So the only two we have
left are the brass knuckles and the stun gun case. Not the two that I thought
would be last, but let’s see. Three and one had me triggered. Glitter case, gun case. Wow. Oh, wait. Three and one had me triggered. (drumbeat with cymbal) The gun would have me scared the most. The other ones are fine. You guys just seem fine with this? Maybe it’s just me blowing
this out of proportion. Probably. That’s usually me. All of them. What sane person has these? Well, the taser is the only lethal one. Wait, the taser stun gun– The stun gun case is lethal? (zapping sound) Gun scares everyone. Got it. Two and both the stunning
and shocking, but I think one wins due to it’s fire design. – This is that bro. – I think it’s pretty safe
to say the stun gun case, Ev, passes the test? Ev’s gonna say no. (zapping sound) All right. Maybe I’m just being a baby about it. All right. Gun case, yeah buddy. Last one. Does it all break on me? The brass knuckles case. I gotta find a reply that
says they’re scared of this. Definitely the brass knuckles. Remember the $3 iPhone fan killer. Ben, you get it. Got some long term
subscribers on Twitter here. All right. Doesn’t seem like the brass
knuckles iPhone case passes the test, so that is a no. Stun gun case, I’m gonna say is a no, too. Gun case, for sure. Pepper spray case, of course. And then the exploding glitter case– Ev, everyone agrees. They know what this is, too. Pretty dangerous, eh? (chill rhythmic music) So guys, those are the most dangerous iPhone cases in the world. If you want a part two, thumbs if you do, and make sure you hit
subscribe and become a member. If you’re new around here, hit it up on Instagram and Twitter. Its just TechSmartt. If you wanna be in the next
test for the next Tech Top Five. That’s always a tongue twister. I’ll catch you guys next time.

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