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Touch Tone Telephone Animatic

Touch Tone Telephone Animatic

[phone ringing] Don’t hang up yet! I’m not done I’m an expert, I’m the one the one who was right all along better to be laughed at than wrong I’m an expert in my field UFOlogy yes it’s all real ancient aliens it’s all true I’m an expert just like you and like you I’m a genius before my time disbelieving that’s the real crime pretty soon they’ll discover me in the Super Sargasso Sea I try to call you every day what can I say when the truth comes out? (of my very own mouth)

3 thoughts on “Touch Tone Telephone Animatic”

  1. Just added subtitles! I'm really sorry they weren't on here sooner, I just couldn't figure out how it worked. If I post more animatics in the future I'll be more prompt about it.

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