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Tour Bill Cosby’s prison where he will be serving his time, SCI Phoenix

Tour Bill Cosby’s prison where he will be serving his time, SCI Phoenix

So this area that we’re standing in now
will eventually have seating and this is where we would hold contact visits. A
contact visit is when the visitor of the inmate or committed go to embrace and
basically touch each other and be in face to face. The other type of visit
that we have in this room is what we call non-contact visitor. And if you follow me back here, I’ll show you a non-contact cell. It is a room that
separates inmate from the visitor with glass. There’s a telephone system where
they can talk to one another through that and we have 12 of these on this
side and 12 on the other side. What you find is the first thing that you come across is
effects. On the inside of this fence we have those wires that you see that are
pointing diagonal, and that is what’s called a taut wire system and that
basically detects anybody that’s trying to climb the fence. Also we have a system
that if anybody were to try to cut the fence or break through it in any way, it
detects that and it sets off alarms. In between the two fences, where we’re
standing, is a system that basically detects weight.
The fencing itself, you’ll notice that the top of the fences have a smaller grouping of holes. That’s something — oh, watch yourself —
that’s something that we call a no-climb fence, meaning that it makes it very
difficult for people to get their fingers in. And then above that we have
more concertina wire. So this entire system replaces the 30-foot wall that
you see at Graterford, which back in the 1920s was the state-of-the-art perimeter
system that they would build. This unit here is observing the exterior of our
blocks and our housing units, and then this station here monitors where we just
work. At Graterford each main housing
unit has its own dining room, whereas over here we have three that are
utilized by all the housing units over here. Welcome to the biggest laundromat you will ever see. So this is brand new to us at Graterford. We do not have
a laundry like this at Graterford. So as the laundry moves through here, off in these areas it’s loaded into these large black bags. Everything that I show you in this building is going to
be the same on both the east and the west. This is what we were to refer to as
our religious service space, and as you can see, is not denominationally specific.
And this area is supervised by our activities staff. They have basketball games,
they do just various kinds of activities back here. This is where your general-population
normal inmate will live. The building is divided into two separate wings We are in A wing now. On the other side of the control room is B wing, and it’s built
it’s built to hold 282 inmates.

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  1. I hope bill cosby gets all the pudding pops lmao and that he gets fucked square in his black bubble butt !!!!!

  2. As an EX Convict from the UK, This is like a really nice place to spend your time. Those Cells are Plush. I assumed they were for 4 inmates not single/Double. WoW !

  3. I don’t understand, why such a Supermax prison for such an old guy with medical needs! It’s not like he’s committed murder or armed robbery, you know from his condition in court that he’s not gonna try to escape

  4. I wonder if justice will really be served up for Cosby in prison. Like tied down and gangraped be big ugly hostile inmates. That would be poetic Justice! Do to him what he did to so many woman!

  5. Dont you think you are upgrading many of the inmates living conditions?dont you think you are kind of rewarding them?

  6. Could you imagine spending all of your adult life living in splendor as a rich celebrity and having to transition to this?

  7. He should hv moved to Africa and left the US long time ago.. this females u hv to be careful around them or they will eat u alive

  8. you guys know all those females that came out from the shadows and shared there story didnt do so until 30-20 years later, everyone in the 70s were doing coke, so bitches would goto cosbys room or hotel room knew he was a married man, so why would they goto hes room unless they were down to fucking. most of those womans stories were the same. im not saying hes not guilty cues you know, he in jail now.

  9. Is this a new cell alright bill😳 so sorry for some of the family for many years beleiving on him We need to believe only in Jesus.

  10. Hell thats a paridise to some poor people .i grew up with outside toilets and no electricity there making prisons better then some average houses .

  11. Gy Jesus, for opening all the prisons and causing them to lose all funding. Scared? You should be. You are against our Hoky God's ways.

  12. Those if you who are in prison, does not matter what you have done. It is all forgiven and praise to Christ will set you free.

  13. take away the fence and hurricane victims would be happy to have these facilities for night time use.

  14. These prisons are country clubs. This is no deterrant to commit a crime, this is an incentive. Most of those who commit crimes live in conditions much much worse than this. This is a good incentive for some thug to murder or rape someone. Hey, you commit a crime you do fun time at a better condition than where you were raised.

  15. Michael Jackson learned to moonwalk in a place like this after he served some time. After dropping the soap in the shower area, he couldn't bend over to pick it up so he learn to moonwalk around it to pick it up.

  16. GOOD for all the MEN I BLOWN before Cookie monster expires? Whatever I'll save how Kennedy cured his curse from GOD's Medicare Programs.😄

  17. $400 million dollar prison built when you have some education institutes practically falling apart with ripped up books for the students to use. SMDH!

  18. in america the prison's are just day camps they are really nice. no wonder why people they don't mind coming here. this is why they make these not horrible so they keep people coming back.

  19. Dam this the prison bill Crosby purchased on craigslist for date-rape new sitcom where do i drop my clothes to tgr the cleaners at?

  20. Really this is a joke a in doors basketball court why not put tennis court and a baseball field prison is for punishment not amusement nice way to waste tax dollars

  21. American prison's are their investment for the future. Who cares about young people who can't afford continued education after high school. These wonderful institutions nurture and propagate its culture of criminality that provide its society with a safety mechanism needed to support and attain higher levels of deviant behavior. This is just one of the ways America is advancing as a nation. Its legal system doesn't need social reforms, sadistic brutality and punishment is the cure for its social problems.

  22. Wow. You American guys build Holy day hotels 🤗. Those inmates would cry, when shifted to Europe 😳. Than again, you have more criminals arround than we have. How come ? We have a police force, you have sherrif departments ran by cowboys whom even don’t know how to use a gun… 😂

    My English is bad ? How about you guys speak German.

  23. Damn that looks nicer than a motel 6 !!! He is living nice for a rapist !!! Lucky son of a bitch living it up on our dime !!!

  24. Simply mind over matter, if it doesn't matter you won't mind. Hate when your lose your freedom but you can survive it's not black dolphin.

  25. I did 15 years at Graterford (the prison that this replaces and that is about a block away from this one) and I was kinda the 'exception to the rule', as I was there for burglaries (numerous to support a drug habit). My first comment is that I would hate being in this new prison. It is so sterile and monotonous. I see in the comments here that the majority are in favor of very harsh sentences for murders and rapists. First off, murder has the lowest recidivism rate for almost any crime that I am aware of. So, if you wanted to, say — figure out who to let out of prison with the least likelihood that they would commit another crime, then murderers would be high on your list. I believe rapists would be at the other end of the spectrum with (and this is an assumption on my part) most likely a very high recidivism rate. Of course that doesn't take into consideration how we as a society have judged how heinous certain crimes are. Obviously murder and rape are judged by society to be the worst things someone can commit. Another observation from my 15 years in Graterford, with the worst of the worst of Pennsylvania's prisoners, is that it would be wrong to judge everyone's moral character or lack there of based on possibly one isolated incident in that person's past. Here I am mainly considering murderers, but some rapist may fall in to this category too. I knew some people in there who were murders, but in whom I saw very upstanding, trustworthy, and responsible people, who had made one mistake in their lives, albeit a horrible, horrendous, and irreversible one. Many due to their being poor, or having bottom of the barrel attorneys, or many times both, were doing life without possibility of parole. This is I believe a worse punishment than the death sentence. If you were to put a murderer to death fairly quickly after sentencing (which we do not even do) then essentially you would be killing a murderer. But someone who kills and is given a life without parole sentence, and then is looked at say 30 years after the fact is not the same person and may very well deserve to have a second chance. Don't get me wrong there were also a lot of guys there that if released would certainly do horrendous things again, and for society's safety need to never be released. But each individual needs to evaluated fairly and justly, and this should be the norm in our justice system, but it is the exception. And, have no doubt, prison and incarceration are BIG business, and as with any big business it sort of takes on a life of its' own. Pennsylvania's prison budget was $1.6 billion dollars last year, and really should have been stated as $2.1 billion if you take into account the costs of the state system that are listed in other cata (, and I believe this doesn't account for county facilities that are supported by you local taxes. And it doesn't take into account capital expenditures like the $400 million for this new prison at Graterford. However you look at it though, it's a big chunk of your tax dollars that surely could be better spent. In my case; in 1988 I committed a bunch of burglaries, and I do mean a bunch, to support an out of control cocaine habit. Never hurt anyone physically, but I certainly did a lot of emotional damage to my victims. As I was awaiting sentencing on all these charges, I learned that I had contracted HIV from sharing needles. At the time there were no drugs or treatment for this disease and the average life expectancy was about 6 years. I was eventually sentenced to 15 to 34 years total — from the point of view at that time certainly in anyone's mind — a death sentence! And, I stayed at Graterford to do my sentence, mainly because I wanted to. And, right on schedule at 6 years I came down with "full blown" AIDS, luckilly for me just at that time the first drug, AZT, became available, and it helped keep me alive till the next, better drug came out. Also, at about that time I surmise I would have had a good chance if I had been released to lead a law abiding life out of prison. I had basically grown up and realized that I didn't want to live my life inside a place like Graterford. But I still had 9 more years to till my minimum. And, with my extensive criminal history, getting out on my minimum was an unlikelihood. But, with some luck and the help of the then Warden of Graterford, Donald T. Vaughn, I unbelievable was released on my minimum! That was 2005 and I have since married and bought a home, and have remained crime free for the past 14 years. It is just a shame though that those 9 extra years where I probably didn't need to be incarcerated were spent at the taxpayer's expense. Say, at a probable cost of $35,000 per year (and surely more for me with my expensive medical requirements) that was minimum a half million dollars wasted! Food for thought.

  26. It's sad to see a country incarcerating it's own citizens for non-violent crimes. They spend months waiting for trial. Also, nobody appreciates running prisons for profit

  27. I never stayed up date with all this trial stuff for Bill Cosby but to me my goodness he's 81 years old if he gets 3 to 10 maybe he'll do three but he will be lucky if he lives that long it might be a good thing for people that convicted him of this crime that he did then he shouldn't have done and people has to serve their time of doing a crime but to me is like he'll be lucky if he lives that long his health and everything is in bad shape so that's why I was concerning always like Bill Cosby I thought he was such a funny man

  28. Cosby escaped prosecution & justice for many more drug rapes than he was charged with. 50+ Also he never repented.Never admitted guilt. Never apologized to his multiple victims. Women he had befriended and pretended to mentor. Only to drug and rape them while they were unconscious. He is a evil sick degenerate. “My political beliefs, my actions of trying to humanize all races, genders and religions landed me in this place surrounded by barb wire fencing, a room made of steel and iron,” he said. “So, I now have a temporary residence that resembles the quarters of some of the Greatest Political Prisoners — Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Randal Robinson, and Dr Benjamin Chavis.” Co*ksucker should have been castrated and never let out of prison. Useless bag of sh*t.

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  30. prisons. the biggest money maker in America. fueled by drugs that are never stopped from coming in by Mexico

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