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  1. Sir, I am transferring decimal numbers from sheet1 to sheet2. Eg. 87.25 from sheet1 to sheet2 and I want to keep it as it is. How can I keep this number from rounding off ?

  2. I have a master list and need to pull entire rows based on information in one column into another spreadsheet automatically. the master list will be constantly updated with changes and new rows. can you direct me to the video best suited for this automated process?

  3. I have multiple sheet like sheet name 1 2 3 4 5 6 in this sheet I am using sumifs formula from another workbook I need to copy the data to another workbook with paste special. In another workbook I have sheets like 1 2 3 4 5 6 need to pastespecial in same sheet

  4. hello sir…
    please help me if you know about this formula…
    how to share and idenify the same entry in various sheets ..
    suppose we have three sheets ist sheet is g9 2nd is NL and third is MAIN sheet..
    when i insert an entry in main sheet and the same entry we need in g9 or nl
    in deffrent row…and excel have to identify this entry for g9 or nl..
    …if you want to help me whatsapp me 00971553978781

  5. Hi Dinesh I have to do one task.I want to distribute data from one excel file to no of excel file.not want distribute into no of sheets in same file.

  6. I followed the same sample and codes but when i entered the 2nd entries, i receive error.. run time error '1004': Application defined or object defined error

  7. hi sir,
    thanks for the very useful video
    i want something which is similar to this i..e., one set of cols to another set of cols
    for ex: from sheet 1 b4 to b20 to sheet2 D2 to so on.

  8. Thank you for your effort teaching us. I learned from you a lot.
    I have similar issue I need your help
    I have two sheets one called Database and the other called project card. All the information of each projects are in one row with specific number in the database sheet (Column A). and the project card sheet has all the information of one project presented in nice way.user only need to change the project number and the info related to that project will presented in project card sheet using Vlookup. My issue is the user need to add note in project card sheet for specific project and I want that note to be also in the the database sheet. for example: user entering 304 (the project Number) in project card sheet after reading the details user add some note. that not should be in the database sheet in the row where project number 304 is.
    I tried to modify below code but not working ( all the project number in column A of Database sheet)
    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim num As Integer
    Dim note As String
    num = Range("AC46")
    note = Range("AD46")
    If Worksheets("Database").Range("A4").Offset(1, 0) <> num Then
    ActiveCell.Offset(0, 64).Select
    ActiveCell.Value = note
    End If

    End Sub

  9. How to I give my excel sheet copy to another user with password, and how can I restrict him not to copy or share to another one by him,

  10. Sir I have a database with Six columns and I want to create Userform in which i will type first column data and further six column will update automatically and the data added to sheet3 accordingly please me.

  11. Mr. Kumar how to update one cell data to another cell every month in balance sheet e.g. received amount is in cell 'B1', balance amount in 'C1' while previous amount in 'A1'. So when i open the spreadsheet next month, the data of 'C1' automatically shifts to cell 'A1'. Please guide.

  12. hai Mr. Dinesh, if i want to change one problem number just for one person , so there isn't duplicate problem number. how was the formula ?

  13. How we can create excel based GST software for composition scheme fully automatically

  14. Thank you for the upload! It is easy to follow and understand. I also work at a call center trying to improve our data collection system. Thank you!

  15. hi i would like to ask you for help. i trying to make a report as follows on google spreadsheet:
    i have a work book for couple people for work.
    one is spreadsheet with name john, sheet1 n a1 jb= name: hotel a2=2hrs,then another workbook name mike=a1: hotel, a2=4 hrs i want to sum the range a2 form john and a2 from mike this information with same name total 6hrs authomaticaly to mastersheet

  16. What if the sheet the information will show on more than one other sheet and also, the headers will be to the side of the duplicated information and not above? Any help is appreciated.

  17. It's working really good, thanq, but my query is to search and modify also please help me, even i want to transfer data only when I enter the data please help me

  18. Sir is it possible that we can round off a fractional value in a column to the next integer value in excel

  19. Hello Dinesh, I changed very little of your coding but it didn't work. The 3rd line is not being excepted: "Runtime error 9, subscript out of range" – (Worksheets("Sheet1").Select)

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim CustomerName As String, LineItem As Integer
    Material = Range("A2")
    ParPrice = Range("G3")
    If Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("A29").Offset(1, 0) <> "" Then
    End If
    ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
    ActiveCell.Value = Material
    ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select
    ActiveCell.Value = ParPrice
    End Sub

    What could be wrong? What could I be missing? Thank you

  20. Thank You for this video. It helped me with what I was trying to do. However one of my headers is DATE and it errors out on that saying complied error Expected: variable when entered DATE As String or as DATE As Date. It enters the first line perfectly but then when I enter my second vehicle number and hit update it goes to my code sheet and highlights the Worksheets("MonthEndReport").Range("B3").End(x1Down).Select. it doesn't want to let it go down to the next line. Any help?? Is there another video I can watch that might help me with this? They are very informative.

  21. Th'is is great. I want to copy over data to a new excel document. How would I do that? Thanks you in advance.

  22. Thank you Sir! After hours spending on help everywhere else, your virtual class helped me with my problem.

  23. This was very helpful. It would also be helpful to use this on a master sheet, which then updates subsequent sheets depending on which sheet it belongs to. I want to use this to create a workbook that assigned responsibilities to different people who have a sheet assigned to them. When I put the data in the master list, I want it to populate the data in the correct person's sheet so that when they click their sheet, they only see their data, and not the other person's. Do you have a way to do that?

  24. I want to do something similar. I would like to filter, using this example, into separate sheets the calls like by state they would call. And I would like to put the input daily and have the calls filtered by state the client lives in so i could pull up the information from all the calls from clients in California, in Arizona and so on. Can that be possible?

  25. Thanks for the video! I have one a similar questions but it should save in a separate spreadsheet. Is that possible ?

  26. I used the same coding but I am getting

    Run time error 1004
    Application defined or object defined error

    A yellow shade highlighter on line


  27. Hey Dinesh! I hope that you can help…I am currently working on an Excel workbook that allows for a user to input specific information pertaining to WIP product, click the command button to submit, and then data to compile in a secondary spreadsheet; however, I do not know how to get input data to the next cell of the secondary spreadsheet without clearing out the original entry. I would like to keep a running log of entries in one master location so that we may effectively gain insight into tracking our WIP.  Here is the code:Private Sub cbSubmit_Click()
    Dim User As String, ProductScan As String, ScanFromLocation As String, ScanToLocation As String
    User = Range("B9")
    ProductScan = Range("C9")
    ScanFromLocation = Range("D9")
    ScanToLocation = Range("E9")
    If Worksheets("WIP_History").Range("A2").Offset(1, 0) <> "" Then
    End If
    ActiveCell.Offset(0, 0).Select
    ActiveCell.Value = User
    ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select
    ActiveCell.Value = ProductScan
    ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select
    ActiveCell.Value = ScanFromLocation
    ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Select
    ActiveCell.Value = ScanToLocation
    Worksheets("WIP_Finder").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial

  28. Hello Mr. Dinesh Thanks for all the time you spending to teach VBA (awesome) to  people like me.I am a basic learner, your videos was very helpful for me to learn. I do have similar problems on excel in different level needed help.

  29. I have no. of sheets with the name dates like today's date is 27.09.2018 and so on and i want the data from that to on 1st sheet if I click that sheet name

  30. Good day, I have data that I need copied on sheet 2 from sheet 1. Your code works just fine if i want the data transferred vertically (meaning A1 to say A20) need it to go from A1 to T1 (header included). I also need it to go one row down once the data is entered even if one cell is blank. Can you please help. Also since I am new to VBA what does a Yellow underline that I keep getting? Thanks Marcus.

    P.S this is just the beginning of my project. Need help in advanced Filters also

  31. Dear sir, I have tried this and always get an error message with "End if" Please check if my formula is correct.
    Private Sub CommandButtoni_Click()

    Dim CustomerName as String, CostomerProblem as intiger






    If Worksheet(“scheet2”).Range (“B4”).offset(1,0)<>””then Worksheets(“scheet2”).Range(“B4”).end(xlDow).select

    End if







    End Sub

  32. I have heaps of data with all different codes which needs to be distributed over several pages. How can I achieve this similar outcome?

  33. Good morning sir. Sir i want to filter data from closed excel sheet with 3 criteria in dropdown list based on date range selection. So please make any vedio on this

  34. I am working as making list in various library of their books, but my problem is it consume lots of time in writing the same data entry of books on which I have done in previous library, so I want to make master sheet of all previous data entry done by me, and after that in new sheet as current sheet I will make as new library data work in which if I get the same book which I got in previous library and has added in master sheet so I want to add only number in such texbox and when I click on add entry that number of book should be added in current sheet with its new number as it is done
    Sir do reply on my problem…

  35. Hi I’m looking to grab certain values from multiple sources (different extracts) to pull into certain cells in one spreadsheet. Does coding need to be done to do this automatically? Considering the sources where the values will need to be pulled from May be tweaked since it’s being pulled from different systems and I wouldn’t know if it has been tweaked or not.

  36. Hello sir actually i made an excel file and i save in to folder but now when i open that file now its completely a new file is opening there that is come from the downloads folder. now my quistion is, is there any option to recover my old file that i created

  37. Hi sir I wanted you to help me out on my issue,
    I want to extract data from one spreadsheet to another as an when I update daily but I want to segrigate the data in different spreadsheets according to different client names. Please help me out

  38. I think it would be easier if she makes copy and paste links to the destination sheet that she wants . so anything she writes in sheet 1 will be automatically copied to sheet 2 .

  39. So this works the first time and second time (two rows) then overwrites my second row. Plus if something is in the cell it doesn't skip that row instead it overwrites the values. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Otherwise this is what I have been looking for. I would also like to add other subs to this for other cells is that possible?

  40. I have been trying to copy a Excel sheet to new worksheet individuals and attatch in the mail. everything is fine but it's attatch as original n due to that vba button n all the link is showing with template.

    I did use sheets5.copy & activeworksheet.saveas Excel to folder and atattched to mail when I click it.

    any help on the code to save the worksheet as formatting type than who ever receive the Excel sheet will have their own sales with template but no link. n no vba. I can write whole code is u needed. please help me

  41. dear sir , i want to change name as same id . and i want to replace it same id . how i could this ? please solve this !

  42. Sir, I have two separate excel files (2007 version). In one file, I have only the names as per columns. In another excel file, I have details of the names like Serial, Name (also appearing in the another file just mentioned), fathers name, address and so on. Can I click on the name on the first file and see his details from the second file. Now in the first file there is no serial by which two files can be joined with a unique no. In that case, the second file may show all the names which are similar. I want to know whether it is possible?

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