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Transform/Convert your Android phone into iPhone X 😅[Easily]

Transform/Convert your Android phone into iPhone X 😅[Easily]

Ever find a way of running ios 10 on your
android device no this is not a team viewer tutorial class nor any remote desktop sharing
neither there is any root involved here.currently i am running ios 10 on my android device that
to without rooting it.Hey guys My name is Sameer and Today I am gonna tell you how
can you get most of the feature of ios on your android device without rooting
to lets get started let me show you some features first so this is a control centre which gives the exact
look of ios devices now coming to notification pannel it has the same blur effect
just like an iphone and the notification bar is just the same.Yes it also has a badges
just like iphone have my mail is now 6,654 coming to the phone ui the phone ui give the
same look of iphone as well as messanger give the also same look of an ios device now if
we long press on the app icon it shows a winkling effect just like an iphone now the gallery
is not exact similliar to ios but we can’t complain more because we are running ios
on android device and its free now i had also found a setting ui just like an iphone but
the only problem is that it is an older version now i had selected imucic for it because it
give the same look as an ios device.Right now I am using ikeyboard in the front of you
it gives the same look as an ios deviceand yes don’t forgot to subscribe to this channel
beacuse i really upload awesome contents.To get all this features in your android device
just open up settings go to general then click on security then scroll down and click on
unknown sources press on OK . Now you have to download all these application from the
link in decription below once you download it install it one by one just like i am doing. I am not going to show all these installation part
because its takes to much time so just install all these application then click on the Home button
on your android phone select the iLauncher in it now your phone will start converting
into ios and you will start getting the same interface that i was having.Now for the boot
animination you will require root so just select the boot animination copy it now click
on the three lines now allow the super user then click on root then go to system folder
then media folder and paste it here. now select the boot animination click on the
three dots click on properties now scroll right side remove all the tick marks except
RWRR then click on apply now if you reboot the phone you will start getting same apple
logo that i am having thats it for this video guys subscribe to this channnel for useful;
trick comment down below if you have any question and i will see you in the next one.

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  1. bro video is great editing and all that
    and trust me bro your views are great while u have 133 subs. keep it up

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