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Trump’s Rambling Phone Interview with Sean Hannity: A Closer Look

Trump’s Rambling Phone Interview with Sean Hannity: A Closer Look

-After officially announcing
his re-election bid, the president spent the week
rambling in phone interviews while his administration
threatened war with Iran. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ After his campaign kickoff rally
on Tuesday, Trump decided to relive
the evening last night by calling up one of his
most loyal servants, Fox News host Sean Hannity, and he turned almost the
entirety of his hour-long show over to the president
and grilled him with hard hitting questions
about the 2020 campaign. -Joining us now is the president
of the United States. President Trump, sir, good to
have you back on the program. -Hi, Sean. -You seem to really love doing
what you did last night. It looked like tailgating party. I actually kind of regretted
not going because I wanted to hang out
with the people outside because they were
having a blast. There’s 20-some-odd candidates. I want to get your general
thoughts on all of them. -I look at some of them. I don’t see George Washington. I don’t see Churchill. I don’t see anybody in
particular that I worry about. -I don’t see George Washington,
either, sir. -Ugh. What a suck up. “I don’t see George Washington
either, sir. You’re so funny, sir. I wish I could tailgate with
you, sir. Do you like my new haircut, sir? I started wearing my tie down to
my crotch just like you, sir. Just like you, sir.” [ Cheers and applause ] Also, what do you mean
you don’t see Winston Churchill. You’re no Winston Churchill,
either, buddy. I don’t care if you
tried on a Churchill-style hat when you were in the UK. You don’t look like Churchill.
You look like Hardy ate Laurel. [ Laughter ] And Trump, of course, loves
to bask in this mindless praise, which is why he once again
droned on for so long that even Hannity couldn’t get
him off the phone. This has happened with Fox News
hosts before, but this time, Hannity had to hand it over to the next fawning
Trump sycophant, Laura Ingraham, whose show
started after Hannity’s. Again, this was like 45 minutes
into the interview. -Our military
is almost completed in terms of being rebuilt. And we are doing missile
and missile technology that nobody’s even seen before. -Mr. President —
-I’m thinking about, “Do we announce it
or do we not announce it?” Because I’ve said,
you got to pay for NATO. You know, the United States was
paying for NATO. -Mr. President —
-You had a lot of countries that were delinquent.
I think we’re gonna — -Mr. President…
-I hope we’re going to have a good relationship, but we’re
a very strong country again, and we’re respected again, Sean.>>I hate to interrupt you,
but I actually took 15 minutes of Laura Ingraham’s show.
-This keeps happening. He’s a meandering old man
rambling on the phone about nonsense
and even his friends can’t get him to hang up. Like, where is he even
making these calls? Is he wandering around
the White House lawn in his bathrobe? At some point, you expect to
hear a nurse on the other end screaming,
“There you are, Donald! Come back to the White House! You have to eat
your pureed carrots!” [ As Trump ] But I don’t —
I don’t want my carrots. That’s where they hide
the medicine. And I mean… [ Normal voice ]
And then, after that, it got even worse because
Hannity actually had to hand Trump over to Ingraham, and Trump still wouldn’t
stop talking. -I actually took 15 minutes
of Laura Ingraham’s show. But I want to tell you —
-I know that. I noticed that. Laura must not be happy
right now. -It’s her birthday today, sir. -She’s a great person.
‘Cause I’ll tell you what — I’ve known her for a long time.
She’s great person. -And thank you
for being with us. Laura, happy birthday from me. And the president, I think, would like to wish you
happy birthday. -That’s right.
-Hey, Mr. President. Thank you. Happy birthday.
Wow, that’s great. -We’ve known each other
a long time, and congratulations
on your show. -They’re just passing him around
like when your grandpa calls on Easter and everyone has
to take turns saying hello. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Oh! Oh! Here’s Karen!
I’m gonna hand you to Karen. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Cheers and applause ]
Look… Lookit, even Hannity —
Hannity throwing up his hands. Even he can’t believe it. At this point, he could just
stop showing up to work and change the name of his show
to “Grandpa’s on the Phone.” So Trump rambled on the phone
for almost an hour about meaningless nonsense,
and yet, when you actually want him
to go into detail about something important
like, say, his administration’s march to war with Iran,
he’s much more tight-lipped. Today in the Oval Office, he was
asked about reports that Iran shot down an unmanned US drone. Now, Iran says the drone
was in its airspace. Trump on the other hand,
said the drone was over international waters, but his explanation
didn’t provide many details. -Iran made a big mistake. This drone was in international
waters, clearly. We have it all documented. It’s documented scientifically,
not just words. -Oh.
[ Laughter ] Well… if it’s documented
scientifically, I feel so much better. If there’s anyone I trust with
science, it’s Donald Trump. I could definitely see him
in a lab coat and goggles writing down a proof
on a chalkboard. “What did you find, Donald?” [ As Trump ] I — I fou–
I ate the chalk. [ Laughter ] I ate the chalk
before I was done. [ Normal voice ] It’s important
to note that Trump can’t just unilaterally
go to war with Iran. The Constitution says he needs
authorization from Congress, which he does not have. And even though he spent
two years flouting the law, during his rally on Tuesday, Trump lied and claimed he would
protect the Constitution and even said Democrats
were the ones destroying it. -Imagine if we had a Democrat
president and Democrat congress in 2020. They would strip Americans
of their Constitutional rights. This election is a verdict
on whether we want to live in a country where the people
who lose an election refuse to concede
and spend the next two years trying to shred our
Constitution. -Dude, you tried to stop
an investigation of your own campaign and you called a fake
national emergency to build a border wall
on your own. The only way you could care less
about the Constitution is if it was written in Spanish. I doubt Trump could identify even one of the founding
fathers. If you showed him a picture of
John Adams and said, “Who’s this?” He’d go, [ As Trump ]
Uh, is it Paul Giamatti? [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ]
In fact, as we speak, Trump is waging war on congress, instructing aides to defy
subpoenas and refusing to turn over
his tax returns or financial records, even
though Trump keeps claiming, as he did in his ABC interview
on Sunday that he wants some unspecified financial
statement to be made public, or rather, he tried
to make that claim, but was interrupted by
a staffer in the room. -At some point,
I hope they get it ’cause… -[ Coughing ]
…it’s a fantastic financial statement. It’s a fantastic
financial statement. And — Let’s do that over. He’s coughing in the middle
of my answer. -Yeah. Okay.
-I don’t like that, you know? I don’t like that.
-Your Chief of Staff. -If you are going to cough,
please leave the room. -Get a shot
and I’ll come over here. -Sorry.
-You just can’t cough. -Just to change the shadow.
Sorry, Mr. Trump. -Okay. Do you want to do that
a little differently then? -Yeah, we just change the angle.
Yep. -Thank you.
-So at some point… -Look, I — I know we’ve all
talked about the coughing, but look at him glaring
at the camera like that. This looks like one of those
nature videos where a lion finds a night
vision camera in a bush. [ Laughter ] So Trump’s just brazenly
defying subpoenas in violation of
the Constitution and the law. In fact, Trump’s White House
even instructed his former Communications
Director, Hope Hicks, to defy a subpoena for documents
and refuse to answer questions whence she testified yesterday in front of the House
Judiciary Committee. The White House argued that
Hicks is absolutely immune from being compelled to answer
questions about her time as a senior advisor
to the president. Well, there we go.
She has absolute immunity. There’s just one problem — No one knows
what the hell that means. -There is no such thing
as absolute immunity. It just doesn’t exist. So I can’t even explain to you what they could
or couldn’t assert. Because as far as I can tell,
it’s a made-up term. -Absolute immunity sounds like
a hair growth supplement they sell at GNC. This is totally the Trump
administration’s style — When the existing legal terms
aren’t working out for them, they just invent some new ones. They’re like kids on a
playground daring each other to lick a frozen pole. “I have absolute immunity.” “Oh, yeah? Well, I have
double dog absolute immunity.” “Well, I have triple dog secret
immunity, no take backs.” [ Laughter ] Trump’s promise to restore
the Constitution was just another lie, and another in a long list
of broken promises. And now that he’s running
for re-election, Trump and his team
are criticizing Democrats for supposedly making promises
they can’t keep, as his son Don Jr. did at that
re-election rally on Tuesday. -Joe Biden comes out, “Well,
if you elect me president, I’m gonna cure cancer.” Well, why the hell didn’t you
do that over the last 50 years, Joe? -You know what
we need to cure — whatever the hell is growing on
your face. Because it’s definitely
not a beard. You look like a little kid going
as a hobo for Halloween. I think you might be using
your Absolute Immunity wrong. Also, what do you mean,
we should have cured cancer 50 years ago? That’s not how scientific
progress works. It takes time. When the iPhone first came out, nobody said, “Um, why the hell
didn’t we have these during World War II?” There’s even an app that helps
you find Nazis. But, hey, there you go. Politicians who make outlandish
promises like curing cancer should not be believed, got it. -We will come up with the cures
to many, many problems, to many many diseases,
including cancer and others. We will lay the foundation
for landing American astronauts on the surface of Mars. -Amazing. Not only did he say
the exact same thing a few hours later, he went even
further and said we would land on Mars. And to promise a cure for cancer
as well as a trip to Mars is pretty cocky for a guy who’s only about 35 bricks
into his wall. [ Laughter ] [ As Trump ] This wall… [ Cheers and applause ] This wall is a lot harder
than I thought. Should we —
Should we just do cancer? [ Laughter ] Should we bail on the wall
and do cancer? This week, we’ve seen the core
of Trump on full display. He views the law not as
a constraint on his power, but as a weapon to be used
against others, and he’s making wild promises
because he’s failed on the ones he already made. Not only should he be impeached,
we should send him somewhere he can’t do any more damage.
You know, like… -The surface of Mars. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

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