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Trying to Hack iPhone Face ID

Trying to Hack iPhone Face ID

This isn’t so much about trying to actually hack the iPhone as much as just testing the limits of face ID, how far can you stretch it before it fails? It’s not working What’s really neat about the new iPhones is that they have this feature called Face ID which allows you to unlock your phone using just your face It’s secure enough claimed by Apple that you can have a million different faces And it will only ever recognize the one true face What makes face ID really interesting is how it recognizes your face through a variety of methods a proximity sensor has an infrared flood light Projector that essentially projects thousands of dots those sensors are all there right in that notch How good is this Face ID tracking? *niko laughing* What’s up, I’m saying like you can change your look you can wear makeup It’ll still unlock leads me to think that all that matters is the geometry of the face. Niko thinks that color doesn’t matter at all. First off doesn’t use the selfie camera at all, so there’s the RGB camera right there, right? uh-huh cover that up and Unlock my phone So obviously it works with Niko’s face But we thought let’s just try it with a different face who looks like Niko you and Nick Look kind of similar So I want to see if your face up recognition on your phone will work on Nick. Eyes are important because there are two separate security Features. One allows your eyes to be closed the other one requires you to be looking at your phone They didn’t lock with his eyes closed eyes are not required for this mode. Let’s start, ready? Nope, I’m not surprised that it didn’t work on Nick and there We’ll try other things like cover his face with various things we tried putting a t-shirt over Nico’s face that didn’t work we tried putting a trash bag over Nico’s face, and that didn’t work either that one always curious about because Trash bags that certain type of plastic is actually transparent to near-infrared Nothing Because I mean the thing about stretching it over your face is that it’s rounding out all your features What if we just got your face really wet and shine the light on it. I’m going to go change t-shirt This is so weird Just went for a swim and dip. It works, so shininess doesn’t matter. Paper mache let’s paper mache your face beauty What’s your favorite color black every words like it’s not a color its absence of color you go What was your first car? Toyota, Corolla 1988? When did you get that car when I was in high school? It was a 1988 it was like 2002 These are the security questions that ever use in that I can’t see how It’s not even detecting a face so it’s like if you ever get like really badly burned try that Yeah, let’s give you some lips, let’s see how much I need to take off before it works It worked so the only thing in these of this yeah that’s probably all the scanning right. Bottom of the chin doesn’t matter we’re gonna find out if face ID worked through a Reflection in a mirror, so let’s try that right here There worked it did work till they worked wow Yeah That was with attention mode turned on yeah interesting, I mean theoretically as long as you have a good mirror It should be indistinguishable to the phone No, it’s measuring this area here It works! Because it doesn’t use the RGB camera It doesn’t take color into account yeah infrared can detect luminance changes it can detect contrast But it can’t actually detect the difference between like blue red or green because of that we thought we might as well just either paint Niko’s face entirely white or use something a little simpler and easier to clean Flour we have cornstarch we have baby powder choose your poison Baby powder Okay try it Niko Alright did not work Who’s calling me somebody’s calling me Oh Alex D. That’s okay now try face ID you alright? I don’t know hold on. Let’s see if this work. I’m gonna I’m just gonna blow it some off your face. Oh Jiggled does it work no Yeah interesting I can’t get into my phone now. Oh wait I know how to fix it clean off your brows I Thought Apple said if it were makeup. It wouldn’t make it so I couldn’t get my phone. I mean this baby can turn Oh it worked wow! I look so weird As soon as he wiped it off it went from white to now the more Contrasting darker color of his eyebrows and as I mentioned the infrared camera cannot pick up color But it can’t pick up contrast, aka His white skin versus his dark eyebrows. Apple claims that you can have a mask representation of the real face And it will not work Niko now We’re talking and we realized we actually wanted to test whether or not a 3d printed mask would or would not work with face ID I’m literally just gonna use my iPhone 7 to take these photos *snoring* 3d scan of Niko’s face from the scanning program. I brought into 3ds Max and actually cleaned it up all right Here’s zero hour 1 hour 2 or 3 hour 8 hour 10 hour 14 hour 18 hour 22 hours 48 hour 56 hour done It’ll use 146 grams of plastic Grants over Network boom and matter hackers has 50 of these printers Holy shit I think we just filmed through the mic wasn’t working enjoy us talking about it while you look at all the b-roll footage We literally just captured here’s the here’s the raw 3d printed model. How does the scaling looks? That’s the biggest issue here is you have to make it the exact same size of my face? So I think it might be just a tad bit too small just like a tad bit And I worked really hard and trying to make the scale perfect alright, so We try to understand if we tried to scan the 3d model with my phone. It’s not unlocking, but it is it is Acknowledging that it’s a face so what we’re gonna. Do next is to help shape things in right Yes When we covered my face in baby powder which proved to be a more informative test than I thought it would be we discovered that when it couldn’t see my eyebrows it didn’t unlock and I think it’s because it’s using the black and white feed from the infrared camera to just try to detect some basic features such as eyebrows and eyes doing a pencil here to fill in because the Real little ridges on the plastic actually pick up the pencil really well this is It crosses thresholds and getting kind of creepy like I’m holding my face in my hands is a little creepy Niko Let’s see if this works. Is this enough? I’m so nervous Let’s check it I said no no It might be like half a percent too small yeah, and that could make a difference You know it’s interesting because the the scan worked well enough for the phone to identify that it was a face But it also was not enough to fool the iPhone into unlocking and that could be due to a variety of reasons for instance after Doing this whole prints. I learned that PLA plastic is technically transparent to the wavelength 940 to 950 nanometers which is in near-infrared? imagery, maybe it’s it’s seeing that the face is actually kind of transparent and being like well obviously that’s not a real face because we’re getting these really weird results I don’t know here’s the thing though. I have seen YouTube videos online There’s this Vietnamese dude for instance who managed to 3d print of his own face out of a color prints I think use like sandstone or something like that and then he actually put infrared picture cut out of his eyes on the prints itself and that was actually able to fool the iPhone even with Require attention turned on I’m left with this failed experiment And I’m left unsatisfied because I want to see this through all the way so maybe early next year we can revisit this experiment and actually do the same steps that the Vietnamese guy did and Hopefully we will be able to fool Niko’s iPhone with a better 3d print My favorite people are our patreon supporters this month I’m doing the the verbal Thank You about with the twist actually going to spin in a circle like this For 15 seconds before I can say thank you to you so for every name. I’m gonna have to spin I’m not gonna catch you if you fall Oh god, this is already such a bad idea okay yeah you are done Richard Linder, thanks This was the first one 15! Corey O’Malley, thanks This is for Sean Sean Witt, thanks, dude, I think I could do one more oh that’s no bueno you did it aw I’m still spinning You still got some more on the list. How far am I? Umm, I’m half way through! 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Taylor Dunbar Oh Brian and toesik Richard Blackburn, thanks guys, sorry, I wasn’t able to spin for your name’s That was bad. I’m never doing that again Wren I have a science question for you. I like science definitely worth asking wren.I want a professional opinion on that So the question is when a goldfish is in the water. Is it wet or is it dry when it’s fully submerged. There’s no air You’re asking if a fish is wet so let me ask you this is it a thing when you pull Gold fish out of the water are they dry Under here, it’s the way become wet that’s the debate is it only becomes wet is when it’s been pulled out of the water But if it’s fully submerged you guys are crazy if you’re submerged in water You’re obviously what are you knocking to wait until it’s because you’re definiteness is contact with water Everything in the ocean is wet But how do you know you’re wet you’re completely submerged because how do you know you’re wet if you’re completely? If you’re not doing anything for the rest of the day do you want to come guests are the spy fallout 2 so therefore note Yes, you saying that you are wet when you’re submerged underwater How are we still on this? YES! How? You’re saying the definition of wetness is the absence of dryness that’s what you’re saying I have to go film node, man

100 thoughts on “Trying to Hack iPhone Face ID”

  1. real unfortunate that the "baby powder has absestos in it" news hadn't broken before this video was filmed lol

  2. Taking into account contrast and how it goes to Niko’s upper lip, would shading in his mustache on the mask make any difference?

  3. I love how this video seems like a mythbusters episode. It's be cool if you had a little series of "myths"(?) or neat challenges that in someway pertain to your specialties. I guess you're already doing this but you know. Basically just keep it up.

  4. I honestly think the iPhone just takes an infrared picture of your face and compares it to your face whenever you unlock it. That would kinda explain why it doesn't unlock whenever your face is one single colour or why it didn't unlock even though they drew eyebrows and part of the beard with their pencil. It's a different shade in the infrared image than it would be with his normal beard.

  5. My brother was using face id. We look kinda similar but not much and yet, I still got into his phone in 3 tries. I think the reason is we have basically the same hair along with a pretty similar face, however, I'm less tan than him but I don't think it matters.

  6. When I saw the thumbnail I thought they made a mold of his face and used plaster to make the mask. Silly me.

  7. What if you do the opposite? Set up the face ID with a 3D printed face and try to unlock it with the real one…

  8. I always unlock my brothers phone with the passcode, for about a month. Always letting it deny my face first so that it'll direct me to enter the passcode.

    One day it just unlocked with my face. Now, this is definitely brilliant. I think the iPhone eventually recognized that I am a trusted person. Because I know the password and always got into the phone. So I think it either just decided to trust my face, or automatically added my face as an "alternative appearance". I'd really like to know what happened! PLEAZE SOMEONE TELL ME.

  9. So when the mirror was used did it read the reflection or did the mirror reflect the infrared to his face? Also would a photograph work?

  10. Just popped to my head but face recognition is actually less secure against truly malicious people or government agents than passphrase. All they have to do is kidnap you and show your phone/computer your face instead of torturing you to make you reveal your passphrase, same goes for government like airport security, confiscate your phone, show it your face and boom, they're in. Wouldn't recommend for journalists etc. at all.

  11. Eyes gotta be open for iPhone to unlock it was a feature Apple put in to keep someone from just holding a phone to your face and unlocking it against your will, just close your eyes and the phone won’t unlock.

  12. If you pause the video dead on 3.11 when he says yep to unlocking via the mirror you can clearly see it’s still locked!

  13. So the contrast on his beard isn't a big factor either… nope not at all…. the phone doesn't think he shaved it thinks his face has unusually expanded

  14. The most important in face recognizing is the eyes. If you register your face to your phone but you close your eyes, it cannot be recognize you

  15. At first I thought the size of the face wouldn't matter because things look smaller the further away they are but then it hit me it has a proximity sensor it can map exactuley how fare away the face is and Ajust for the proximutey if the estimated distance and the proximutey measurements don't match it won't work

    This is also why a photo won't work because the phone can tell the image you are holding in front of it is flat

  16. The only reason it didn’t work is because his eyes were closed it doesn’t unlock the iPhone if your eyes are closed

  17. Why you did not tried that 3D face reflect in the mirror. Then the wave length does not pass through the material since it is a reflected glass

  18. You should make your background your own face and put it into a mirror to see if it can detect its own screen

  19. Wasn't there a story about some guy who got attacked on the street and beat up, but his face was so swollen and bruised after the beating that he couldn't unlock his iPhone to call for help? The whole facial recognition thing sounds like a completely unnecessary gimmick that could actually fail you completely when you need it the most.

  20. Face ID makes it way easier to get into a phone here’s how you could just take a picture of the iPhone owner then you could print the picture and show the camera the picture

  21. You know what I realized, if someone had a beard when scanning their face, and then shaved it they wouldn't be able to access their phone until they grew their beard back. XD

  22. The iPhone X or at least the iPhone XS doesn’t look at the eyebrows, I shaved mine off and it still know that it’s me

  23. Next time print the face vertically, it will use less supports, and you will catch way more details than horizontal, it will just use supports on the lower part

    Since most of the upper part is not overhangs, but bridges, the printer will be able to do it

  24. Ok so you say that the phone should only unlock to the Face ID set up in it but that’s not true cause my mum has that set up and my face unlocked it

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