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Turning Pay Phones Into Coworking Spaces

Turning Pay Phones Into Coworking Spaces

Nobody uses payphone any more in New York
City So today we thought we’d try a little unauthorized
project and see if we can make one a little more useful hi would you like to try our office today? is this an actual location? Yeah. WeWork Street. So what are you selling? I’m trying to figure it out. Well, they are available for rent. You can either rent it for $300 a month for
yourself Or $500 a month for the two of you. You’re renting… outside? I love it! No one really uses phone booths anymore. They’re just kind of decrepit places for
advertising. Nobody uses these things. They’re filthy anyway. Exactly, yeah. We’re turning phone booths into coworking
spaces It’s wonderful! Oh it’s wonderful! I’m so glad you love it. I love the idea. I wish they would put WiFi… They have WiFi! Not only do we offer Starbucks WiFi
because we have a partnership with them and also their bathroom codes
We also offer total privacy between you and the next person
Have you heard of an open floorpan? Yes. This is way open. Yeah. Isn’t it? It’s better than floor to ceiling windows. It’s “sky to ground” windows. You’re literally sharing your office with
everybody else in New York. I’m on an actual conference call right now. This is great. Oh yeah? Oh this is nice. You do need 25 cents to use this, but we do
provide quarters. Alright well I’m going to chill here for
a little bit. And she’s got her laptop. Oh my goodness she had her laptop on her the
whole time. Little problematic when it snows. Some people like working outside or being
outside when it’s snowing. I know sometimes when I’m in an office I
just want crack a window So this is essentially a very big crack in
a window. Research shows that millennials don’t like
stairs or elevators or waiting in those lines. So we’ve found this would be the most accessible
way to go to work. I don’t know but a lot of young people like
to vape. And this is a way to vape in your own office
environment Oh yeah! Beverage coffee or fresh water? Can I have some fruit water and some coffee? Yeah, no problem. Somebody would actually pay $300 a month for
something this small? She does. Ok that’s fine, but why wouldn’t you just
go in your house. I love the atmosphere. Oh you want to be outdoors. Who knows you could even maybe put heaters
in these things. $300 a month? A month. For this for whenever you want it. 24/7 access. In New York that is an exceptional deal. It’s cheap isn’t it? Have a great day! Thank you!

100 thoughts on “Turning Pay Phones Into Coworking Spaces”

  1. Did you have premission to remove those ads ? If not you guys committed a pretty big crime since the ad company paid for that space. I know it's all in fun but yeah I'm gonna be that guy

  2. Is it bad that I wish this were a thing in Boston. Office space outdoors!!! Well besides the danger of using your laptop and tech and not seeing who's behind you.

  3. The fact that so many people believed it as much as they did is a damning indictment of the property market in urban areas like New York.
    Tldr: The rent is too damn high!

  4. NYC has gotten so bad with it's insane rent prices that $300 a month for a chair and desk outside actually sounds reasonable and not like a joke. What have we become?

  5. Your agents rocked this—especially the "wework street" staffer who really has a gift for salesmanship—she stretched a lot of ideas just a bit farther than normal and people totally bought into it. 🙂

  6. I really like video ideas that are very intentional if maybe I will succeed later maybe I will help develop the channel

  7. I miss your Channel <3 when i'm having a bad day i watch a lot of your videos! Good people exists =) kisses from Brazil!

  8. Salesperson had a lot of great answers to all the questions from people who actually believed this ruse, made it all very convincing, but I'm surprised nobody asked how they keep the space secure and/or prevent others from using it when there is '24/7 access'. Maybe they did and that just got edited out.

  9. All the derelict pay phones everywhere are totally an opportunity to do something cool though, right? Like we could license some phones in each city and set up the "Matrix Exit" phone network, which would be "secret", but word would get around. When you pick up the phone, you get a cryptic service rep and a few minutes later a Matrix rideshare shows up to take you away. Hmmm… this could actually work… : )

  10. I would like to see these people coming back to the booth with their friends. They would think they're crazy.

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