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TV Input Problems Troubleshooting for TV Repair of HDMI & Other TV Inputs That Are Broken

TV Input Problems Troubleshooting for TV Repair of HDMI & Other TV Inputs That Are Broken

This video is designed to help you better
understand the symptoms that your TV is showing and to also help you when gathering information
and troubleshooting when seeking help for your TV repair.
When troubleshooting, be sure to ask the following questions and take notes as you are observing
the symptoms. You having this information will allow us to better diagnose your TV in a quicker and
more accurate way. We will now go over some common symptoms that TVs can show and what
we should look for in greater detail with these symptoms. Here are some questions to
ask to help with the symptoms for troubleshooting if you are having problems with the inputs
on your TV. Have you updated to the latest firmware for
your TV model? Do you get NO SIGNAL on the screen with certain
inputs? Or do you get NO SIGNAL on the screen with
all inputs? If just one certain input is not working,
have you tried a different source and a different cable? For example if your HDMI 1 input is
not working, have you tried whatever source you are using, maybe a blu-ray player, have
you tried that source in a different input, just to be sure that source is actually working
and not the cause of your problem. You could also try a different cable as well
with that source. Do you get video but no sound, or sound but no video? If using component,
do you get a weird color or tint on the screen? Do you have intermittent or no channels over
the air? Are you using an antenna? Have you always received a poor picture on
your screen or is this something new? Have you tried a different TV with the same
coax connection, if that is where your problem is? We strive to
learn and share new TV repair tips everyday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and grow
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69 thoughts on “TV Input Problems Troubleshooting for TV Repair of HDMI & Other TV Inputs That Are Broken”

  1. Thanks for watching our TV repair video! Due to YouTube policy changes, we are no longer answering tech support questions in the comments section or on the phone. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need additional tech support, please visit or contact your local TV repair shop. Good luck and let's fix your TV today!

  2. i have sound but no picture on my vizio M550 NV LED. I have it open but would like to know what to do. Thanks

  3. Hi, my Sony Bravia tv (kdl-46xbr45) has been displaying green and purple vertical lines on the screen. The TV operates normally for about 5 minutes and then this occurs.

    It then is constant while the TV remains on. However the Lines disappear once the menu is opened. I think that the lines only appear over an input (hdmi, atv, dtv, etc). I have the TV open and have inspected capacitors as an issue and I think that I can 'generally' rule that out. I am thinking that the Panel is okay as well as the backlight controller. I am doubtful that the T-Con is at fault and am wondering whether I should replace the Mainboard or the power supply.

    I assume that the issue is heat related based on the fact that the issue only occurs after 5 minutes of operation.

    Here are some general images

    Thanks, for all your very helpful videos!!!!

  4. Hello, I got a very particular problem with my TV, I got a LG 32LK310. Some weeks ago I connected my desktop PC to my TV via HDMI, I connected in one of the HDMI input and the resolution wasnt ok, then I try the other HDMI input and work OK. Then I try to connect my laptop and in the screen said NO SIGNAL, the I try with my PS3 and said the same thing. But, when I connected again my desktop PC it worked OK. I try with many laptops and didnt worked, only worked with my desktop PC in both inputs.
    The others input (AV , VGA, USB) work ok. 
    Is there a solution for this?

  5. Ok, so I want to connect my wii to my tv, but when I do, you can only hear whats happening, but theres no video, I tested it out on other tvs and they work fine, so its the tv, not the wii, its not just happening on the wii, every single cable I connect to it doesnt work, you can only hear it, so I need help with the tv.

  6. Hello, i have a question, i have 42" jvc lcd tv, all the inputs not working except the antenna, the antenna is working fine, but the hdmi inputs (3), the pc input and usb not working, recently i changed the power supply board and it start with that problem, thanks

  7. Hey, so today I moved my tv into another room and now it won't pick up anything in the hdmi ports. I've tried swapping cables changing ends of cables trying different devices, have not yet seen if the component is working mainly focused on hdmi. My tv is just a standard funai hd tv.

  8. I have a sony bravia, all the sudden my cable stopped working. Got a new cable box from my cable company, still didnt work, got new hdmi cable still no signal, I have no signal on all 4 hdmi inputs. Is my tv broke, fml

  9. Hi umm my hdmi is not working for my tv its a new one no signal comes in tge tv nd i only have a hdmi 1 not 2 how can i fix tht

  10. I am having trouble with my tv remote not working with my JVC jle55sp4000-model. it's a smart tv. I believe the remote is fine. Can WiFi cause this problem. I didn't have this problem with my old WiFi  modem. Before it stopped working, I had to reboot my tv several times a day, and when I would try to pull up the apps. it would take 3 or 4 times before I got a network connection.  please Help!  Thank you Tami

  11. question from holland; i have a samsung lcd tv, model; LE40M86BD

    and when i connect an input to scart 1 and HDMi 2+3 the picture has a weird green looking colour like in your video. 2:12

    when i connect it to scart 2, or HDMi 1, the picture is just fine.

    where must i look?, or what do i need to do, to fix this problem?.


  12. I have a 55" LG LCD TV Model # 55LH55 UA and all 4 of my HDMI ports are not working sending a no signal message is there a way to fix this issue?

  13. My antenna air in imput stopped working. No channels now. Cable and HD antenna has checked good on another tv

  14. We are having  trouble with both  HDMI inputs in Westinghouse UW32S3PW 32" 720p, 
    Can you share how to trouble shoot HDMI's. We can connect our Roku to all other tvs but this tv, although is working good otherwise, it is not detecting signals. Can we re set the entire tv?

  15. Hi jus bought an lg lb870v smart tv but none of the hdmi out puts work…they all say no signal. Please help

  16. HI,
    I have a LG 55LV5400. All the inputs on the back of my TV stopped working except the antenna input. When I connect any HDMI device to any of the 4 input, I get a message on the screen asking if I want to use the HDMI input. After I click "Yes", I get "No Signal" on the screen. I am having the same issue with the AVI, VGA and Component input.. I don't know which part I need to replace or if  my issue could be fixed. Please help.. I appreciate any answer I can get.

  17. hello, I have a Quasar SQ1901 19" LED tv. the hdmi ports & component port stopped working out of nowhere, but the TV Input works just fine. it occurred when there was a rain storm. I called the company & they suggested I send the product to them for an exchange, but it'll take an additional 4 weeks til I could get another one. Iniially, it wouldn't come on at all. Only the standby light would switch to blue & stay with no display. after that happened, I kept the tv on standby for an hour & then it started to work again, however, now the hdmi input & component input is showing "No Signal" & I can't play my PS4 without the hdmi ports. I used my ps4 on a different tv in the house & it worked just fine. the problem is just the hdmi & component inputs on my tv now. help?

  18. my Toshiba 52rv535u has a problem where HDMI1,2,and 3 have no picture but HDMI 4 on the side works fine. Why?

  19. I have a Samsung Model LN-T4065 and having a problem with poor color after going into the service menu. Nothing was adjusted, just by bringing up the screen caused the color to go off. One thing I noticed that after going into the TV picture adjustments the contrast  adjustment changes as full screen colors. Note the poor color is on HDMI inputs only, the component inputs are 100% fine. Someone told me it was a main control board issue. ??????  Any assistance or direction would be greatly appreciated.Don

  20. I moved a flat screen from my cable box with HDMI to another room with just a cable connection. It says ANT next to the only cable connection but I have no selection for ANT in my input selections. The old TV that was in that location had to be set to a certain channel for the small cable box to work but I can't get an input with channels to come up either. The Tv is an older model Westinghouse

  21. I have a jvc model av48p776 that I can't get my cable to hook up on been working on it for two days now trying to figure it out and can't I'm getting very upset and ready to push this sob down my stairs can someone please help me

  22. Hi There I have a Sharpe TV Model # LC-42SB45U purchased Feb 09. Lately the Input drop down box appears without a command. This happens intermittently. It can drop down and highlight the location it's on and fade away after some 10s of seconds or it will just rotate through the inputs and settle on one at some point even though there may be no input on that portal. I've tried cleaning the ports and cables but that doesn't help. I've also tried disconnecting all external inputs and just left it on the coax tv cable but the problem persists.Any ideas?Bill H

  23. Hello!
    I have a issue with my Philips tv. Model 42PFL7603D.
    It started about 2 weeks ago. The tv works fine for 2 minutes after turning it on, but then it becomes dimm. Like it's lacking contrast.
    Here's the normal picture:
    Here's how the picture looks like 2 minutes later:
    Please don't mind the lines on the second photo – its because the phone camera. The actual picture doesn't have those lines, but as you can see it's like in a fog.
    What could be the problem?

  24. Hİ! I have a green color problem .Red colour looks like black.colors look very bad.Sorry I can't speak english very good:D

  25. My problem is that it shows CATV and it's a static snowy screen. It'll then turn off by itself, turn on again, and repeat the first thing I said, later then repeating steps 2 and 3 that I said

  26. I have a question i plugged my hdmi into the pc and then into the tv. So then i had 3 monitors, and i wanted to chance the screen settings from the pc and then my tv went Black and now i can only see my background on two screens.

  27. I did everything on the check on my LG TV.
    all 4 HDMI ports are havingno signal. The RF cable is working. I have three units connecte, Computer, cable box and a fire wire. I am wondering if the HDMI has a separete PC board or a fuse for the HDMI only. I hope to hear from you.

  28. hi my TV input button broke of so like if you wanted to play games on it you cant. And also the the TV remote broke. Do have anything that can help to make it work

  29. I have a picture when I use av cables, but not sound. I have tried all hdmi plug ins, but I have no picture with any of them after lightening hit our house.

  30. hi The hdmi on my panasonic viera works fine with a firestick and wifi but if I connect catv cable I can't get anything I have checked the cable it is fine , is there some kind of setting or adjustment on the tv that i cant find ,help please

  31. I have a Vizio E422VA I have 4 hdmi inputs none work I tried another tv and it worked so it's not the cord it's the hdmi it works with the video and audio analog wires but not with hdmi ports please help

  32. My 1997 TV just got zapped in a thunderstorm and what was taken out was the composite input (all three). When I switch to VCR input that I use for by cable it goes black (as usual) but there is no sound nor video as normal. Any ideas on what to look for? It is a Magnavox but there are no schematics available for it.

  33. I have a Lg tv Model number 42LD400 everything works on it except the Hdmi ports. I just need to know what needs repaired the board or the ports itself.

  34. Hi I have a youview box connected to tv and all was working however when I turn tv on it comes up in left hand corner DVD CHI and underneath no connection then I get no signal. I got onto the screen where it says av1 and hmd1 and tried to move curser to hmd1 as its on av1 and shouldn't be however the curser wont budge. I have pressed alsorts and just don't know what to do next ,my tv is LG but not smart tv and was working before I probably pressed wrong button . Do I press box or tv to set up as don't know where to begin or how to maybe reset I hope you van help thank you so much Doreen

  35. all the videos that we download from youtube do not have the problem of voice cuttting when we copy them in usb and attatch the usb to the lcd but when download videos from anyother web ths voice cuts after some interval

  36. My Samsung LA22B450C4D has a green tint for the hdmi input but only has one hdmi port I have tried two other hdmi cables and I'm having the same problem Any way to fix this??

  37. Hi bro I have a problem that my TV showing green lines from left to right when connected to HDMI to setup box please please please reply how to fix it

  38. watching my vizio it comes up while playing satelite no input and shuts off comes right back on when we turn it on but why does it keep going off

  39. I have a Westinghouse tv. it's been working fine for some years. This morning when I turned it on it started going through the input modes and won't stop. tried unplugging. Tried customer care, no nothing. When you hold the button on the side of the tv it will stop but you still can't see anything. Soon as you let it go it keeps going. When I tried pushing input on the remote it kept going but it was a little longer pause between switching. So I tried to turn it on again and it showed 3-0. Hit input and it's still doing this. Can you help me please? Thank you in advance for any response you give me.

  40. I can't locate the input button on the television, not even the cable guy could find it. we don't have the original remote, but have a universal and it has the input button, but still not allowing the tv to come on.

  41. Stop whining when your ports say no signal because I don't give no cares I want sound and I cannot get sound from any of my HDMI cables and ports

  42. I have a insignia tv a small box shows for me to enter the input my cable box is connected too but when I do it it doesn't show channels and says to run auto channel search but it dont let me.

  43. I woke up one morning and noticed that the clock and date and everything was back at the zeros after resetting the TV and then now I having trouble with the TV turning on this is been a constant problem at a come on after I play with the remote for several times and to finally catch up and turn on but I have no idea what's going on with the set but I just noticed that after the date and everything else on that part of the screen went to zeros

  44. I have a hisense tv and when I turn it on the input pops and it won't let me select a input. And it keeps on jumping to different things. What do I need to do

  45. I have a 2008 Sanyo HDTV that does not let me change or adjust the screen size can you help me with this please

  46. What's up,Bro. I've.
    got a Toshiba 40in CT-90325,& I'm not getting any.
    response but. from HDMI port 1. I haven't tried port 2 yet but I'll be sure to let you know. I got the T.V.
    in 2015 &
    I can't even find or. remember where I put my warranty and Owners manual. So is there by chance you can email me on HOW I can troubleshoot the problem with out spending any money by chance.
    Gregory Kolasa

  47. My insignia tv HDMI1/DVI is now gives no signal whenever I plug anything into it. However If I plug My fire stick into it it shows the amazon logo for a few seconds then goes back to black. This all happened after a lightning strike.

  48. I have an old Toshiba tv 2007 model 26HL47. I have direct tv. It was working fine. then the tv decided to change inputs, not sure why. When I hit the input button on the remote the only input options it allows me to use are dvr, compact disc, vcr, or cable. The direct tv is inputed in the hdmi 1 location. But on the input screen it has all the hdmi inputs in light gray and the word hidden after each. I am unable to switch back to hdmi 1.
    is there a solution?

  49. I have an imperial led tv it was working and all of a sudden when I touch the remote to antenna to fix it its showing no channels I auto scan and still not picking up any channels. But everything on the tv remote is working. I even watch DVD shows on the tv but the tv channels not picking up

  50. I can’t change my Insignia TV’s source from tv to HDMI. I can’t use the TV’s panel of buttons or a remote control. If you hit source/input it shows the TV at the top of the list & it’s highlighted. Nothing let’s you scroll down to : comp/av – HDMI1-HDMI2-VGA or USB.

  51. My Sharp TV will not let me use Antenna and get a picture but it is ok if I hook up cable. Is my TV dead.
    I put on antenna, hook it up to air and nothing.

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