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TV Repair Help for Vertical & Horizontal Lines on Your TV Screen – Troubleshooting Diagnosis Help

TV Repair Help for Vertical & Horizontal Lines on Your TV Screen – Troubleshooting Diagnosis Help

This video is designed to help you better
understand the symptoms that your TV is showing and to also help you when gathering information
and troubleshooting when seeking help for your TV repair. When troubleshooting, be sure
to ask the following questions and take notes as you are observing the symptoms. We will now go over some common symptoms that TVs can show and what we should look for in
greater detail with these symptoms. The first symptom, lines going across the screen. Are
the lines vertical or horizontal? Are the lines a certain color or black and
white? What section of the TV, do the lines show
up in? The top half? The lower half? The right side?
Or the left side? Is your screen discolored?
Do the lines always appear on the screen when using different inputs?
For example, if you switch from HDMI-1 input to HDMI-2 input, are the lines still there?
When you pull up the menu on your TV, do the lines on the screen show up over the menu
or behind the menu? Do the lines always appear on the screen or
are they intermittent? Now that you have gathered the information
about the lines on your TV, go ahead and give our customer service department a call or
you can leave a comment below this video with the details of the symptoms that your TV is
displaying. Please be sure to always include the TV model
number, brand and any other information about the TV that is necessary.
Thank you for watching one of our many tutorials here at We strive to
learn and share new TV repair tips everyday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and grow
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100 thoughts on “TV Repair Help for Vertical & Horizontal Lines on Your TV Screen – Troubleshooting Diagnosis Help”

  1. wmy samsung un32es6500f lines across screen top to bottom picture is there white lines what do ido thank you

  2. hi I have a philips 4k my son stuck a card down front of the tv and now got a good size line in middle of tv we. can see picture behind it still

  3. HELP! I have a TV Samsung model no. PN50A450P1D and serial no.AKWX3QQC09634T I was happy with it but don't know if it is worth fixing.the problem is that it has some Verticle line on the LEFT side of the screen they are very thin red lines there is about 5 lines, one of those is right in the middle about 3/8" wide and now it looks like the screen is divided the lines are turning black with a thin blue line in the middle of the black line the lines are in front of the menu and they are always there ,in all inputs also they are always there even when you turn on the TV or off

  4. I got the vertical lines on my westinghouse flat screen 40 inc on the left side only 6 black lines now 3 mo later one came up in the middle of the screen

  5. i have a samsung model LE40N87DB it has vertical lines down the left hand side and also flickers.I have changed the T-CON BOARD. which I bought from a reputable company on ebay. it would be great if you can help .kind regards PAUL

  6. hi its ben here i got samsung smart led tv has permanent vertical lines on right hand side its appear on every chennel. can we fix this ..?

  7. Sharp aquous 32 inch. flickering horizontal lines that shows occasionally, may not show in days. but when it shows, restarting the TV by pressing the power button takes it off.

  8. i have redish color vertical lines going down the center of tv they're outside of screen. i took it to repair shop they said it was the LCDstrip panel.could you help

  9. Hi Im in NZ and I have horizontal lines that appear on my lcd 42" TV, first one, line and a line seems to appear every day. taking up most of the screen
    It seems to be on top of the images I did a self-diagnostic test and lines still appear

    Model code: PS43D450 Software version: T-MST4DEUC-1011.0

    can you advise me please. 28 May 2017

  10. can someone just plz tell me how to prevent the horizontal lines that are green and reddish from going on my screen. I was gonna ask your little company or whatever but u don't offer tech support. I think it's because u don't want people trying to fix this stuff on their own so they can pay you to do it. common business shit.

  11. hi I have an lcd 32 inch Samsung and have previously purchased a tcon board through you guys and think I have a simular problem with my this one It also has 2 a few black vertical lines which worries me how can I tell if its the tcon or the lcd is broken

  12. I have a Seiki 39" HD smart tv SE39HXC1CA. After I moved three thick black vertical bands appeared in front of the picture. It also appears in front of the menu. One is about 3" wide and approx 4" left of center, the other two are approx 4" wide and are right of center about 3" apart. the rest of the picture and sound is perfect.



  14. Vizio 37" VL370M – Horizontal lines, intermittent scrolling, with color.
    I just replaced the power supply board yesterday (11/9/17) . The picture will stay on for first 1/2 hour then the aforementioned issue happens. I have 30 second video but can't attach here. In your expert opinion, would this be with the new power supply board I replaced or does a different board need replacing now (i.e. T-con board)?

  15. Worst video ever. Not a tutorial at all. Just a frustrating video asking dumbasses questions of details I already knew to pay attention to.

  16. i have this issue with a panasonic. i think it a 42 inch. it is one solid black line verticle about a half inch to the left (my left when im looking at tv) of the center of the screen. it is intermittent. it happens no matter what input its on and it shows up over the menu and various setting boxes, what could this be?

  17. Samsung LCD 32"TV screen full picture but right side half vertical lines or horizontal lines dimming .left said no problem.but next time total dark picture.(t con board separate). what is problem?

  18. Have a Hisense 50H5G that has vertical 2 black lines about inch wide. One about 10 inches left side of edge other same but right side. Then there is about 5 to inches wide in between the black lines but about inches from right black line. Menu runs behind white line.

  19. I have a Philips LCD 32 inch HD 1080p TV model number the model number is 32 pfl6740di/f7 basically I have horizontal lines going all over the screen the color is red and basically it's just wavy basically I had a friend open the back of the TV and I figured it was a cable he messed with one cable at work and then today I turned on the TV and then this started happening I assume either Parts gone bad or something new cable needs to be bought but if you have any other ideas let me know otherwise I'll have to buy parts for this thank you you have an email address I can send you a picture so you know what's happening

  20. Vizio e500i-ao i ha e replace leds and power supply and main board. I'm getting sporadic vertical line in screen where i can hear sound. Is the main board faulty?


  22. I have a LG 55 inch TV model number 55 LB 6300 one day screen just turned gray. Wife was watching TV she said the picture froze and then just turn lighter and lighter gray till the picture was gone now there is movement within the vertical lines as the picture moves the gray lines move around. Sound is perfect but there is no menu no floating LG logo and no matter what I connect in any port the picture still has gray vertical lines. I have checked all wire connections and check all capacitor caps and they are all fine, heat sink looks good on processor. This TV seems to have a built in T con board in the frame. I could not find a individual t con board to check.

  23. Samsung 50-inch Smart TV Model # T500HVF06.4

    Has a black and white vertical line straight down the middle of the screens about half an inch wide top to bottom…and covers over the screen and icon/pull-up menu…. no signs of discolor on screen.. picture quality seems fine, vertical lines is always on display..always just the same straight down the middle vertical line…. also I've noticed at the bottom center when push-in hard enough vertical line will disappear and comes back on when released… not sure how to keep it pushed in…..any help would be much appreciated thank you!

  24. Ok I am having issues with a Samsung UN55ES6500FXZA. It's a 3D LED tv. As usual out of the extended warranty phase and the tv out of no where got dark with an orange/red color. Going through the troubleshooting I also get a random horizontal line on the lower part of the screen that is sometimes black or sometimes purple. Also sometimes if I turn the tv off then backk on it's normal, then after a few seconds to minutes distorts again. Randomly I'll get some vertical lines in the right corner that are black with a white background. What could it be? I was in the process of purchasing a tcon board from your site but I read lines will not be fixed with this part so I am here for guidance.

  25. I have a year old TCL roku 4k smart tv and one red line appeared on the right side about a month ago any tips

  26. I switched over to another HDMI channel and it doesn't show up on that one. Thank you so much guys! 🍻

  27. I have vertical lines on my tv it’s black and it’s on the right side the lines don’t move but the grow it lg tv

  28. Hi, I have a 50inch Samsung model UN50J5500, has one vertical lines mediate right side from the centre and two in the centre, for centred 2 line when am viewing HD images sometimes they disappeared for a while bit the one which is on the left side it has been there for some month it doesn't go away. please assist.

  29. My Westinghouse tv has lines on bottom half of screen going across. Happened after I dropped it. Can I fix it??

  30. Hi there… I have a problem to my sony kdl 43w800c its almost 1yrold and now color red line appear on the middle and black background… The tv have sound.. What is the common problem about that… Thanks..

  31. I just picked up a Visio m701d-a3. It has vertical lines on the left side that are colored. The screen is also dark on that side. Can you help me figure out what’s wrong?

  32. i have 29'" sony trinitron crt tv .working ok but the problem of 4" black bar on the horizontal side of the picture.on right hand side what could be the fault.

  33. Sony kdl-46v2500 has colored cross hatch bars running horizontal across the bottom of screen with no input and 3/4 of bottom of screen with picture, on screen menu on top is fine, t-con board did not help. tHANKS JOE – [email protected]

  34. My Magnavox 43ME345V/F7 had a black screen and no red power LED. I bought the SHopJimmy kit with three cards and now have a blue screen only. Is one of these boards defective or something else wrong?

  35. Flat screen brand is hisense, okay I'm having lines coming across my screen not down my screen. The lines start from the right side and they are blue or purple ish lines with a black backround every time, i notice this last night but the color has been very off. Can someone help me before i buy i new one🤔🤔👈😇

  36. I have a Samsung 55" model no. Ua55d80000 with vertical lines almost every where on the sceen. The vertical lines are on top of the displaying image. Pls give me tips on how to fix it, thanks

  37. I have found a flat screen polaroid tv with a line going straight through it the menu on the side is still popping up and the tv is still cutting on and off

  38. My samsung ua55es6200 TV has has colored horizontal lines in the middle and bottomn and in between… The lines start to increase in thickness…. Is possible to repair and how much it could cost….

  39. I have a Samsung pn51f5500afxza with a solid white 2” vertical line on the left side of the picture . This started from the beginning of the problem now it is intermitting but continues to show on the same side from the time we turn it on till the time we turn it off. Any suggestions of what to do or replace would be very helpful
    thank you

  40. Jimmy imma have a problem with my lg tv… 60ln5400. When it comes on i get white horizontal lines with no sound or pic… What should i be look at to fix??

  41. LG 50LB6100 2 grey vertical lines on the left about 4 or 5 inches in. One thin, one a bit wider. Lines are there regardless of input. Appear on top of the menu.

  42. Colored lines on right side of screen, colors change sometimes, colors are on the top of picture, model no UN50F4300AF

  43. Hi.. I have a 42" LG LED TV model 42LN5130 and it is showing horizontal lines in the top part of the screen and the picture is jumping. What could be the reason for this. Please help.

  44. I like how he says comment your questions down below and you see a heck ton of questions but literally none are being answered

  45. Vizio E70-C3 vertical lines across screen multi color .brightness changes intensity with any buttons on remote no video or audio pwr supply voltages ok t-con & logic board replaced and cables were replaced that you sent Brightness on screen comes up to higher level after 3-5 min.
    Backlight seems to come on normally Screen starts off it seems with green then progresses to multi color .vertical lines are approx 3 inches off bottom. Input only changes brightness of vertical lines Flexing bottom of set makes no change. Thanks Larry I

  46. the whole tv has large bands and there is discoloration on the tv. the refresh rate is pretty much broken

  47. I have 1 thin black vertical line coming from the right upper mid side extending to the center of Vizio led smart 70’ tv. Do I need a new tv, picture tube? Is tv going to go out.

  48. I have a vizio D50-E1 TV when I turn it on you can see the white vizio emblem for a second then a solid white line appears down the middle of the screen then that solid white line turns into multiple that are black and white and kind of pinkish I have sounds it's perfect but ni picture I can see the menu or anything I purchased a repair kit from you guys witch was 4 boards I replaced the t-con and it did not fix I then replaced the main board and still did not fix do you have any suggestions plz?

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