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Twin gangsters’ cute little scheme:Operation ‘Buy a cell phone!’ [The Return of Superman/2017.06.18]

Twin gangsters’ cute little scheme:Operation ‘Buy a cell phone!’ [The Return of Superman/2017.06.18]

(Meanwhile at the twins’ house) (Ringing) Yes, hello? I don’t have enough money. What? We came with the stuff… Who are you? We came with the stuff… No, no! Not that. That’s precious! No. – No, you can’t! / – I’m giving it away. I’m going to give it away. Hey! (Giggling) (What are the two boys scheming this time?) Seojun, are you going to become a sloth? (Seojun looks sluggish like a sloth.) (Here’s another sloth.) (Bored) (The twins are dying of boredom.) (What’s wrong with them?) (Isn’t there anything fun to do?) (Yes, that’s it!) (Rushing) You should get a mobile phone again. – What? / – You should get a mobile phone again. Why? You need to watch videos online. I don’t need to watch videos. Dad, don’t you need to watch the news? – What? Oh, the news? / – The news. This is why you need to buy a new mobile phone. No, I don’t need it. I’m doing fine. Your dad got rid of his phone for a reason. (The twins were immersed in watching videos online.) This is so fun. Tell me. What should we do? Let’s watch videos online. (They always ask their dad if they can watch videos.) (In the end, Hwijae decided to get rid of his phone.) (No!) (The twins cried as if they had lost their country.) (Two weeks after that…) (The twins are suffering from withdrawal symptoms.) – You can use that as a mobile phone. / – Hello? I don’t need a mobile phone. (You should hurry up and buy a new phone.) Hello? Hello? Okay. Good. That looks good. You can use that. Good. You can use that as a phone. (This isn’t working.) (Then let’s carry on to plan number two.) (The protestors with rice paddles start going forward!) Mobile phone. (He lets out a snort.) Dad, please get a new mobile phone. (You better buy one before something happens.) You want me to get a new mobile phone? – Yes. / – Buy one! Mobile phone! – Buy a mobile phone! / – Buy a mobile phone! I don’t have any money! I don’t have any money! – Buy a mobile phone! / – Buy a mobile phone! – Buy a mobile phone! / – Buy a mobile phone! I’m going to the bathroom. – See you later. / – Okay. (While Hwijae is in the bathroom…) (Dad said he doesn’t have any money.) Shall we go outside and buy a mobile phone? Without getting Dad’s permission? Yes, we need to keep it a secret. Wait. (Seoeon heads to the bathroom.) – What are you doing? / – Dad, we’re going to the market to buy some stuff. Okay. Seojun, he said yes. I asked and he said yes. Then let’s take our pocket money and go out. But we don’t have a wallet. I found it, Seojun. We can go now. Let’s see if we have money. I have money. – I have… / – Here. I have four. I have six. I have some coins, too. Nine. Do you think we can buy a mobile phone with this much? Don’t you think we need a bit more money? (What should we do?) (Thinking) Shall we bring our toys? Do you think they’ll give us a new phone, then? What should we bring? Something expensive. Are you going to take your books, too? – You can’t do that. / – Why not? We read a lot. How about this? (They start packing their stuff.) This is too expensive, don’t you think? That’s Dad’s hat. (Let’s pack Dad’s hat first.) This is expensive. (They think the size equals the price.) (Now, let’s pack Mom’s candle.) Hey, we rarely use that thing. The baseball. (The last material they pack) (is an autographed baseball.) Let’s go now. Let’s take these and buy a mobile phone. We’re going to play outside for a while. See you! – Okay. / – He said yes. (Hwijae thinks they’re just going to a nearby market.) (Wait for us, mobile phone.) (We’re on our way.) (Right now, what we need is speed.) (They speed up.) (They accidentally pass by a mobile phone store.) Where do we need to go? – Mister, where can we buy a mobile phone? / – Hi. – Where can we buy a phone? / – You just passed it by. (What?) It’s over there on the other side. – Over there at the very end? / – Yes. Over there. Thank you. (He turns back and goes.) – Are we at the right place? / – Yes, we are. – Mister! / – Hello. – There we go. / – Hello. – We came to buy a mobile phone. / – Really? (Taken aback) Where’s your dad? – He’s at home. / – Is he? – Who are you getting it for? / – Our dad. – For your dad? / – It’s going to be a gift from us. Our dad really needs a mobile phone. – What’s the best mobile phone? / – What is it? This one. This one is the best mobile phone. – I’ll show you the camera. / – Does it play videos? (He asks if the mobile phone can play videos.) – Can we watch videos online? / – Videos? Yes. You can watch videos. May I see if it works well? Yes. You can take a look by pressing this. (I need to see if it works well before I choose one.) Why can’t I find that game on this mobile phone? – It’s over there. / – It’s here. (Excited) I think all parents are worried about mobile phones. Do you think the game works well on that mobile phone? – Yes. It works well. / – Does it? (They’re so happy.) (This is what you call paradise.) – I want to take this one home. / – Do you want that? – Can I get the white one? / – Okay. How much is it? (Amazed) – How much money did you bring? / – A lot. Did you bring a lot of money? This is – 1,000 dollars. / – 1,000 dollars? (What is that?) Here. You can’t get this with that much money. (Why not?) You need to give me 1,000 dollars. I have more than 1,000. We have a lot of money. Look. We have a lot. (They take out all the money they have.) (Look. Will this do?) This money isn’t enough. – Does that mean we can’t buy it? / – The mobile phone? You can’t buy it with this much money. (Depressed) – One dollar… / – We saved up for this. – Was it to get your dad a mobile phone? / – Yes. You can get one if you save up a bit more. (Sighing) What about something else? – Something else? / – Yes. I brought something. (I knew this would happen, so I brought a few things.) (His eyes begin to shake.) (They hand him the things they brought from home.) These are ours, but we brought them for you. Which one do you want? – Did you bring these to buy a mobile phone? / – Yes. (There are all good things.) (Will you please trade these for a mobile phone?) – This is really expensive. / – Is it? But you can’t buy a mobile phone with these. Can I make a phone call? May I borrow your mobile phone? Here. Would you like to call your dad? – Yes. / – Yes. (They press their home phone number.) (Ringing) (Ringing) Hello? Dad, we don’t have enough money. – Who are you? / – I’m Seojun. What do you need to buy? Well… I need to buy a mobile phone. It costs 1,000 dollars. We don’t have enough money. – You’re going to buy a mobile phone? / – Yes. We brought a few things. Can we give it to the owner? What did you bring? A baseball. No, no! Not that. That’s precious! You can’t give it to him. Put him on the phone. Hurry. No. I’m going to give it to him. You can’t give it to him! (Laughing) Did he say no? Did he say no? Did he say yes? He said no, but let’s give it to him anyway. I’m giving it to him. Hey! Put him on the phone. I’m going to give it to him. – Isn’t there a worker there? / – Here you go. Let me talk to the worker there. Put any adult on the phone. Hurry. (Anyone? Then let’s see.) – Dad. / – No, let me talk to the worker there. Can we give him the baseball and… No, you can’t give him the baseball! Wait there. Don’t go anywhere. (Running) Dad. (Why isn’t he answering?) Hey. (Taking a step back) I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. – Your baseballs. / – Hey, this is from when we opened a baseball game a long time ago. This is a family legacy. I will never sell these. – But they’re / – You guys… – for your mobile phone. / – By selling these? So you brought them to sell? I got rid of my mobile phone after a tough decision. We shouldn’t buy another one back so easily, okay? Do you understand? High-five. (I understand, Dad.) After they came to understand that I don’t have a mobile phone, they don’t ask for it anymore. But I would never have fathomed that they’d try to buy one. I would really like to apologize to the store owner. I truly am sorry.

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  1. they're so naughty. Hahaha. They're partners in crime. I love you so much Seojun and Seoeon 😘 im a fan from the Philippines.

  2. Seojun may look like his mother but his personality resembles his father. He truly has a blood of a comedian 😂😂😂

  3. LOL LOL LOL Omg these brats already scheming big ruckus at this age. Imagine how much troubles they will make everyday from now on. Fighting hwijae appa!!!!

  4. Love watching u guys so much
    But u got rid of ur phone just because the kids kept using it is so thoughtful but it’s more safe to have one for emergencies
    And watching YouTube can really help the kids learn how to speak fluently such as them learning English
    Watching YouTube has taught my sister how to speak English fluently

  5. The twins will have there own mobile phone when they are a teenager but they won't need one because they have each other

  6. seoneon and seojun are so stupid like dont they listen to their father🤔🤨🤔🤨🤨🤔🤨🤔🤨🤔🤨😡😡😡😡😡😠😡😠😡😠😡

  7. Hwijae you can get a mid range phone for you and the twins. And if you have many money then buy the s or note line up of samsung phones.

  8. Ga ada bosennya liat episode ini.liat kejailan anak sekecil mreka😂😂😂🤣😁😁twins so cute😘😘

  9. Me and my mom when I ask her to buy me a phone I keep talking in Korean and she said I don't have money!!

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