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Unboxing Every iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

Unboxing Every iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

IPHONE 7 7 Plus You Heard About it I Told You About it In all their glory And they’re all here I Mean Every Last one Even the ones that were tough to track down How did it happen?! I’m still not 100% sure I linked up with the guys at Dbrand I said i need some iPhones and Tim Cook, he didn’t come through SO WHAT DID THEY DO? Show up with every single MODEL and then say HEY! After your unboxing I want you to give them away and I said Are you crazy? They said, Damn straight we’re crazy and I said, well me too! If you don’t know Dbrand skins They make this right here This cool, looking skins you can put on you’re different devices check them out you can customize your phone and if you get one of this Jet Black ones you might wanna protect Apple said it could scratch easily so, 1..2..3..4..5 iPhone 7 Plus 1..2..3..4..5 iPhone 7’s Without any more hesitation Let’s jump inside the boxes iPhone font it’s changed now Let’s see if Dave can pick that up That’s right, I said Dave we got Dave 2D in the house today! Dave come say hello Are you having a good time yet? Dave: Yeah man! I am! Closed Captions Creator: Oh sup dude! Say hello to the people This channel is terrible. CCC: DUDE WHY!? Rose Gold…. Gold The Matte Black Something tells me that’s gonna be my favourite. Gotta be honest with you. The Jet Black in the black box So that you feel special Oh my goodness! Look at this, look at all this candy Let me zoom out This might be most iPhone’s I’ve unboxed in a particular video a Matte Black 7 Some nice phone factor right there From a layout perspective you’re looking for something super similar to the 6S of course, the camera at the top is a giveaway This color happens to be a giveaway and then the fact that there’s no headphone jack on the bottom is the other way that you can identify A power brick and then the earpods which now terminate in this lighting connector as we expected that’s what will be connecting YES!!! This means you won’t be charging your device and listening to music over a wired connection at the same time I don’t know what to tell you other than get used to it or use one of these You wouldn’t expect Apple to include an adapter. Can you see all that dongle action right there? There you have a dongle, here you go, that’s a dongle for you 7 …. 7 Plus Oooh!!! I mean that’s a look right there! Oh my God!! It’s insanely glossy! Just looking at that, I’m nervous! Here they are, in all they’re glory and they looking like pieces of candy or something I really want to check to see what fingerprints do to that Jet Black. Absolute nightmare of course! I guess that there’s some people that they gonna take that trade-off It’s a fingerprint magnet, it’s gonna be a scratch magnet The home button doesn’t click anymore I’m sure you heard that already you’re gonna get used to it but it’s certainly, it emulates a physical click So, gives you that haptic kind of feedback You get the vibration like on the trackpad on the MacBooks But… neh!! On the sim card tray, there’s a gasket on there Officially, the first iPhone that is water resistant At least they’re willing to admit it Dave is 90% sure it’s IP67 If he is wrong it’s simple. Just unsubscribe from his channel Meet the new home button Meet the new home button Tap an option below then press the home button to give it a try you can have it as a very faint kind of haptic feedback or something more significant I made it!! I wanna try right away is of course the camera All right! so… Jesus! Just discovered this Matte Black, very slippery! The reason that you gonna want a dual lens system is you end up with something closer to an interchangeble lens camera different lenses, gives you a different effect, different opportunity to create a picture if you got a wide angle lense you can get more in the frame That’s what 1x… that’s 2x and it’s optical so unlike in the past on a single lens system it’s not a digital zoom it’s not simply cropping into the image it’s using a completely different lens I’m a big fan of wide angle stuff I’m talking to you, in wide angle right now! and phones for the most part, haven’t had the widest angle lenses so that’s exciting to me This Black is one of the most slippery phone I ever held, the Matte Black I’m envisioning cracked screens globally and I’m just giving you the warning ahead of time I think I’m gonna go ahead and not recommend the Matte Black to you Regular iPhone 6 7 Plus The real thing that’s going on here it’s the way that the sound is firing What’s happening on the new model I can hear sound coming forward, so the majority of the improvement is when you are sitting like this ready? 6S Watch this! Same idea So there you have it! every single iPhone 7 and 7 Plus unboxed all at once For your entertainment Let me know down in the comments Which one you like best and don’t forget I’m giving all of these away Why? Cause I’m crazy! and I’m friend with the folks on Dbrand skins! Go follow us both on Twitter for details The links will be in the description Unbelievable!

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