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Unboxing Every iPhone XR with ASMR (Rainbow Colors)

Unboxing Every iPhone XR with ASMR (Rainbow Colors)

– (whispering) Hey, what’s good, guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt. This video’s gonna be the
hardest video I have ever made. Why? Because I’m gonna be trying to do a full ASMR iPhone XR unboxing. ASMR, iPhone XR, that’s
what really inspired this and I was thinking like let’s
just do something crazy, something that is gonna
be a challenge for me. If you guys don’t know or
haven’t been subscribed, I am the loudest tech YouTuber, sometimes obnoxious,
sometimes overexaggerated. I am just crazy. (loudly) And we just finished him off. There we go! (whispering) so, I’m gonna try to really keep it mellow and low-key and try to get through six
iPhone XRs, without screaming. So, here’s what we’re doing:
With the proper ASMR unboxing, I’ve got a few different
things I want to show you guys. We’ve got some triggers. We have (scissor sound)
as our first trigger. We have a few makeup brushes.
(gentle scraping sound) We just want to make sure our
iPhone XRs are always clean. And then, I have a brush for
mascara. (rough scraping sound) I just bought these today. I don’t use these. We have our third brush here. This one’s good because you can really get into the lightning port or
the headphone jack, oh wait, and to really make sure
everything’s clean because that’s what you want when you’re
getting a new phone, right? This is the first day. You guys are probably getting your phones. Let me know, in the comments,
if you guys are picking up a XR, a XS or a X zero, you’re
not picking up any phone, and definitely let me know if you guys want another
ASMR video, in the comments, or maybe a new channel. This is gonna be fun. I’m gonna try to whisper. I’m the world’s worst whisperer. If this all works, this should trigger your autonomous sensory
meridian response, or ASMR, which if you don’t know
what’s going on still, check out some ASMR YouTube videos, ASMR Gibi, ASMR Darling, ASMR Glow. There are a ton of
channels, here, on YouTube that do ASMR way better
than what I’m about to do. This is a joke, but a fun joke. This is the white iPhone XR. I got it in the 64 Gig capacity. I got all of these except
one. The yellow one. That’s gonna be my daily driver
and I’m stoked to use it. So, for 750 bucks, you
can get the iPhone XR, a 6.1 inch phone. Honestly, I think this might
be the best phone of the year. (plastic crackles) We all know what’s inside
every single iPhone box. So, included are Apple stickers, some paperwork, a SIM tool, and then, a Hello guide. If you need help getting
your iPhone XR started, this is all you need to look at, don’t even watch a YouTube video. This is my first impressions
with the iPhone XR: Just right off the bat,
with the iPhone XS Max, and then the iPhone XR,
the XR feels heavier and it obviously has
aluminum on the sides. No headphone jack on either, and I’ve seen a lot of iPhone 6S users. There are too many iPhone 6Ss in the wild. If you have one, let me
know in the comments. I see this being what you might upgrade to if you have an iPhone 6S. Now, it’s time for
everyone’s favorite part. Ooh! That’s exactly what you’re
gonna be hearing more of. Let’s put our iPhone XR to the side and see what else we get. A power cube and then the earpods with the included lightning connector. It’s nothing new. You guys know exactly
what you’re gonna see in the iPhone box. Then, the USB A to
lightning charging cable. I don’t know why it’s not USB C yet, Apple makes a lot of money
on these accessories. So, that is the first
iPhone XR fully unboxed. I honestly don’t mind the white color. I’m really excited to
see what this looks like in the blue or the coral or the yellow, because we’re just getting started. Now, we’re gonna open up the second, the product red iPhone XR, and quickly vote up on the iCard which is your favorite
new iPhone XR color. I, personally, am split on
the blue and the yellow, those on fire, but I definitely want to
know what you guys think. Here is the red iPhone XR. Interesting! On the back is where it says product red. Usually it’ll say on the side. That’s when you know you’ve been buying too many product red products, right? I felt something. I felt something and I’m doing the video. Here we go! Ooh! I like this, already. We have the product red
card, the Hello manual, the SIM tool, an iPhone user guide, and then, the two Apple stickers. Now, let’s open this thing up and, I don’t know if you guys can see this but there’s a little bit of
dust on the screen protector and I just don’t know if I
can even move on with life, so let’s just make sure
we keep everything clean. Ooh, that looks so good! It’s like this nice cherry red. Okay, maybe the red one’s now my favorite. Ooh, wow! Dang! That red looks so good! Now, let’s check out the coral color. This coral color’s kind
of like a red-peach-pink. Ooh! Okay! Oh, what’s this? It’s something new. No way! It’s the same four pieces
of paper in the last box. What? All right, don’t freak out,
we’re still in ASMR mode, we’ve gotta keep the composure. And up. Dang! Daaaang! This looks way better in person. Seeing this in YouTube videos
or even on Apple’s commercial, I like the color in person. It is really refreshing, it’s
really eye-catching, too. Wow. I mean, there you have it, my first real impressions of the iPhone XR before I even turn it on. We’re halfway through and I
want to kind of spice it up. I want to make sure
each iPhone XR unboxing is different from the last, so, what could be my favorite
iPhone XR color, the yellow one. I just think it looks
different, and you guys know, it’s the only one I got
the 128 gigabyte model in. So, why the iPhone XR is so awesome is, unlike the XS or XS Max or any other iPhone I’ve seen before, to get double the storage
only costs you 50 bucks, so 750 is what the XR starts at but if you want to get the
mid-tier model, it’s only 800. You gotta like that, right? I want to try out (scissor
sound) one off the triggers and I want to see if we
can unbox this iPhone in a different way. Why do they make it this hard? (plastic crackles loudly) I’m struggling trying
to get this packaging out of this phone. (plastic crackles loudly) Whew, we finally got rid of it. (sniffing sounds) Oh dude, it smells like cereal,
it smells like Lucky Charms. See the rainbow, taste the rainbow,. Shh, gotta keep it down. Like, what could be in here? Ev, why don’t they include
colored Apple stickers? One for you, Ev, and one for you guys. Let’s try to carefully
get the yellow XR out. Just just just carefully get it out. It’s really all about
using the right brush to get all the dust off. This eyelash brush, I knew
it was the right choice. So now that it looks like
the iPhone XR, in yellow. Oh my! No way! That is so, so fire. (plastic crackles loudly) We’re good. Try out the blue one. Ooh! All right! Ev, did you know, if you tap on the letters
in a certain order, it will actually upgrade you from a 64 gigabyte iPhone
to a 128 gigabyte iPhone. It’s a hack, just trust me. (plastic crackles loudly) This one actually came from
the ocean, because it’s blue. Let’s see if we can get
this one freed from its box. Oh, perfect! Perfect! We got the door. It can finally walk
it’s way out of its box. Let’s make it a second door, all in the name of ASMR. Let’s see what the blue one’s like. Whoa! It worked! (crunchy chewing sound) I was reading about this hack on Reddit , where if you cut the Apple
stickers that come in the box, it actually lets you take
a bite of a fresh apple. That’s basically what you
get with every iPhone box, as long as you got the stickers. Since we’re on the fifth iPhone XR and I’m having troubles
getting this plastic removed, I don’t know why, it’s the
same as the other ones, but we’re gonna try to burn it off. I got some matches. (scraping sound) I really wish I could do
ASMR as good as the rest. That worked! Let’s try to carefully burn this off. We burned our iPhone XR. You can see the ash on the side. I mean, it’s got ip67 certification, so it’s waterproof up to
one and a half meters, up to 30 minutes. Oh, perfect! I got just the right amount
of solution to iPhone to get it clean. It’s perfect. So, that’s five out of the six iPhone XRs. Let’s unwrap the last
one, the black iPhone XR, which honestly doesn’t look that bad. Blue, yellow, and coral are my favorites. Let’s go. It doesn’t even look bad. (scraping sound) (plastic crackles loudly) I mean, it’s the black iPhone XR. Every time, I’m hoping
for black Apple stickers, maybe some black earpods,
maybe a black USB brick or a black lightning cable, I know they make those. Bodang, you don’t get anything else. A nice little bit of color
would have been cool, would have been real cool. (talking normally) So that happened. I’m now back to my regular
voice and as you guys can see, right in front of me,
we have six iPhone XRs, all of the colors. And, the reason I kind
of picked up all of ’em and wanted to make this video, was you’re not gonna be
able to see all of these, side by side, unless you
go to the Apple store. And, I gotta admit, my top three are the
blue, yellow, and coral, with coral kind of being
the biggest surprise. I remember the coral iPhone 5C. If you guys did, a shout
out to you for being old. But, the iPhone 5C in coral, or pink as most everyone calls it now, it looked cool but it
was kind of eye-catching and I think what makes it
even better is the glass back. When it hits light, it’s game over, and the aluminum on the
sides kind of being like this nice pink that isn’t rose-gold or not pink on the Pixel 3 XL, but is actually a cooler pink. I’ve said pink probably more than I ever want to say in my lifetime. And, when you look at the
aluminum on the iPhone XR, I would say the one that looks the worst has to be the yellow. It’s kind of like this gold, very similar, but not
to the iPhone XS Max. Mine, right here, when you
stack the gold up to it, stainless steel versus aluminum, I like the glass better than
I think I like the aluminum, but there’s only so much
anodization you can do. The blue looks great. The white basically has
silver aluminum on the sides, so that’s kind of boring. So really, it’s just
the blue and the coral that I think look the best. The product red’s always gonna be the red. The black’s always gonna be the black. But, the thing about the iPhone XR is, you get options, so you
might as well pick one that is fun and a little bit different. For 750 bucks, you get
64 gigabytes of storage, or, as I said earlier in
the video, for an extra 50 you get 128 gigabytes of storage, so that’s exactly what I
did with he yellow one. I guess I’m stuck with it, right? Because, for 50 bucks more,
I’m now covered for the year. All right, let’s turn all of these on and get real first impressions. The red one, the black one, the yellow one, the coral, I think this is gonna be
the one I’ll probably keep, the blue one. It’s really about the colors. Which team are you on? Seriously, let me know in the comments, as we get all of theses
powered up and set up. Now I gotta do this six times. Now that six iPhone XRs are fully set up, I probably will not be buying
six more phones, ever again, because that really was the
same thing, six different times. The first thing I have
noticed with the iPhone XR over the iPhone XS, is the screen, and that’s the most notable difference. On the iPhone XR, here,
the one on my right, it has a 6.1 inch screen, where the XS Max has a 6.5 inch screen, so where things actually look different is the type of screen. On the XS Max, you have an OLED and then, on the XR, it’s an LCD. Why does this matter? Well, actually, you’re gonna
get better battery life, and every review that I’ve seen has said the XR has the best battery life out of any iPhone ever made, so I want to put that to the test, but the reason why you might be able to get better battery life is, with OLED, it can individually light every pixel, which is why the screen looks better, whereas with LCD, there
is just one backlight underneath all the pixels and you can’t control them individually. So, it makes sense, with one backlight
needing to be controlled, on the XR, why you’re gonna
get better battery life versus controlling each individual one. But, that has been the
first thing I can tell. When you look at the XR next to the XS, it’s not one of those
things you would think makes a difference to the naked eye, but once your eyes are both naked and you’re looking at the XS
Max, side by side to a XR, you can definitely tell the difference. The second largest difference on the XS, and I said this in the ASMR bit, is the build quality. On the XS versus XR,
there’s steel on the XS, because you’re paying more money, and then on the XR, to cut the costs, they actually made it out
of aluminium, or aluminum, and I don’t mind it. It was definitely one
thing I was scared about, because when you hold a
XS side by side to a XR, you notice every difference, in person. You notice the weight, the XR, at least in my
hands, feels heavier. It is thicker, for sure, even though it might not be thicker. The aluminum kind of gives the impression that you can feel every side, whereas the stainless
steel just kind of feels like one curved phone, and that is a really
interesting thing to note, and not something I would
have been able to find out, unless I had both. And, when you look at the bezel on it, there’s a thicker bezel on the XR. How this works is, they actually taper the
light on each individual RGB to kind of give that curved effect. The biggest question I have is, how good is the aluminum versus the steel. I guess a drop test is the
only other way to find out. We’re gonna have to break ’em. Another thing that is
different with the XR over the XS or XS Max, is the cameras. On the rear is a 12
megapixel single-lens camera, and that’s the largest difference over the XR versus the XS and XS Max. You get two cameras, like
you did with the iPhone X, on the back, with one
being that telephoto lens. Here’s where things actually get exciting, and if you buy an iPhone XR, you’re getting almost a
wider lens on the back, whereas, with the iPhone XS,
that second lens does that. So, why does this matter? When you take a photo on the XR, you’re actually getting a wider shot, because on the XS, it can do
that with its second lens. When you guys it, or take
a photo for yourself, it’s kind of a bonus that
I think is nice on the XR that I wish the XS had, but it makes sense why it’s not there. And, with the software, since the portrait mode does
look a little bit different, if you want to do a selfie, It doesn’t work on animals. It’s a no animal front-facing
camera with portrait mode. You’re still getting the same
stuff on the XS and XS Max, like portrait mode, some
software with a bigger battery, and since it’s LCD
technology, instead of OLED, it optimizes that a little better so you get better performance. And, that’s ultimately what I’m seeing with the iPhone XR versus the XS. I’ll probably do a big video, figuring out which is
the one to buy in 2018, because for $750, this one starts at $1100, you’re getting a lot. You’re getting a phone with color, which is just nice and refreshing. I’m tired of seeing black,
gold, and silver phones. That’s just boring. You’re getting aluminum, what I feel is kind of
like a thicker phone, an interesting camera, the same processor as the XS and XS Max, but in performance,
only 3 gigabytes of ram, so if that’s a big thing for you and you’re opening up apps a lot, you might be editing, taking more photos, really making this more of a pro device, then I think the XS and XS Max is gonna be the right one for you, but it’s too early to call. I gotta really get in
love with his iPhone XR, put my SIM into it and switch to it, because I’m gonna see if the
iPhone XR, for 750 bucks, is the phone to buy. So, you guys, that’s it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed the iPhone XR. I think I said X-R the entire
video but it’s iPhone 10 R. I’m just putting that in there, right now. I hope you guys enjoyed the ASMR bit because that was so much
fun, so different to try, and it really is challenge for me, so if you guys enjoyed it, make sure to drop this video a like and click subscribe by
hitting that circle button, right down there. Follow me on Instagram,
it’s just TechSmartt and check out two other
videos at the end of this one. And, I’ll see you guys next time! Bubbye!

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