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Unboxing the LG G8 phone — ASMR Unboxing

Unboxing the LG G8 phone — ASMR Unboxing

Hey what’s up guys, I’m Ray Wong, Mashable’s Senior Tech Correspondent, and today, we’re unboxing
the LG G8 on this episode of ASMR Unboxing”. Very plain looking box. This is the T-Mobile version. And, whoa, this is a cloth. I’ve never seen this. I haven’t seen this on
a phone in a long time. An LG wiping cloth. (cloth thudding) It’s a microfiber cloth, alright. Nice and durable. Okay, let’s get to the phone. And here is the LG G8, it is in red, oh. Let’s do our plastic peel. Which way, which way? And then we have to peel
away some of these stickers. Okay, here’s the phone. We’re gonna put this aside for a second. LG’s promise, okay that’s
warranty information. What else is in the box? More paperwork. Not so easy to peel. SIM card tool ejector. Okay cool. And all your various terms and services, all that good stuff. Charging cable. Boo, it’s USB-A to USB-C. We need USB-C to USB-C, guys. And a little charging brick. And that’s it, nothing else in the box. Let’s open the phone itself. Powering on. Did it power on? There we go, I felt the vibration. Let’s check out these
buttons in the meantime. So we have a volume rocker over here. (buttons clicking) (phone music jingling) That’s T-Mobile logo. Oh wow, these buttons are very quiet. Can’t even really hear
’em when you press it. And here’s the Google Assistant button. It’s a little clicky, a little
bit more clicky, louder. And there’s also a power
button on the side. It’s a little more tactile. So let’s go over some specs. We have a 6.1 inch display,
quad HD resolution. You have a camera on the front, and this one’s a special camera. It has a Z camera which
lets you hover over it and you have to do this weird thing where you turn your hand into a claw and then you can use gestures
to control your phone. I think it’s gimmicky, not sure why anyone would ever wanna do that
when it’s so much easier just to use voice or touch, but I guess it’s a new idea. There’s a headphone
jack over here, so yay. There’s USB-C for charging. Speaker over here. One thing you will notice
is that there is no earpiece on the front of the display, so how do you listen to calls. Well, the whole screen
is actually a speaker. So sound is vibrated off of
the display and into your ears which is pretty cool. And I gave it a shot a couple months ago, and it sounds pretty good. The phone itself, it’s a little thick, but a lot of phones are
actually getting thicker. There’s a, oh crap. There’s a fingerprint sensor over here. So that’s nice. I prefer this instead of an
in-display fingerprint sensor so it’s more accurate, and faster. And here is a 12 megapixel regular camera and then there’s a 16
megapixel ultra wide camera. So a lot of you guys don’t know this, but LG was actually one
of the first companies to put an ultra wide
camera inside of a phone and now everyone’s copying it. Samsung’s copying it,
copied it with the S10. Huawei has it with the P30 Pro. And rumor has it, Apple’s
gonna put an ultra wide camera in the new iPhones this year. So, so far I guess the build
quality is pretty good. I like this red color. It’s just less boring than
your traditional black. It is fingerprinty. It’s super smooth. (buttons clicking) (tapping) It’s so, it’s. I’m not sure I love that. It’s very thud like, thud thud thud. But overall, sounds pretty good. So that’s it, that’s really
all you get in the box. That’s the LG G8 and stay tuned for our full thoughts. Until next episode, see you guys.

38 thoughts on “Unboxing the LG G8 phone — ASMR Unboxing”

  1. the fuck you whispering for?afraid of waking you mom up coz she told you to sleep early an you're still up late

  2. Seriously? One more video with shit ASMR thing? Is this really a channel worth 791k subscribers.

  3. good for the most part, I would just be a little more methodical and delicate with your objects. That mic thumping got a little annoying. More patience lol

  4. Currently watching this video on my lg g6 well i Plan to wait at least the lg g9 before i buy a new one because well producing a phone is really really Bad for the Environment and you should use yours for at least 3 years

  5. you did good, man. idk why you have so many dislikes. the only issue i noticed was the intro was louder than an F-15

  6. The dislikes are from people who had the shit scared out of the because of the intro and didn’t stay to hear the rest

  7. Came for the review and the ASMR was a neat plus for me. I agree with a few people though, the intro is a bit loud so maybe lower its volume or replace the audio with something lighter. He does well though, he kept things calm during the unboxing. Might I recommend a pop filter though? Be constructive folks, the guy clearly likes making this kind of thing and he is pretty good at it honestly so if its not up to your standards, help him get there 🙂

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