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Unfolding the first trifold phone

Unfolding the first trifold phone

(instrumental music) – Folding phones are boring. Look we’ve had the first
wave of foldable devices and they’re neat, but you’ve
seen all that already. This is about what comes next after the current generation of foldables. Sling like the tri-fold from TCL, a wild new concept, folding
tablet, phone thing. (techno-music) Unlike most foldables the
tri-fold has two hinges, which lets it fold up into thirds . You can use it as a phone, you can unfold it once
to use as a bigger screen or fold the unfolded
into a full size tablet. It’s not a half way compromise
like some of the other foldables that we’ve seen which basically turn into just slightly
wider phone displays. This is a full blown tablet. It’s nearly as big as an iPad, but you can still fit it in your pocket. The screen folds from a 10 inch tablet down to 6.65 inch phone. You could also open it two-thirds the way and ya know prop that up it’ll auto rotate so you can use in whatever
orientation you want. There’s a lot of weird use cases that you could probably use this for. The screen on this one is a 3k panel, but again that’s just this prototype. We have no idea if the finished
version will have that, but the tri-fold shows just
how hard it’s gonna be to turn these ideas into reality. I’ve gotten to play around
with the prototype for a bit and it’s really rough to use right now. It is incredibly heavy for a phone. It’s got those big metal hinges
and there are three separate batteries to power all those displays, it’s basically three phones. And even though it’s really
thin as a tablet the phone mode is super thick and that’s
before your worrying about things like the software, which is basically non-existent. Durability which is a huge question or price which who even knows. (techno music) But looking even further into the future. TCL also had a very early
mock up of a rollable phone. This is really cool idea
that’s a phone that has a fully flexible display that
slides around the side and behind the phone. And it could roll back out
and become a larger display when you need more space. The way it will, in theory, work is that there’s gonna be motors
on the inside of the phone and you’ll press a button
and it’ll expand out from a 6.75 inch display
to a 7.8 inch screen. Now that doesn’t sound like a
lot, but your actually getting almost double the screen space
it’s almost twice as wide. The whole system is actually
pretty similar to the rollable Oled TV that LG’s been
showing off for years. Now again this is a really early concept, it’s not even a functional
device, just plastic and a screen that’s literally
just a sheet of paper. Is this a good idea? Who knows. It does avoid some of the
issues of current foldables, like those easily breakable hinges and the creased display which is cool. But it’s almost guaranteed
to have issues of its own. Moving parts they’re tricky. Now the tri-fold is
just a proof of concept and the plastic sliding one even more so. You won’t actually be able to
buy either of these devices and it’s not clear if TCL’s
actually gonna make products based on these concepts in the future. So why should you care. Well, first of all, because it’s cool. I mean look at this thing
it’s a phone that unfolds into a giant full size tablet. And it actually turns on and runs android, it’s like a science fiction prop. But it’s also important,
because TCL is planning on eventually making
foldable and rollable phones that might actually look like these. Possibly as early as next year. The company says that it’s
experimenting with dozens of different form factors right now. So it’s possible that phones like these, could be real one day. Look phones have basically been the same for the last decade. Black boxes with touch screens. Devices like the tri-fold
or that sliding concept, even if they’re not here yet, show off what the future phones might one day look like. And that’s really exciting idea. Thanks so much for watching. If you want to see more videos
about cool phones check out our Galaxy S20 ultra review. You can actually buy that one. Check out the review. See if you want to. And like and subscribe for
more great videos like this.

100 thoughts on “Unfolding the first trifold phone”

  1. Honestly, this is what I expected and wanted foldables to be when people started touting the idea a few years back.

    I'm happy with my Note as the default size for my smartphone, but then having the option to expand that out to full tablet size makes me feel things I haven't felt in a while. Stuff like the Flip or new Razr is not my jam.

  2. We have Foldables for literally less than a year now and he is already indirectly calls them boring. Kinda shows how ridiculous the tech community can be…

  3. Please talk like normal human being in the videos. To the directors of the verge-not good direction that you are giving.

  4. Flexible display folding phones don’t have any future. People want a glass screen that won’t get scratched to bits in their pockets, and glass doesn’t fold.

  5. Yea, noooooo! Gonna pass on this one! I'll keep my Z Flip sir, which BTW, is sooooooo not boring! Psssssh!!!

  6. This dude takes the air out of everything. Bet he could make anything sound boring af. That roll thing looked great though, it's modern papyrus.

  7. in terms of screen aspect ratio productivity and use, trifold makes perfect sense and single fold doesn't make sense.

  8. "phone mode is super thick" sounds decent. I usually drop my phone because it's hard to get a good grip on modern devices.

  9. I understand new technology like this costs a lot of money to develop but something needs to be done to stop the skyrocketing price of new generation phones in general to include the folding phones,all of the company's that are developing the folding phones are pricing the phones way out of the reach of the every day consumer and eventually they will start loosening market share and and not have the sales they expect, I currently have a Samsung Galaxy s7 active and because of the high prices for the current generation Samsung phones I'm going to stick with what I have till I am forced to look at getting a new phone due to my current one stops working and even then I'll more than likely purchase a refurbished phone through Samsung

  10. Trifold:

    ✓ No front/back camera redundancy
    ✓ No screen redundancy (à la Samsung Galaxy Fold)
    ✓ Nice rectangular full screen area (not awkward square)
    ✓ Cameras and front screen fully usable like normal phone straight out of pocket

    This is the future as far as I'm concerned.

  11. Since I usally carry both phone (LG8X Dual screen) & tablet with me, Triford fan here. The rolling version looks cool too.

  12. Am I the only one who doesn't care for foldable or rollable phones in the slightest? I'd rather stick with a regular smartphone, honestly. Especially since pretty much all the foldable phones released so far are over-priced

  13. Folding/Rolling phones aren’t practical. They’re too thick and most people don’t need a display that large on their phone.

  14. These are all interesting but ultimately premature because the more worthy of monetary investment (e.g. by being a tablet AND a phone) the more likely the investment and experience will be ruined by OLED screen burn because the hours of screen on time sunk into the device will be higher.

  15. It's always important to remember that tech reviewers are NOT representative of the average consumer they should not be mistaken for such. They are constantly surrounded by the newest tech, obsessed about the highest specs and latest "industry trends" that most people really don't care about, and they probably buy new phones at least twice a year.

  16. I can like really tell your reading everything. Try moving your head sometimes. No hate just genuinely trying to help (maybe)

  17. Maybe the Phone is Not the best, but THAT is a great Concept and much better than all Other folding phones!

  18. Long gone are the days of Apple and Samsung innovating smartphone tech. These other guys are killing it. This is starting to get exciting now.

  19. That tri fold concept is the best use of folding screens I've seen yet. In a few years, I think that's going to be the future.

  20. So companies are barely getting first gen sellable “proof of concept” folding phones onto the market without breaking and this presenter already labels them as boring? What’s the younger version of saying “ok boomer”?

  21. Most people have never held a flip phone in their entire lives and live off a landline, and yet folding phones are boring. hmmnnnnn

  22. kinda true though, for the past 10 years we mostly get 1 design for a smartphone..
    in 2000s we get wild designs, from the feature phones, blackberry etc
    in 2010s we get the same design, from iphone, samsung, etc
    will in 2020s we gonna get another wild designs era?

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