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Update on My Stolen Phone & What I’ve Learned

Update on My Stolen Phone & What I’ve Learned

Here we go Hello vlog oh sure no day, it’s Monday. I’m here with Kizzy I Have vlogs I’ve been vlogging for a good minute now that I have not had time to edit or put up And this is actually taking place after those vlogs, but since my calling the person who stole my phone video Popped off a little bit. I really a bug about attacked me But the video popping off and you go Just a horsefly you know coming for my life But um so I thought I’d do an update so I’ve gotten a lot of questions a lot of people Misunderstood certain things going on with that situations. I just thought I clear it up real quick first of all Everyone’s telling me you idiot go to the police I would like you to know I did go to the police before filming in your pet video. There is a police report It’s just like what are the cops gonna? do you know nothing except for maybe something question mark because This is also why I decided to start filming this right now on the side of the road in Los Angeles is Just when you think it’s over and there’s no more developments to be had which I do have updates as well And I’m also going to give tips about how to protect yourself Against is happening the first place but be how to like protect your Info and like just stuff after the fact if this whatever happened to you haven’t forbid so that’s coming also in this video But the current Piece of info I would like to share is I just got a call It was a Birmingham number So I panicked I didn’t answer because I don’t know is this thief still trying to mess with me probably there was a voicemail from A detective at the Birmingham Police Department with info regarding my case, and he texted me a picture of his business card It was like the cell phone number written on there So I’m like someone could just have this business card and wrote a random self Which is the number? They called me from pretending to be that person But my dad seems to think that that’s normal because it’s like the police department’s business card. I think all is fine Anyways Kenzi was like why are you not vlogging us cuz now I need to call back because I’m scared what What if I’m somehow in trouble I didn’t do anything But what if I am Kenzi do you want to convert interview me just get yeah where we go hi this is morning? Also, Kenzie’s tires getting fixed right now, so we’re just taking a lap around Los Angeles No, we’re gonna do but we’re we’re all the like car dealerships are so like Shopping you do I thought about going to get my nails taking off, but I’m like I can just do that myself. Okay, you know As soon is it no longer benefits me. I’m sorry you’re breaking up yes Hello Hi, this is Morgan Yates, I’m just returning your call. I did get the phone number of the other person who stole it I believe so I called it and now if you try to call the number it says that they’re not receiving calls So I guess they’ve blocked incoming calls maybe from numbers they don’t know, but I have that number and can give it to you Yeah, okay awesome I will call Verizon immediately, okay, thank you all right. Thank you have an awesome day Should be honest with you one when you get nervous you southern accent comes out, and two doesn’t was talking to a southerner person yeah And yeah, that’s I know like anytime I say I’m from Texas and it’s like someone They’re like. Oh my god, but also to be honest with you a Morgan I really thought the guy called in that like it was gonna be about like trying to get you in trouble I didn’t want to tell you like I don’t wanna I know I didn’t want to freak you out look I didn’t think that you would actually I didn’t actually get in trouble of back This long layer. That’s what follow up with like it’s been like I can I help it’s been a long okay well, I guess I need to call my dad right while recording kids II say that again can see just a nice Monday morning of Getting our tires or plays skipping our workout. Yeah, we’re gonna go to boxing yeah, and just spending some time at the filter box Yeah, this is so 2017 if I’m literally texting back and forth of the detective like he needed Me to get the serial number in the IMEI number of the and I have an out-of-the-box thank God still my house, so I just called my sister, and she sent me a picture, so I’m sitting at him and Yeah, let’s try to see a criminal get arrested today our am I right. Okay? Okay? It’s a few hours later. I’m here with Adrienne Because I’m in LA and I do have la vlog coming as I noted earlier And Palm Springs vlogs and just so many vlogs that I filmed and haven’t edited because I’ve been going nonstop all this week Which is made for cool blogs? It has but it hasn’t made for getting those vlogs up, so I’ve now Adrian’s chilling her her apartment And I just wanted to come on here and do a little update since that other video is getting so many views that way You can watch that and then you come here and watch the update Hopefully um for those of you who have subscribed from that video. Thanks for subscribing After this video, I don’t know how much more phone drama Updates there will be hopefully some because hopefully we’ll be getting a police update but um Yeah, I do post in the world vlogs. I don’t know my name is Morgan Yates. I’m 22 I live in North Carolina I’ve moved to LA I graduated college in May That’s my that’s the rundown in five seconds so to give an update of the phone situation so basically What you saw today? Is that the police called me back because I filed a police report never followed up Never even called to give them the number of the person because it just kind of I don’t know maybe I should’ve but it was Just telling what’s the point because police have such bigger concerns than like finding a stolen phone, but then Yeah, haven’t nothing’s really been Alright, let me let me backtrack developments from the last video, which where that left off was I could not get into my Apple ID Still cannot I’ve spent hours on the phone with Apple. Also. I look glorious right now now time just happened I’ve spent so much fun so much time on the phone with Apple and basically I’m just out of luck so what I’ve learned from this is that you should be backing up your phone In a way, that is not through the iTunes backup You know how you can backup your phone And then you get a new phone you plug in then you restore it definitely still do that because like it works pretty Flawlessly if you have access to your Apple ID but if heaven forbid someone Some hacker somehow is able to get into your account still confused about how that Did that my only conclusion I can come to is that in my notes or something? I had written my Apple ID password Which was like a year and a half ago that I changed it It’s been the same since then my only conclusion Because you have to you know type in your Apple ID password to be able to change any sort of like I don’t know to make a purchase to like even log into your iCloud to like make changes here iCloud account Which this person did because they changed my? Password they changed the trusted phone number associated with the account So that I was no longer able to get into it by any of my own doing with Apple because I technically can’t prove that It’s mine even though once again appleís such like needs to really improve their System recovery process in that regard to protect people whose phones have been stolen and have their info changed So I would just again like to shout it out to Google because they have such a great way of going about Like recovering your account and like you type in like the last You like type you type the last like password you remember and like go through this whole process and like Basically you’re able to prove like that the accounts yours based on all the past use of the account Apple However someone changes that you’re out of luck in one second so that was such a long tangent um remember like when I talk to you I Didn’t wear I can’t remember. I’m talking about while I’m talking about stories. Well. I’ve learned and what I’m now doing is I’m not even honestly I’m not even screw iCloud screw like backing up your phone through iTunes because again You’re literally out of luck if someone gains access to your account so I recommend two things. I’m gonna have linked below This is not sponsored in any way. This is actually saving my life and also My dad my dad actually discovered this Product it’s like through though is it canon who does the SanDisk stuff? Yeah, I think so um. It’s basically an external Hard foam hard drive like charging device type thing so whenever you plug in your phone to charge it It just like there’s an app you download on your phone, and it take it takes five seconds to back up your whole phone I’m gonna explaining this so poorly, but you can go check it out. I’ve used it it’s amazing where literally you have this app you plug in your phone to charge it you set your phone down whatever and it just backs up everything on your phone to The drive so it’s like an external drive and so then let’s say I get a new phone I want to back it up from that I download the app again login and plug in and I can reply Restore my new phone from what was on my old phone, so I just love that that’s such a like Non tied to iCloud set up since clearly that’s like a flawed system So that was a very brief not great description of that product But I’m gonna have something to blow if you’re interested in something that seems to be a pretty foolproof backup system So I would recommend that in case heaven forbid something ever happens to you guys and my dad did buy that for me before I went to Birmingham and Checked in with me multiple times to see if I had backed it up And I never backed it up so listen to your parents. Also. I really handed. My dad. I told you so a moment That is what all right, what else do I have to say from that thankfully I do have even though I can’t access the backup to my phone. I got pretty lucky and that I still could see my contacts on my laptop Even though like obviously like it logged me out of everything on my laptop, too But I could go through and like manually look at every contact and add those to my phone So that was a huge help and then also by the grace of God himself. I happened to have um I was actually having phone issues so also LML the person has this phone because it like doesn’t work I don’t like literally at all it deletes like all my pictures every five seconds and then take like three days for them to come back and like it just crashes every minute and turns off and like doesn’t make any sense so you have a broken phone when Congratulations um But my phone had been having so many issues and I could not get it to back ernõ I did back it up be iTunes, but before I didn’t think it was backing up via iTunes So one of my friends told me about this thing on your laptop called image capture that I’m pretty sure is under Utilities on a MacBook, and you just like plug your phone in you go there And it pulls up all the pictures on your phone And I literally just like copied and like saved all of them to a new like Documents folder So those are all thankfully still on my laptop I still have them that are on my phone, but I could like transfer them if I want to So that was like a blessing in disguise because I was pissed that my phone wasn’t working But now I have the majority of my photos up until like that was like a week before I went to Birmingham So I’m only missing like a week of my life Which is like not a big deal in the grand scheme of things so I recommend using That I just recommend covering all your bases with backing up especially photos if you’re someone like me who? I don’t know it takes 20,000 photos that are on that other phone that I thankfully have access to and if I would have just been using that SanDisk backup thing for my phone I would in a much better situation But all it’s caught up everything’s fine on my phone gotten used to it Took some time to remember my logins to things change all my passwords At a million security measures to all of my accounts which again I recommend doing because I just won’t ever get stolen you’re logged and all your social media Which like isn’t a huge deal unless you’re like. I don’t know and unless you do it full-time then it’s not like high-stakes I guess but still no one wants to get hacked out of their like Twitter or anything like that you know so I recommend setting different passwords for everything making them complicated like my Past work now or literally so unguessable it ridiculous As well as like making sure you have a like actual email you use attached to all of them as well as Having your phone number attached to all of your accounts so that you can have like 2-step verification when you like log in on a new device um Just like I don’t know many different. I would just take as many security steps as you can for your social media And I would make sure you don’t keep any of your passwords in your notes section That was a big mistake on my behalf. Um also what I would recommend is always when you’re in public situations using your fingerprint only to open your phone because I for the longest time I had a passcode on my phone and This thumbprint thing was always so glitchy so it always end up Just typing in my password and people can’t watch you do that and people are sneaky And if they’re professional thief’s they’re gonna watch you always just use your thumbprint So I decide to Um I’m trying to think of what else I’ve learned through this situation I guess just to give an update on what’s happened between the last video and this one Sorry this video was literally just me talking I just wanted to give an update since I’ve been getting asked for that and then the other vlogs are coming Sorry, Adrienne’s having to listen to me talk for 20 years for things. She’s already heard about um Yeah, a lot of you guys did some major stalking research in the last video um And gave me a name of a person who I found on Facebook Somebody said that he was posting about bragging about stealing a phone I did not see that so I assumed he deleted it But if anyone has screenshots of that or can somehow still see it, and I’m just I can’t I don’t know holla at your girl and Yeah, do I am. I confident? That’s the person? I don’t know, but it aligns with the city that this happened And I don’t really know what the situation is I don’t even care this point you who well I do because I I want to See justice served you know um But today cops called me they asked for the serial number and the IMEI number as you guys saw I was able to Get those numbers because I always keep here’s another pro tip always keep the box is your iPhone or laptop or any sort of like? Expensive technology that you might need to like be replaced one day like camera boxes everything like that keep those. You know um so I Got I call my sister, and she went in my room And I knew where the box was and she pulled it out She sent me a picture of the serial number the IMEI number I give those to my detective friend that we text we’re texting yeah basically They’re working on tracing the phone, so that’s where we’re at in life And he was like you might want to be able to get someone arrested here, and I was like I hope we can so um That’s where we’re at. Thank you guys all – or thank all of you guys who helped me in that pursuit and um Yeah, yeah basically there weren’t really ironically any developments in this situation in the past couple weeks until today, so That’s all the info I can offer you at this point at this moment in my life so also For all of the people who are being like just track your phone. I can’t track my phone because they changed the Apple ID situation so that’s just like another flaw in this whole process of the point of find your iPhone is to find your iPhone if it’s Been stolen, but if it’s been stolen And they change the password then you look can’t find it so like you’re just kind of add like I don’t really have a solution To that part. I’m no way of knowing how to track your phone That’s it. It’s all my info. I have should there be more developments. I will keep you guys posted and for now Yeah, I just wanted to give a little update, so thank you guys for watching if you’re new to my channel I would love you to subscribe if you haven’t already. I’ve got a lot of subscribers of the past few days from this Situation so at least that’s one pearl that’s come from this big I would love you’d stick around watch my blogs and That’s it I was you guys catch soon with my Cali blogs now. We’re gonna go eat dinner hand by yeah

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  11. My heart goes out to you chica! But apple does not give a care in the world about their apple ID! I have been on the phone with them for the past three years and they do not care if you ever get your account back. I have even been in the store and apple did not care that I could not get back on the accound. No one even stole my account and they will not let me get back on it. Please use google and all their back ups!

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    Story one:I had an iphone stolen once. I left it in the bathroom after doing my hair, and my grandmother's housekeeper came to clean the house. Well, she brought her daughters to work with her [they were like, 12 and 13] well I left the house cause I can't stand the housekeeper. Next thing I know, i'm getting an apple notification in my email. I was like "it's probably a scam email" so I ignored it. That night, I tried to buy something on my ipad, and it said my name had changed on my account. I went to the bathroom and saw my phone gone. When I did 'find my iphone' it said the last place it was on, was at a store. I called those girl's mom up so fast and got the "my girls are good christian girls they would never steal a phone" next thing you know, the girls are bawling their eyes out cause I threatened to call the cops. They claim the phone fell on the carpet and broke…I dropped that thing so many times and it never even cracked, so I knew it was bs, but I wasn't getting anything out of it. I figured they tried to buy stuff on the phone and couldn't figure out the password so they either broke it or dumped it, so I told the mom she could either pay for it and never come back to the house, or i'd call the cops. Mind you, she was getting paid almost $200 a week to come in on a friday and fix up my grandmother's bed, and clean up dog pee in her room. She didn't dust or clean the rest of the house. I did the cleaning.
    Story two:my friend was working the bar at a taco place, and she was showing a news lady her CUSTOM case, that SHE made. She sat her phone back behind the bar and went to clean up some tables. Next thing I know, she's at my door saying her phone's stolen and she's tracking the person. We drove around and followed that little dot all around town till we got to a low rider car show. We thought we weren't gonna find it, but we saw the news woman. We decided to ping the phone a few more times, and as soon as we did, the news woman started panicking, looking for her phone. This woman had been reading texts and even answering calls on the phone so we knew she knew she had it. When we walked up to her, she just smiled at us and played dumb blonde. We asked if she had been to the locations the dot had stopped, and she said "yeah yeah I was there, have you been following me?" I decided to ping it while right next to her. She panicked instantly and we went "that's us, give us the phone" she ended up handing it back to us but went "the case looks so much like mine, I guess I picked it up" like, no, that case is a one of a kind case that is 3d, and the case she had for her android, which we found funny, was thin and black. The police showed up soon after that, and they pulled her aside while on camera, and she damn near had a break down saying we were stalking her and she could sue us for what we were doing. It was funny cause the cop was like "you can't do shit. you stole her phone and now you're upset cause you got caught"

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  23. Actually everyone should have a separate email that is only for account recovery and never use it for anything else. This is the best obstacle you can put in place to prevent a hacker from accessing anything. Don't save it in any platforms, when you get a pop up to save the info for future login decline and make sure it isn't saved in the associated accounts in the email apps. Set all accounts so any changes made require email verification so its that much harder to change phone numbers and passwords etc. I thought apple had a option to erase the phones contents remotely? You said "police have better things to do than worry about a stolen phone" which yes there are worse crimes going on but identity theft is a big problem and in stealing your phone and wallet and hacking your accounts, they have opened a bigger can of worms than just stealing a phone and has now placed you in the position of ruining your life with bad credit as well as criminal charges if they use any of your info in fraudulent acts its still under your name so you would be the first person police come looking for. That is the worst case scenario but locking you out of your accounts says a lot about this persons intentions in stealing your stuff. I hope you have some credit monitoring service to notify you if anything is done in your name, I know banks offer them for a low monthly fee and if any credit cards or loans etc. are opened in your name they can flag it that it wasn't done by you and also gives a paper trail as addresses and phone numbers are included when these applications are submitted.

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