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Uses of Multimeter in Mobile Repairing (Hindi) (हिन्दी)

Uses of Multimeter in Mobile Repairing (Hindi) (हिन्दी)

Welcome all.. In the field of electronics as you know that a Multimeter has its own importance without a Multimeter any electronic related instrument cannot be measured Let us learn how AC voltage and DC voltage and other components are read. As we see, this device is called a Multimeter This one is called a digital Multimeter Digital Multimeter, as we have discussed before In a Digital Multimeter, the reading are displayed in digits So this Multimeter, in the form of digits (clearly) tells us voltage(s).. be it AC, DC etc. (In this video) We shall know how to use Multimeter and its safety measures First of all, we shall see what types of probe go into it and what are they called as you can see, we have two different coloured prop One black and the other red Both of them are plugged in distinctly in a Multimeter It is very important to know, where the black prop goes and where the red one.. as you can see, COM is written just beside the pin at bottom It is called ‘Common Range’ The Black prop goes in this range ALWAYS Right Above it.. you can see VΩmA.. here we always put the red prop. The pin above is used for checking the value of current But usually, we use the black prop and red prop in COM and Volt reading respectively Now we shall learn, the use of other readings and their working On the left side you can see a V written followed by dash symbols It always reperesents DC Here (in the line below) DC Voltage is checked in which the minimum and maximum is 20V and 1000V respectively For minimum, we can put the device in 20V and for maximum we can put the device in 1000V This was DC Voltage reading Next, we shall talk about AC Voltage as you can see, a V followed by ‘~’ symbol, here AC Voltage is checked in which as you can see 200V reading and 750V reading So low Voltage like 200V or below will be checked by shifting the regulator to 200V For range more than 200V, we have to shift the regulator to 750V When not in use, switch it off As you can see, other readings are given as well Like micro readings, for DC as well But the most important and practical readings will be discussed further.. So far, you saw AC Voltage, DC Voltage Now we move to Ohm reading just below DC Voltage Ohm reading gives the main Resistance value where we can check 200? to 2000K? resistance can be checked so by switching the regulator we can find the Resistance Next, we will see one of the most useful reading in mobile phone repairing using which we can test the mobile, and carry operations forward by this reading We call it Beep Continuity Reading, in this reading we plug both the props we hear a beep sound Student: Sir, what is objective behind this beep sound? Student: What can we infer from it? Okay, if any wire, say this one, if it goes black from inside so we will consider it open, but we cannot see if it open, so for that purpose we plug the props in their respectice pins so if we get a beep in this condition we infer that the wire is placed right But if we don’t get the beep, the wire is open in between So thats the main objective of Beep Continuity So that on the motherboard of mobile phones we can trace if for any component or track, the line isn’t open or cut So from full testing we can find if it is open or clear Now we shall see how AC Voltage is checked and how DC Voltage is checked For example, the voltage of home appliances is 220V or 230V So if it is 220V or 230V, so we will put it in 750V AC reading Student: Sir as you said we find this voltage in home appliances, where exactly? We get this voltage in all the filament based equipments like Tube light, bulbs, CFLs and even fans so all these are connected to your main board and boards have power plug, and it is from these power plugs we get 220V and 230V So to check if Voltage is coming or not we use it Here we put the wires in the main socket and check the voltage You will see th wires are plugged in the socket and now we switch on Student: You have put these wires in the board Yes, and as we switch it on, it starts displaying voltage Student: OK..Sir! So as you can see It is displaying 244V Though we were talking 220V or 230V in AC Voltage, the reading fluctuates That is why.This reading is so. Now, we are going to check DC Voltage To check DC Voltage, we need DC equipments This (black) device is called a booster, Student: As we say it previously Yes, we boosted battery from it The indicator (smal LED bulb) is on I have two wires with me, a black one and a red one Now we will adjust the Voltage : DC Voltage As you can see So we join red with red probe and black with the black probe and find the Voltage It is showing a voltage of 13.22 This is how a DC Voltage is checked OK? So this how we checked AC and DC Voltage Whenever the Multimeter is not in use we should always switch it off Like this! Student: Why do we switch it off? We switch it off because because it has a battery and it operates using that battery Incase the device is kept on even when we do not have any use of it There is a huge loss of charge in the battery So do switch it on when there is use and off when not in use. So as we saw, how a Multimeter is used to measure AC and DC Voltage A Multimeter has many other functionalities through which we can measure different things In mobile repairing, measuring the Voltage is the most important one In the next we shall learn more. Thank you

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