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Using Your Cell Phone While Using the Bathroom

Using Your Cell Phone While Using the Bathroom

Now you can’t stop taking
them to bed with you and now you’re sharing the bathroom with them. I’m not talking about your man. I’m talking about your cell phone. A study in Newsweek magazine
says that 66% of us use our phones when we’re
using the bathroom. So when you’re getting that text or when
you match with that special someone on a dating app, they probably,
get this from the bathroom. So when it comes to the bathroom and cell phones, do you think that
cell phones are the new magazine? Remember how you used to see
that people had magazine racks? You don’t really see that anymore. People just scroll through Instagram
while they’re on the toilet.>>No, okay. I gotta say,
there is nothing worse than going to the bathroom, closing the door,
settling down, and going, damn, I forgot my phone.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yes, yes.>>Right, right? You sit there, and you legit get so bored, you start reading the back
of lotion bottles. You start trying to think about something to think about?
>>I get so desperate, Jeannie, if I don’t have anything to read I
dig into my trash on the side of the toilet and start reading.
>>Maybe I’m different. I be sitting there concentrating cuz I be trying to be focused.
>>No, no.>>You know, it’s just>>You never realize how short of an attention span we have nowadays until
you see you can’t even be in the bathroom without your phone.
>>I don’t take my phone because I’ve dropped my phone a lot of times in
the bathroom and have damaged it. And I’m tired->>No, it’s a one, two punch.
It’s a text, text, scroll-
>>No. Front to back and flush. Front to back and flush.
>>It slips out and it falls on the floor.>>Have you ever had to get your phone out of a situation?
>>Yeah.>>You dropped it in the toilet.>>That’s what I am talking about.>>Number one or number two? It would stay there with number two.
>>I would still fish it out with a number two. I would just move things aside.>>Ew.
>>God.>>Your cellphone, everybody’s gonna leave their phone-
>>You would go get your phone, don’t front. This is the real you would get your phone. How many of you guys would leave
your phone there in the toilet and just walk away? Exactly, how many of you would go get it? There you go, keeping it real. Thank you very much.
>>Wait, so what happened? Did you-
>>No, I had to get it out girl. I cleaned it out,
put that in some rice and called it a day.
>>No, it never works by the way. Yea, I tried that. It works for a little bit and
then after awhile. This is what I heard though, if your phone does touch water,
do not turn it on and off. Do not power it because that’s
when you short circuit it. Just leave it and the chances of it
coming back to life when it’s just on. When you it off or on,
you short circuit it right away.>>Now guys, could tell women when you don’t want them
to touch the phone, you know [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>What, it dropped in the toilet and you don’t wanna tocuch his phone.
>>Yeah>>I don’t wanna touch anybody’s phone that now I know this.
>>Now with that sort of thing have you guys have heard the challenge
that guys have given girls, and people have given women?
>>No.>>That if you really wanna know if the man is being faithfulor not just grab
his phone, run into the bathroom and close the door. If that man tries to break down that door, you know something ain’t
right in that phone. If he’s like baby are you okay in there,
like open the phone, who cares? But if he’s trying to break down
that door, something ain’t right. Right.
>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>Anbyody ever? Are you guys ever on the phone and
you’re talking to your friend, and obviously you go to the bathroom with your
friend shamelessly because you have to go to the bathroom.
>>Sure, you got the mute button.>>When you flush, you mute it?
>>Yes.>>And you wait til that sound is all the way down.
>>Yeah, I’ve done that to you.>>[LAUGH]
>>Sure.>>One time you were talking, I had to go to the bathroom, so I just put it on mute.
>>And she didn’t even notice, did she?>>Yeah, no.>>Cause I just keep going. [CROSSTALK]
>>I had to do that like, I don’t take it in the bathroom anymore,
but I know my friends when they’ve muted me.
>>Yes.>>Because I need an answer from them and you can’t, I’m like hello, hello. Yeah, I was here, using the bathroom, weren’t you?
>>You guys know what they find on phones, right? So you have to make sure->>The germs.
>>The germs>>After you use the phone while you’re in, make
sure you guys wash your phone afterwards.>>Why? What do you mean?
>>Girl, there’s all kind of like fecal matter on the phone.
>>Ever taking your phone to a public bathroom and laid it on that ledge?
>>No.>>No, I don’t even->>Yeah, where you gonna put your phone, you gotta unbutton and-
>>No.>>I could have a purse.
>>Yes, yes.
>>Or you’re->>Have phone safety, people, please.>>Or have you ever Facetime dsomebody, and they pick up the phone and
you see the angle from where they hold it. It’s from the chin, ceiling. You just know that they’re on the toilet. [LAUGH] You’ve seen that?
>>No I have not, and I hope never to.

100 thoughts on “Using Your Cell Phone While Using the Bathroom”

  1. I don't see the problem using your phone in the bathroom, people used to use magazines. It's just a like a more high tech magazine lmao. It's boring just sitting there especially ppl who use the bathroom for long periods of time. I've been on the phone with my friends/family and I don't mute the phone when I flush, lmao and my mum will hear it and be like "are you in the bathroom!?" I'm like yup.

  2. My Ex almost broke my bathroom door when I grabbed his phone and ran down the hall with it…we broke up not too long after smhhh

  3. I don't use my phone while using the bathroom because the government is always watching through it and I need my privacy.

  4. Thats EEWWW, I'm a germo-phobe (just a little) so I don't take my phone to the bathroom, I don't even hang my clothes in there. Even if someone touches it with dirty hands , I wash it off without letting them know. ๐Ÿ˜…

  5. Jennie is literally me. I always use my phone in the toilet. I get angry when I forget to bring it with me to the toilet. I even had an incident where I was playing game while seating in a hotel toilet, in the public one, and put it aside to clean up myself and ended forgetting it there. Luckily, someone collected it and handed it over to the receptionist.

  6. Whenever I go to a public restroom I always put my phone in my bra, yes like a grandma with her money lol. Because Iโ€™ve dropped my phone too many times on the floor, but never in the toilet. But Iโ€™m scared of dropping it in the toilet so I figure itโ€™s safer in my bra than in any of my pockets.

  7. Lol I use my phone on the toilet, but sometimes I take a book if imma be there for a while lol. And once I dropped my phone in the toilet but it's because it was in my back pocket and when I pulled my pants down it feel in the toilet

  8. To avoid a slash give them a The Bathroom Cell Phone Holder. Secure your phone the next time you drop your pants.

  9. I learned a new thing. Muting. I never thought of it I just told them to hold on or flinch after they hang up

  10. I canโ€™t stand to take my phone to the bathroom.. itโ€™s so unhygienic but Iโ€™m kind of a clean freak lol

  11. Real question: How many of you use water (as well as tissue) to clean up when you use the toilet? This is normal to me, but way too many people I know don't do it…๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ They just said wipe in the video too. That sounded disgusting. I'd rather have bacteria on my phone than not use bloody water to clean up.

  12. Loni, i gotta say, that look on you is elegant, your hair is flattering, the makeup is perfect๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’–

  13. I find it SO ANNOYING when people share bathrooms (as in have one bathroom per family) and use phones/books etc… A 2 minute issue stretches to 10! Like, other people have bladders too!

  14. "I'd be there concentrating." – Loni. That is a fear of mine, doing #2, and then accidentally dropped it in the toilet. Ooh, that is nasty. "I've that done to you." (Mute) – Adrienne on Jeannie.

  15. Yup I had that happen to me in a porta John! They just cleaned it but it was my only way to talk to my spouse. He got me a new phone after that.

  16. Am i the only one who doesn't take their phone in to the bathroom.
    Unless I'm taking a bath. I don't take my phone

  17. did you guys know that your phone is dirtier than a public bathroom?? Itโ€™s pretty nasty but… i still use my phone in the bathroom

  18. That's NASTY! Why would anyone want toilet germs all over their phone??!! Just go ahead and pee and poop on your phone, SAME THING. Totally DISGUSTING!!!

  19. Iโ€™m on the toilet ๐Ÿšฝ right now on my phone….. Jeannie is ON POINT!! Itโ€™s a new time, phone are an addiction. You not only do research, looks at notes..

  20. Jeannie is so me honestly.. i can't go to the bathroom without my phone. I would actually stand up and go get it then go back to the bathroom to do my business..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  21. I use METHOD antibacterial spray on my phone 3 xs a day. And I buy dollar tree antibacterial wipes and keep in car. For gas stations etc. Just be mindful.
    A: if you're in a public bathroom what I do is I'll take one of the toilet seat covers and I'll rip out the middle part and lay that down on the edge and put my phone on it. Or if they don't have any of course I'm using toilet paper to sit down on the toilet I'm also using toilet paper before I lay my phone down!

  22. I always sanitize my phone after using the bathroom. And if I ever have to put my phone down in a public bathroom, I'll just put toilet paper down first

  23. Oh yess I can not go to the bathroom without my phone especially if itโ€™s a number 2 I need some entertainment. Yess Jeannie I bee reading backs of lotion bottles.

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