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The Value Function in Excel converts a cell
that Excel currently sees as text into a number. So in Column C I have a bunch of cells that
have times in them. In column D I have asked Excel to take the time in Column C and add
one hour – in the formula bar it reads=C11+ (1/24). You’ll see that sometimes it works
but sometimes Excel gives an error message. The reason for this is that if you look closely
at C11, you’ll see that the times that are within one hour have a space, whereas you’ll
see in the cell below there are no spaces – it is represented as a number. So we need
to instruct Excel that even though there is a space it must not be read as a space but
as a number. The function to use is VALUE. You can find it in the Function Wizard. Press
OK. Put in C11. Press OK and you’ll see Excel now converts what it previously thought
was text into a number. This can be copied down and now every single cell is seen as
a number and at this stage you can do whatever mathematical functions you want to it.

2 thoughts on “Value-Convert-text-to-number”

  1. Dear Sir,
    Please let me know how to convert an arithmetic expression in numeric value, I am really in need for it.
    For example I have an expression let say 5+10+8+90-10 . Now I want to get its answer with the help of formula in next colum as 103. How I could I do it?

  2. Howzit, if I have a cell with a letter in it how do I get another cell to show a value? For example A = 120. If Cell C1 has an A in it, how do I get cell C2 to show it as 120?

    Many thanks

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