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Veggie Burger Telephone • Feast Mode Hunger Squad // Sponsored By Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

Veggie Burger Telephone • Feast Mode Hunger Squad  // Sponsored By Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

– Yeah, the other burger just looks more. (burps) – Sorry. – Put together. – (laughing) Sorry. – Veggie burgers, veggie
burgers, (cheering) – Feast mode hunger squad,
we’re going to be traveling all over Los Angeles today. – And our mission today is to find the best veggie burger in L.A. – We’re going to play
Veggie Burger Telephone. – And what happens is
we go to one restaurant, we try the veggie burger. – And then ask them where they would go if they weren’t eating
their own veggie burger. – And then we’re going to keep going on, and on and on until we find… – The best one in L.A. – For me, as a vegetarian,
it’s pretty hard to find a good veggie burger. – I don’t think I’ve ever
actually eaten a veggie burger, so this will be interesting. I’m a big meat fan. I don’t care what’s in a burger, as long as it tastes
good I’m down for that. – I need a few more spots
to eat veggie burgers at because most of the ladies
in Los Angeles are vegan, as we all know. – I am a vegetarian, I am a vegetarian. – We are on our way right
now to Cafe Gratitude. We gotta make up a rubric here. What makes a good veggie burger? – Oh, okay first it’s not too mushy. It’s not real meat, it
can’t be mushy, firmness. Flavor, obviously. Presentation. – I’m always worried
with the veggie burger that I’m not going have a full meal. – Let’s do it, let’s do it. Oh, God I’m so hungry and
I’m stuck, oh sweet Jesus. So, this is our first
stop for veggie burgers. Tell us about Cafe Gratitude. – We’re all all-organic,
all-vegan establishment. We are just kind of a casual,
fun place where you can bring anyone from your
dog to your grandma. You’re going to be
having the I Am Magical, which is our double
cheeseburger with our black bean and mushroom and all sorts
of spices in the patties. – Will it make me full? – Oh, it will definitely make you full. I like to refer to it
as the Boyfriend Burger. – [Colin] First off, this
burger looks pretty neat. – Patties are maybe a
quarter of an inch thick. I’m gonna give it a four on presentation. – [Colin] You know, there’s
always room for growth. – [Mallory] I like the texture a lot. – Tastes like a salad. – Mine is falling apart. – Steven’s eating like a child. – This is not firm. – Firmness is a three for me. – The flavors are good, though. – A whole sprig of rosemary
in there, it’s good. – Flavor, I’ll give it a four. – Bonus, this would fill me up. – Uh, I don’t know. – How much do you eat? I would give it a four. – One thing I do know
about this sandwich is it is nutritious AF. – [Steven] Look at Colin trying to fit in with the kids, these days. – I think we are eternally
grateful to Cafe Gratitude. But it is time to move on. – If you weren’t going to
eat a veggie burger here, where would you go next? – My go-to is probably
Sun Cafe in Studio City. – It’s my turn to drive, and I’m going to take us to the Valley. – [Colin] Jordan’s from Boston. I know how people from Boston drive. – I’m a perfect driver. – Vegetarians on average
fart like 10 times more than meat eaters. – [Jordan] Beans, beans,
are good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you fart. – [Steven] Hey, don’t run over that girl. – [Jordan] Steven. I will (bleep) kill you. So, Cafe Gratitude sent us here
to try your veggie burgers. But first you want to
just tell us a little bit about the restaurant? – We make all our own cheese from scratch out of seeds and nuts so
everything’s super fresh. We have our traditional one
which is our raw burger. Then we also have a new
one that we just introduced which is a marinated tempeh burger. – I’ve never had tempeh, so I don’t know what I’m about to eat. – I freaking love tempeh. – Cheers, we’re going,
we’re going, we’re going. – [Jordan] That’s interesting. – Smooth consistency, nice and firm. Whatever it is, this is a soy product and it’s a delicious one. – Are you a tempeh fan? – I don’t know. – It’s like a pretty good burger, but it feels more like a sandwich. All right, let’s move onto the raw, which I’m super stoked about. – [Jordan] That’s really good. – What’s this creamy sauce on the bottom? – It’s got kind of a meaty flavor to it, which is interesting. – [Mallory] Did you bring your own napkin? – [Jordan] You know they gave you napkins. – I did. (laughter) – It is firm. – Yeah. – Firmess, five. Fullness, five. Presentation, five. Flavor, five. – You’re too generous, you’re like Oprah. I would say it’s a 4.5. Whoa, actually no, now on
second thought it’s a five. It definitely holds together. – Yeah, it moves like a burger. – There’s a lot of
flavors to work through, but like all really great flavors. – Overall, I would bring a date here. Not this one, but a date. – I’m legit so full right now. Like, I don’t know how I’m
going to do another restaurant. – If you weren’t going to
eat a veggie burger here, where would you go to eat a veggie burger? – I’ve heard some good
things about Beachwood Cafe. – It’s gonna be hard to top this place. – Seriously. – But it’s time to go to Beachwood. (Colin yawning) – Ah, dag it. – [Steven] Honestly, I don’t
know what this place can do that could be better than Sun Cafe. – This spot is definitely
like classic veggie diner. – What we’re gonna do is we want to order veggie burgers for us. You guys have them here? – Yes, we make our own
veggie burgers here. (laughter) – [Steven] This is what I expect a veggie burger to look like. – It smells really good. – [Colin] I would say it’s like
very classic American fare. – [Mallory] This is the only
burger that was open face. – But open face is better. – Yeah, presentation. – You can wait for it to be
fresh until you actually eat it. – [Mallory] I’m going to
go four on presentation. Do we want to spread the avocado, maybe? – Where’s the brown rice? Oh, it’s in the patty. – [Mallory] It’s in the
patty, all right here we go. – Hm, good patty. – It’s um, chewy. – It’s like a three. – I like 2.5. This is not as firm as I
would have wanted it to be. – This will fill me up,
this is a full meal. – I’m gonna say five on
fullness because it’s just like a patty and rice. – I like the flavor, it gives
you like a home feeling, like a warm feeling. – It’s like the inside of
a Chipotle burrito bowl. – It didn’t blow my mind. – I’m going three on flavor. – I’ve got a food baby AF. – (bleep) finish it. – My favorite burger was
the raw burger at Sun Cafe. – We ate a lot of good burgers, but that one was off the charts good. – I’m glad that we found
places where I can go and also bring a vegetarian. – After today, I think I’m less
skeptical of veggie burgers. – I think I’ve added a
few more pretty choice date spots to my repetoire. – For sure. – Feast mode fam, whoo. – They’re going to have
good poops tonight. We’re all going to have
it really easy peasy. The fiber just like makes it
just go (vocal sound effects). – [Jordan] If we all ate a
lot of fiber we’d have easy. – Do you squash (bleep)?

100 thoughts on “Veggie Burger Telephone • Feast Mode Hunger Squad // Sponsored By Toyota Rav4 Hybrid”

  1. I hate tempeh. Love tofu, hate tempeh. The best veggie burger is Hillary's world's best burger. Find it in the freezer isle. Or, chik'n patties from Qorn, also available in grocery stores.

  2. it's funny how tempe turn into tempeh. Where did the 'h' come from?

    And, i usually eat tempe with sambel or chilli sauce and rice rather than eat it as burger.

  3. I'm veggie, + really luv the spicy bean burgers that have salsa on the top of the patty, covered in bread crumbs, comes  hot or mild, has cheese ,tomato + salad, the buns are very good too, yummy

  4. DCdxddxcddxddxdxdddddxxddxxdcxdcxdcdxcxddddxddxdxddxxcddxdd cd dc dd dddcdxcddddd dcd d cddd ddddcd cdcddd dx dd xdc cd dc dcddcd d ddd. Ddcd dx ddd cdxdddxddcdddddd dd d ddcdcd cdd dcd. Ddc dd dd. D ddcd dcdcd d dccd dcd cd cd ddcddc dcdc dc cdd dxdddxddcddddxd ddc dc d dc dc dc cd dc dc cd dc dc dccd cd. Cd dd dc. Cddddcd dd cdcd d dcd cd cd dc dd cd dd dd cddd dcdd dcdd dc cd dc dc cd dcddd dd cdd d ddc d dc ddc cd cd dd d dedcd cdd d cd dd ddc dcdd cddcdcd dcdc dd d dc dd d cdd dd d d cd dcd dc cddxcd d. Ddc cdddxd dcd cdd dc dcd. Cc dcd ddcddcdxddc dd dd Lmao, I fell asleep on my computer

  5. I am a vegetarian and if there are any fellow vegetarians here I have some company's that can help you there is something called morning star farm with sells every meat meal you could dream of without the meat! And tofurkey which sounds AWFUL but is amazing and is sold in many different meal forms.Hope you enjoy and have a great day!!🙂👍🏻❤️🌺

  6. The videos are always better with
    ♡ Steven, Colin, & Freddie ♡ Also the girls in this video we're being rude 🙁

  7. I literally went to LA after watching this for that SunCafe burger. Damn these people missed out- their smoothies are like the best strawberry milkshake vegan dream.

  8. I miss a few spots back home even though they served Garden Burgers. Those were Tops and Pharos Burger in Pasadena and San Marino.

  9. I take it back, I thought Steven wouldn't enjoy a veggie burger cos he's such a meat-lover – delighted to see this! Also, I'm so hungry… :'o

  10. I'm going to open a vegetarian restaurant and instead of serving them veggie burgers I'm going to sell them real beef burgers hahahahaha

  11. Tempeh like Indonesian Tempeh? I mean, as long as I know, Tempeh only made in Indonesia. Just asking, to make sure. And in here, we write "Tempe" instead of "Tempeh". No 'H' in the end.

  12. As a vegetarian, it is SO HARD to find a veggie burger. Especially one that isnt trying to imitate meat.
    Just thank you to Buzzfeed for making multiple videos dedicated to vegetarians/veggie burgers.

  13. omg reminds me of my old science investigatory project where we made a thesis basically on making a new more healthy veggie meat made from produce that arent really known ayee

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