27 thoughts on “Video Shows Truck Driver On Phone Before Fatal Crash”

  1. All, I say all, cell phone companies, have the ability to disable the phones, when the phone sense movement. But,the cell phone lobbiest have appealed,to the government, not to let this happen. Now, I ask you,who are the real criminals in these cases. I say it's the cell phone executives, and our elected officials. You know vast quantities of money is involved. Remember, it's a population control system,out there.

  2. The mark of the beast is in the chip in your hand already. It's not being placed under the skin, but it destroys the DNA under it.

  3. Let's don't forget that distracted driving includes eating,texting, talking on phone ,tuning the radio, etc.Anything that takes your eyes off the road.

  4. I hope they go after four wheelers as much as it seems they want to target truck driver how come I didn’t see video of four wheelers on the phone I see it every day more than that of other truck driver

  5. Makes the choice . . to what? She wasn't finished. I'll finish it. To kill people. It's attempted murder. Except it doesn't matter who gets killed. Just as long as someone dies.

  6. I live in Ontario Canada. It's a $2500 fine and a distracted driving charge if you get caught texting or talking on your phone. Everyone we know pulls over if they have to use there phones now.

  7. Semi truck driver only received 1 year in jail. <https://kstp.com/news/semi-driver-samuel-wayne-hicks-fatal-lake-elmo-crash-sentenced/5428356/>

  8. And your not guilty of distractive driving? Oh how lofty you all broadcast the disgrace of a fellow citizen and kick in them in the process.
    I have no respect for the so called Media.

  9. It's everywhere! If your going to pass laws where people can receive tickets then uphold the law! I think insurance companies need to do something as well. Make their rates go sky high to pay for their addiction. I saw an ambulance driver with her phone like the truck driver. Really?

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