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Videos Saved On My Phone With No Context

Videos Saved On My Phone With No Context

Waking up every day and still being fucking ugly That shit get old like Why my glow up keep passing me Oh, really That sucks this I mean Look you know what? I don’t I and We didn’t say that. No, but it it looks an awful lot like that My sister’s always asked me. Are you really a virgin and I say that’s none of your business Today’s winner today’s kid reporter is Deirdre shores It’s you Deidre June. That’s new. You’re warm. You’re today’s kids show kid reporter winner They all say that you’re fine, we’re not bully This is my voice one day on Bella Thorne This is voice my one week on Bella Thorne on this thorn my month. Bella one voice is Some time to understand what’s going through your fucking mind This is fucking painful. But so fucking complicated you certainly should like that tell you jacket fuck off You should be ashamed your special has now become not very special Pathetic Bisons penis. Why’s that shit you fucking donkey? Somebody lied to her several times and told her that she was flyy Hot and sexy and beautiful and she’s nothing like that. She’s nothing of the sort I’m trying to avoid any sort of contact with my eyes with this thing, but it’s so bright and yellow I Could not sign Courtney what is up with your Wi-Fi you have this big-ass house and you can’t afford a Wi-Fi box out here it’s not about affording it’s about radiation You’re gonna die anyway You understand that right die with a good snapchat going through welcome back to UCLA for another gymnastics session with Caitlin Ohashi She’s powering up gymnasts activated. Here we go. Flippy one flippy two flippy three four five back. Yes The dopamine Richter scale is off the charts already. She rewards herself with vintage groovy. Disco moves. She Refocuses because she knows that with great flippy spinny power comes great responsibility No workers whatsoever. She made that look piss easy There’s a clapping clap another clapping clap some uma Thurman Pulp Fiction moves. Here’s a general cartwheel I can do that a booty bounce and a spreading slam That is an elegant and effective crowd-pleasing combo It’s like a Scottie Pippen layup followed by a Michael Jordan dunk a fair dinkum fuckin deadly combo now She’s like Wicky wild Wicky wild Wicky wild wild west. She should copyright these dance moves before Fortnight steals them Hi I Drive Which aisle seat belt on yellow Always This whole entire plate has been eaten sir So you can check that off my bill No, not unless you would have gotten us at the very beginning and said that you didn’t like your meal I could have replaced it for you. So I got so I’d rather pay for it. Yeah, you eat the whole entire thing, sir I got so she told me I gotta pay for that. I mean, let me ask the audience My name is Val Thorens and this is the story at the time I found out I have flex pay I remember when I started first grade right away it was awful because I couldn’t read as well as the other kids my brain mixed up letters like B and E and Good selfie here. You take that bitch. Oh it hurts and I’ll take a quick sale for you. Ready? Ready? Okay. Okay smile Do we have? The ACLU used to care about the rights of accused but with Kavanagh well, they spent a million bucks comparing In the system You

100 thoughts on “Videos Saved On My Phone With No Context”

  1. Hi guys, I just wanted to say thank you for all the love and support I have received. Never in a million years would I think any of my videos would get this much attention. Sorry for being so sappy and thank you :,)

  2. That was actually good… unlike most compilations. Thank you YouTube for putting this in my recommendations at 3 AM

  3. 1:24 when you’re in a family gathering and ur busy on ur phone and everyone is talking about you and staring at you

  4. 6:57 oh my god i knew it! Fox news is crappy, and its because they be drunk as fuck, rofl xD laughing so hard im coughing

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