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Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids|Power of seven planets | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids|Power of seven planets | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

If my experiment is successful. Then all 7 planets powers will be captured in this crystal ball. And I will achieve the power to control the world. Capturing all 7 planet’s power in a crystal ball is not a easy deal. Haha!! You are genius boss, Super duper genius. She is right boss, Oh!! Yes. Timbaktoon, you are wonderful. Now the power of all 7 planets is with me. Now I am the most powerful man in the world. Look at this crystal ball’s power. It will destroy entire Fursatganj. Mad Max is glad. Congratulations boss. No!! Timbaktoon. If we didn’t have this spray then, we all would have been frozen. And lab would have got destroyed. You are a fool. Go, get the crystal ball back. I won’t be having any power without that crystal. Go. Grandfather, we are very hungry. If you are busy then can we have something from out. Don’t go out of the house. Look there. Grandfather, what is this? This is 7 planets in one . The power of 7 planets is in that crystal ball. All the scientist in the world have been conducting research on this for years. I think someone’s search is completed today. But I assume the crystal ball has been lost from his hands. Grandfather, why there is darkness over there? It’s because of the crystal powers. There is darkness in one part of the earth & brightness in the other part. This also moving towards darkness. And if it get into darkness, then the entire earth will be merged in it. And everything will be finished . Grandfather, but the humans and animals are not merging in it. Look there. Everything is getting frozen into the air. This sucked the non living thing. And leave the living thing out for freeezing in the air. If this get into the darkness area of Fursatganj. Then every human and animal will be got frozen and keep flying in the air. And rest will be vanished. Vir, you go. And get that ball back anyhow. I’m just going grandfather. One minute. It’s powers can freeze you too so take this protection jacket. Now you all will not get frozen by it’s power. But you will be weightless and float in the air infront of that ball. Children you all stay indoors and Vir, you go. Vir, you are a robot. And you can fly with your machine power. And you will not be dissappeared in that due to my rays. Get that ball back. And get it fixed into my machine. That I’ll keep in the open ground . Once i get that ball, I’ll return the planet’s powers back. I’ll just get back with that ball Grandfather. Robo boy suit on. Robo boy suit on. Run!! Agadam bagdam , alam – falam , ikadam – tikadam Oh! What am I doing here? The ball is so nice. I want that. Oh! Son Mad Max is behind this. Vir. Vir, you cant take it . I’ll take it back. Haha!! That crystal ball is mine. Grandfather I couldn’t catch it . The moment I touched it. It gave current and i bounced mile away. You have to fight against the 7 planet’s powers. This not a job of one Vir but need to create 7 Vir. I’ll make the 7 clone of yours with different powers. Ok, grandfather. We are going to get that ball back. Go fast Vir. It is about to enter into the darkness area of fursat ganj. What happened? Why there is darkness here? Hey! Run towards the light. Hey!! Run back. There is destruction in front. Get back. Come on Vir. Do it fast. Yes. Grandfather, take this crystal ball. No!! You can’t take it’s power out. Timbaktoon, attack. If with this crystal the power of planet get back. Then the power won’t return. Won’t back the power. Now I’ve to do something . Vir, need few more time. Stop them. It has become so big robot. Vir. Haha!! Get that crystal ball. Vir, some more time. Only the rays of two planets are still left. Yes!! Lift it soon. Extra power on. Extra power on. No! Vir. Where am I? Where is the crystal ball. Vir, our work is done. Now this crystal ball is useless. Dr. Prem Sahay, I’ll get back soon. Vir, where is that crystal ball? It’s very long story. Come let’s go home and tell you there.

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