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Vivo X30 Pro flagship, Xiaomi Mi 10 5G, 5G iPhones & iPhone 12 with Touch ID?! Geek Gossip (2019)

Vivo X30 Pro flagship, Xiaomi Mi 10 5G, 5G iPhones & iPhone 12 with Touch ID?! Geek Gossip (2019)

Sixty times zoom with four lenses and
Apple bringing back Touch ID? Is this the Future again or the past? 5G connectivity
all over the place. Let’s jump into this Video and see what we have to offer Really quick before you begin the video
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welcome back to ProductNation and in This episode of Gossip Geek, we’re going
to be talking about three new rumours and Also exciting things to talk about the
first one is the vivos new phone Announcement which is the X30 and the X30 Pro so the second thing we’re going To be talking about is gonna be supporting
by D connectivity and collaborating with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and also
Apple being able to support 5G Connectivity in the newer iPhones using
Qualcomm’s 5G stuff and the third thing Is a bonus kind of thing where we’re
going to be looking at the new iPhone iPhone 12 well probably or whatever they’re
gonna call it having an in screen Fingerprint sensor that’s gonna be
supposedly a lot better and safer than The other ones that we’re seeing right
so let’s just jump right in this video So the first thing we’re gonna be taking
a look at is the Vivo X30 and the X 30 Pro So what’s the main highlight of
this phone is that it’s gonna have a 60 times zoom that’s basically gonna get
you into people’s houses into their skin Pores ridiculous amount of things right
so we’ve been seeing smartphones coming Up with a lot of zoom capabilities and
this one is none the less so it’s gonna Have a quad camera system where it’s
gonna have a 64 megapixel camera an 8 Megapixel camera 13 megapixel camera and
again a 2 megapixel camera so it’s gonna We just saw Xiaomi with the Meno 10 coming up
with five cameras and a 50 times zoom so This one’s four with a 60 times old
interesting so Vivo also claims that The 50mm lens on this is gonna give you
a very natural portrait like the look And crisp clear shots when you’re taking
those portraits goodness Instagram shots Shots so a teaser was also shown where
they show the capabilities of the 50mm Lens and to be honest as a photographer
I think you’d be really excited about That if you’re into the whole portrait
photography spectrum or if you like to Get that 50mm human love-filled thing
because We see with our eyes 35 in there anyways
it’s really good we’re excited so it is Confirmed that this upcoming smartphone
is gonna have Samsung’s Exynos 980 Processor that is going to support 5G
connectivity so that’s pretty much the Future now it’s also going to have a 33
watt rapid charger and it’s like their Fast charger that’s gonna be shipped with
the box itelf so rumours have it So rumours have it that the Vivo X30 is gonna feature a 6.59-inch display Could feature a 6.59 inch
full HD AMOLED display that is going to Be very immersive because it is a AMOLED
so those are the specs that are going to Be present on the x30
meanwhile on the X30 row is gonna have a 64 Megapixel 8 megapixel 13
megapixel and 12 megapixel which is Probably a depth sensor or a macro lens
we don’t even know yet it’s not gonna be On this one so this is gonna be a little
bit better so it’s rumored to have a 32 Megapixel front camera and in-display
fingerprint sensor and here’s the best Part it’s supposed to be an AMOLED
screen with 90 Hertz refresh rate so all These phones we’ve been hearing about
recently seem to have 90 Hertz of Refresh rate but these are all rumours
and only the OnePlus so far I think has It so yeah really excited to see what
that really is so the price for the X 30 And the next 30 Pro is expected to be
somewhere between 400 to 600 USD so Let’s just wait and see how that turns
out Moving on to sell me everyone’s claiming
to be the first-ever 5G phone in the Market so it’s Xiaomi with their Mi 10. So the Mi 10 is expected to have a Snapdragon 865 with the X55 modem built
in which is going to allow 5G Connectivity which is dual-mode don’t even know
what that means but yeah that’s that’s Something Xiaomi Mi 10 going to support 5G
fastest Snapdragon chipset Meanwhile Apple is also
rumoured to have 5G phone connectivity With the Snapdragon X55 modem built in So the president
of Qualcomm has said that it is Number-one priority to get iPhone to
work with them to develop 5G iPhones so That’s something to really look forward
so Qualcomm also has a multi-year Contract with iPhone to settle up these 5G
iPhones so the coming years are possibly Going to be very exciting for network
stuff for the iPhone so it’s also Rumoured that the new iPhone is gonna
have a 3D sensing capability for Augmented reality and all of that
real-world visual stuff also the last Thing that we’re talking about visual
would be said in the beginning of the Video is that Apple is bringing back
touch ID so face ID has been a really Great way to unlock your iPhone but not
everyone’s very happy about it because Of the angles and all the nonsense and the table you Hear that kind of stuff and everyone
really liked that Touch ID on the iPhones originally made it really
popular all phones started using it Especially after the iPhone did it so
they’re bringing it back a lot Differently it’s gonna be an in screen fingerprint Scanner and ultrasonic biometric reader
that uses high-frequency ultrasonic Sound to create a 3D image of the
person’s fingerprint and then unlock the Phone using that and apparently is going
to be covering 17 times more space on Your screen than the Samsung Galaxy S 10
that was having the in screen Fingerprint sensor so an extra layer of
authentication is always good to protect Your phone and all the stuff that you
have in there having Face ID plus Touch ID is gonna be a really good addition to
the next year’s iPhones so thank you guys for Watching we hope this video was informative to you guys and do let us know which of these features you You’re most excited about in the poll that is gonna be over there and also in the comments below Thank you guys for watching and we’ll see you again in the next video

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